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Challenge - Building A Value-based Technology Platform Which Reshapes the Way Health Systems Deliver Patient Care

To stabilize all the flaws in the healthcare industry and propel the sector into a new era of excellence, Ahmed Abdullah started forming an outcome-based model that could map and filter vast patient records, capture crucial data such as age, gender, eating habits, and medical history to unlock insights and identify the most effective treatments for a swift recovery. The solution he had in mind would also address the following challenges:

Burdensome administrative tasks of tracking patient outcomes and reconciliation.

Patient tracking and fragmented health data.

Payment delays and funds tied up in the complex healthcare ecosystem.

Patient privacy and confidential pricing.


Embarking on an electrifying journey towards team excellence

Client Ahmed Abdullah embarked on a visionary journey to revitalize the healthcare sector, and the key challenge that lay ahead was the immediate need for a Blockchain-based solution that could instill trust and transparency through performance-based contracting across various healthcare services. They found the right technology partner in Debut Infotech, a team with proven expertise in blockchain and considerable exposure in the healthcare segment.


London rendezvous: Exceeding Expectations with Outcome-based Healthcare App - Delivering Innovation at its Finest

In 2019, our dedicated team, operating from London, had the privilege of meeting Digipharm's visionary CEO, Ahmed Abdullah. As we delved deeper into their ambitious project, we recognized the immense potential it held for revolutionizing healthcare.

With precision and innovation, we developed a powerful system that harnessed data analytics to determine the optimal medicines tailored to each patient's unique condition. Our shared goal was to accelerate the healing process and improve overall health outcomes.

Some of the key attributes of the platform are mentioned below:

Value Delivered


Utilizing Blockchain technology, a robust and unalterable ledger was established, enhancing the integrity and auditability of data.


Built with a core focus on security, the solution incorporates cryptography and private permissioned DLT for enhanced protection.


The integration of smart contracts enables seamless automation, simplifying the management of intricate agreements without adding any extra burden.


The solution provides an advanced capability to connect with diverse health data sources using digital identities, enhancing connectivity and interoperability.


Effortlessly automate settlement and invoicing processes through streamlined mechanisms.

Result plant image

Fueling Innovation: Digipharm Soars On The Back of Successful Investment Round

Digipharm, the trailblazing healthcare innovator led by Ahmed Abdullah, has successfully secured seed funding and angel investments in an exciting funding round. The first round of funding took place on Jan 13, 2022, and marked a significant milestone for the company's growth and expansion.

During this funding round, Digipharm garnered substantial financial support from visionary angel investors who recognized the immense potential of their disruptive solutions in the healthcare industry. The investments received will fuel the development and deployment of their groundbreaking platform and technologies, aimed at revolutionizing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes



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