Digipharm is an outcome-based healthcare delivery app that facilitates the performance-based contracting of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other healthcare services.

Angular, Node.js, Corda

Project Overview

Digipharm is a value-based healthcare delivery model in which the people involved in the healthcare sector including physicians, paramedical personnel, medical technicians, etc. are paid on the basis of patient health outcomes. Our innovative solution aims to remove the enormous administrative burden of manually reconciling outcomes-based agreements by using smart contracts. The application is brimmed with some amazing features like automated settlement and invoicing mechanisms, automation via ‘smart contracts’, cryptography & private permissioned Blockchains, and more.

Problems and Challenges

The client needed a Blockchain-based solution that could revitalize the healthcare sector by providing trust and transparency in the performance-based contracting of wider healthcare services. A run-down of the key challenges include:
  • The administrative burden of tracking patient outcomes and reconciliation
  • Patient tracking and fragmented health data
  • Payment delays and tying up of funds
  • Patient privacy and confidential pricing
  • Lack of trust and transparency surrounding the patients’ outcome data


Debut Infotech created an outcome-based Blockchain solution where all the stakeholders involved in the healthcare sector could share any information associated patients record in an immutable and synchronized way. Here are some key solutions provided by Digipharm:
  • Leveraged Blockchain to create an immutable ledger which improved data integrity and auditability
  • Secure by design at its core with cryptography and private permissioned DLT
  • Automation via ‘smart contracts’ which helped in managing complex agreements with no additional burden
  • Enhanced the ability to connect to various health data sources through digital identities
  • Automated settlement and invoicing mechanisms

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