Integra is a Blockchain-based e-signature solution that empowers you to verify your customers’identity by providing an on-going verification while offering trust, transparency, and immutability.

Node.js, Angular, Azure

Project Overview

Integra is a Blockchain-powered digital signature tool designed specifically for the people involved in the legal industry to solve trust issues related to the authenticity of documents. It aims to decentralize the process of digital signature in order to make it more secure & immutable while enabling independent verification (with or without the necessity of having access to the object itself). Our innovative tool offers the same frictionless experience just like other electronic signature applications while providing better authentication and record-keeping via Blockchain technology.

Problems and Challenges

The proprietors of Integra Ledger wanted a Blockchain-based solution that could effectively replace DocuSign and other e-signature platforms in terms of quality and pricing. Everyone working in a legal department, whether it’s lawyer or contract personnel, knows the true importance of signature. In this modern digital era, printing and signing documents on paper is simply no longer an option for digital businesses, considering the potential snags associated with them. There are numerous Digital Signature solutions available in the market today but none of them offer the perfect blend of amenities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Seeing our proven track record of delivering ambitious Blockchain projects for startups and global enterprises, Integra Ledger approached Debut Infotech with a request to create an innovative digital signature solution for their business. Some key solutions offered by Integra Ledger included:
  • A friendly and intuitive user experience
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for signature graphics
  • Three unique ways to generate signature graphics at the time of file browsing, i.e. via Keyboard, Mouse, and Civic
  • mmutable Blockchain audit trail for documents and signatures
  • Other key features like Merge Signature Graphics, Merge QR Code, Merge Metadata, Submit Hash to Blockchain, etc.

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