Sr. Developer

Job Title - NodeJS developer

Category - Development

Immediate Requirement

Roles and responsibilities

  •  Understanding Client Requirements and functional specifications. 
  •  Should be able to understand and handle tasks independently.
  • Ability to work to deadlines & as a team member.
  •  Scaling and optimizing Node.js Applications

The Ideal Candidate Has

  • Working knowledge of Node-Sync, callback hell and ways to control Asynchronous behavior of Node functions.
  • Strong command on ES6(EcmaScript) or Javascript and its concepts like prototypes, call back, closures etc
  • Should have deep understanding of Native Node.js, Express.js, HAPI.js and middlewares.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases eg mongodb (preferred).
  • Must have knowledge of,, etc. for real time communication with Apps and Web
  • Must have command on Garbage collection and other perormance optimisation techniques in Node.js.

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