Our approach is centered around breathing life into your product idea & finding innovative ways to make that idea work, and we leave no stone unturned to get that job done.

OUR vision

Our vision is to make things simpler, make them work wonderfully well and do so on time and within budget while exceeding expectations.Coming up with a great app idea is only half the battle; giving it wings is where the real challenge lies. That’s where we come in and pour some rocket fuel on the process to give you the best end-product.We strive to provide ingenious yet pragmatic solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs and business goals.

Our Process

Systematic and transparent, every step of the way, we enable you to track and stay updated at every stage of the project.


Your idea is handled with care. Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Competitive Clauses are standard before commencing any project.

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Initial discussion

First things first. You brief us on your project. You tell us about your idea. Or you can keep things completely confidential and...

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Once we agree on the scope of work, then a proposal is submitted with complete breakdown of project costs and schedule. This is...

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We'll put our minds together in an interactive session to explore every possible aspect of the project. Product strategy and usage parameters...

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Sprint planning

We chart a course for the design and development process. Every cycle of product development is defined such as design, prototyping, development

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Iterative development

The product is designed, tested, modified and features added so that it grows and develops with optimal use of time and resources.

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Beta Launch

Release a user-ready version while continuing to improve and modify the product to resolve issues. Gain the advantage of relevant...

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Ensure that the product functions to its optimal performance level and also generates maximum returns. Smart product management...

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Engagement models

According to the nature of the project and the choice of the client, we have different engagement models to ensure optimal resource utilization and deliver maximum value.

Fixed price – Milestone based model

After evaluating the project scope, we arrive at a single figure which is split into convenient payment milestones according to progressive stages in the product development. Not only is this model transparent but it also presents a simple and straightforward projection of the cost involved. Ideal for projects which have well-defined parameters and limited or investment sensitive budgets.

Time & Material

For complex projects or those that involve variable cost factors or extensive experimentation, it may not be easy to narrow it down to a single amount. In such cases, we propose a service menu rate card that clearly indicates resource costs such as talent, time invested and materials involved. While allowing flexibility it also ensures cost-efficiency and provides quantifiable ROI factors.

$10k MVP

If you are a startup with limited funds or an entrepreneur bootstrapping your budget for the product, then we offer a $10K Minimum Viability Product. As an entry-level model, this presents an affordable opportunity to develop and launch a user-ready product with low investment risks. MVP is typically a failsafe option when funds, time and results are critically linked.

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