What are the Recent Achievements?

  • 130,000 users and counting
  • Rapid growth: First 1,500 users took 6 months to acquire, recently Friendspire has acquired 1,500 in just one day
  • 1 million recommendations across movies, TV shows, books, podcasts
  • Doubled new user retention over the past year through new and improved app versions

In the words of the client

We initially chose Debut InfoTech for their clean design concepts, and friendly professional approach. Since then, they have surpassed all expectations, and become an integral part of our team - continually developing complex and elegant product updates, in record turnaround time. Their whole team is a pleasure to work with and have truly allowed us to take our vision and turn it into a reality.

Markus and Morten

Joint Proprietors (Friendspire)

The Debut Infotech-Friendspire Journey


Reading fake reviews on various social media platforms consumed a lot of time and effort, which is why the client needed a genuine recommendation platform that could help users make firm decision.

That’s where Friendspire steals the spotlight, cancelling the noise of many irrelevant and bogus recommendations.


A successful solution comes from hours of planning and implementation. Debut Infotech selected the best set of app developers to help the client build an app that would stand out in the crowd.

Integration of AI/ML came up as the biggest solution to track the browsing pattern of likeminded to provide a better recommendation to people who don’t have any registered friends on the app. Having said that, bringing up new functionalities involved some risks. A simple error in the system could lead to a huge loss for the business.

Debut Infotech’s talented pool of developers came up with a solution which when went live on android and iOS platforms, received a great response from the users. In no time, the Friendspire app crossed hundreds and thousands of downloads and brought laurels to our client.

The Idea: The Beginning of Something Spectacular

It all began with an idea of Morten Schroeder and Markus Straarup - the co-founders of Friendspire. They struggled to find good recommendations for movies, TV, books and podcasts. Despite there being countless review services online, these were generic, and entirely unpersonalized - driven by what the masses seemed to like. They realized that good recommendations are personalized to your tastes and often come from your friends. They were looking to build a robust, user friendly application that could curate the perfect recommendations for you, organize these for the future and discuss your thoughts about them with friends

You might have an endless list of well-wishers but listening to them all could confuse you. After all, they are not acquainted with you to such an extent that they understand your likes and dislikes. Well, that’s where your friends step in. Nothing can beat taking recommendations from your buddies when it comes to watching movies and reading books. And that’s what Morten and Markus had in mind. They were looking for a robust yet user friendly application that could autonomously curate the recommendations for each individual preference, which indeed, was a tough nut to crack.

Step 1: Finding the Right App Development Partner

Having a killer product idea is only half the battle; giving it wings is where the real challenge lies. Morten and Markus were determined to enter the recommendation market with a unique product. They just needed the right tech partners to pour some rocket fuel on the process and give life to their product idea, and that’s what led them to Debut Infotech.

Initially, they reached out to several other developers to discover how they might be able to help them build a powerful app for both iOS and Android devices, but they struggled to find someone fully qualified to support the endeavor.

When they finally spoke with Debut Infotech, they were pleasantly surprised. Not only did our development team in India grasp the concept quickly—we also asked probing questions to determine the feasibility of certain features and the usability of proposed workflows.

Step 2: Validating the Proof-of-Concept with Debut Infotech

The Debut Infotech team didn’t want to see Markus and Morten waste their money on the idea if existing technology couldn’t fully support it, so they recommended beginning with a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). The PoC was integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology and predictive analytics, and it worked exactly as everyone hoped it would, helping users to cut through the clutter and easily find their favorite movies, shows, songs, etc. with the help of their friends' suggestions.

Step 3: Scaling from an MVP to a Highly Rated App

Once Friendspire had an MVP that tested well with users, it was time to take all the other ideas they had and develop these into the next iterations. Debut Infotech's talented developers were able to take these ideas and make them a reality on iOS, Android and website apps. Debut Infotech's quick lightning-fast delivery allowed Friendspire to continuously launch new features in record time - allowing them to double their retention over the last year.

Step 4: Quick Delivery and Deployment

Debut Infotech completed and delivered the application before the given time. The team at Friendspire appreciated the lightning-fast delivery, which allowed them to deploy the finished product to shell in record time.

The Result: An addictive, delightful app that users keep coming back to

Debut Infotech completed and delivered the application before the given time. The team at Friendspire appreciated the lightning-fast delivery, which allowed them to deploy the finished product to shell in record time.

Key Features Integrated into the Application

  • Ability to save or rate movie, TV, book or podcasts
  • Discover new movie, TV, book, podcasts with personalized real-time recommendations
  • Discuss recommendations with friends

The Friendspire Application is divided into 4 key sections: Explore, Search, Feed, and Profile

  • At the point when you first open the application, you’ll see the Explore segment. On the Explore page, you’ll find curated records, trending items, and multiple genres to explore. This page encourages you to discover suggestions and see what others are stating.
  • If you need to discover surveys of an item or review an item, you would go to the search segment. You can search for friends, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books. In addition, when finding a reviewable thing, you’ll see the review made and have the chance to save, rate, or buzz them.
  • You’ll see their activity on the feed if you have friends with the app. With the ongoing update, you can like and remark on their activities. Using the feed is the most ideal approach to keep up to date with what your companions are into.
  • Items you have saved and rated with some fun gamification elements can be found on your profile.

Get Inspiration Anytime, Anywhere

Stuck in the jam for over an hour and cannot recall the podcast you wanted to listen to for the longest time? All you need to do is search a few keywords on Friendspire and there it is the podcast you wanted to listen to available. The best part about this is that your friend has already made the recommendation and all you need to do is listen to it.

Create Your Library

One major feature of Friendspire is that it allows you to create a library of all movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books across different categories. When you add a review or bookmark, you save your rating in your library. You can bookmark the item to watch later. When adding recommendations to your library, you access some amazing gamification elements that make recommendations fun and rewarding.

You earn badges within each category for instance you get Quentin Tarantino badge for recommending movies. The mobile application also has a feature that cuts through all the noise, by showing you which streaming service (like Netflix and Amazon Prime) has the movies or TV show.

Create Your Community

The application is an idea out-of-box converted into reality by two friends – Markus Straarup and Morten Schroeder, who left their jobs to create a community where people easily get recommendations for movies and TV shows that are worth watching. Get inspired and engage with your friend’s recommendations, know the trending books, TV shows, books, and podcasts. You get a personalized list of movie recommendations and look for a great watch.

Friendspire is a combination of something like Instagram/Facebook where you have social features such as commenting and tagging, and Yelp but with reviews from your real-time friends. However, this community is not limited to just friends you also have experts that curate the best content just for you.

Friendspire continues to rely on Debut Infotech today to improve their application, helping them maintain their place as one of the US's most successful Social Media companies.
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