P2B (Performance to Business) is a SAAS based
product for oil and gas industry. It is a
Full-service mobile, web and cloud-deployed


An overwhelming amount of paperwork is a sad fact of life for many companies' purchasing workflow. P2B wanted to simplify the procurement process by introducing a SaaS backend and iOS mobile app, named P2B, that simplified a previously complex workflow into a few simple steps, accessible from iPhones, iPads, and web browsers. We worked with P2B to create a purchase request app that could handle everything from creating department hierarchies to flagging purchase orders for automatic and manual approval, using Native objective c.

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The User Experience is Key

One of the major pain points of a traditional procurement process is its complexity, which results in slow turn around, lost paperwork, and other frustrations. We wanted to take the frustration out of purchase requests by creating a high-quality user experience with P2B. The app's UI is clear and easy to understand, even for users who aren't particularly tech-savvy. The app works on iPhones and iPads, allowing employees to submit purchase requests away from the office.

Features Included in the App

P2B revolves around every aspect of the purchase order and expense approval process. Employees can submit purchase requests which are automatically approved if they fit the department's defined budget and other limitations, or they’re flagged for a manual review prior to expense approval. This process cuts down the amount of work required to send purchase orders through, as well as improving the speed at which purchase orders are processed. The majority of employee purchase orders should go through automatically, allowing the procurement decision makers to focus only on the orders which need additional consideration.

P2B also creates purchase order reports, keeping a record of all orders processed through the system so accounting and other departments have visibility into purchases on a department or employee basis. Businesses define a budget for users based on their specific role, or their job level. It reports in real-time, allowing businesses to see exactly what expenses they have. On the vendor side, the Supplier panel makes it easy for the vendor to handle orders, invoices, and answer questions.

The purchasing process goes through a few simple steps, thanks to this SaaS solution:

  • The request goes into the system.
  • The request is either automatically approved or flagged for senior approval.
  • Once the request is approved automatically or manually, it's converted into a purchase order.
  • Employees or departments log the orders once they arrive.
  • Invoice payments are also tracked through the system.

ZERO-IT Functionality

Another major goal in P2B's development was eliminating the need for an IT department to handle deployment and ongoing maintenance. We call this ZERO-IT, as companies without their own IT departments can successfully implement this solution into their workflow. P2B has no hardware or upfront software cost, lowering the barrier to entry. We use the Amazon EC2 cloud for P2b, giving it the best security features in the SaaS world. The level of security is exactly the same as used by the banks, with secure data transmission at all times.

On Time and On Budget

We were provided a 4-month timeline for implementation of P2B, allowing us to deliver a complete project within their timeline and their budget. Avoiding lengthy development cycles and higher project costs are goals every company is happy to achieve, and we pride ourselves on hitting the mark for P2B.

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