WellPop is a web-based application that helps health groups, accountable care organizations, and hospitals in achieving the objective of providing effective and economical healthcare facilities in order to improve customer satisfaction.

The technologies that were involved in designing the web-based application included MongoDB and PHP.

Project Overview

Wellness Population is a web application that supports hospitals and healthcare organizations in finding cost-effective solutions to deliver better care. The solution aims to decrease the utilization of expensive hospital services, reduce readmission rates, decrease emergency department visits, and improve patient satisfaction & engagement. Physicians and healthcare providers can enroll their patients and asses the status of their health at various stages of their Healthcare program with the help of the WellPop app.

Problems and Challenges

The proprietors of Wellness Population Solutions wanted a web-based care coordination solution that utilizes existing community-based resources and provides more appropriate & cost-effective healthcare services. With the emergency department becoming more and more occupied these days, patients and healthcare providers face numerous challenges.
  • Emergency department overcrowding
  • Exploitation of healthcare facilities
  • Lack of proper resources in Healthcare facilities
  • Unaccounted support system

Taking all these concerns into account, Debut Infotech developed a solution that combines technology with high touch community-based coordination system and helps healthcare organizations to provide better care with higher satisfaction at a lower cost.



Keeping in mind our efficient track record in delivering web-based applications, WellPop care approached Debut Infotech to create an innovative healthcare solution to support the healthcare facilities.
  • A healthcare solution for accountability and access to patient care management.
  • Clinical decision support system.
  • Online appointment scheduling, to save time and make the process more accessible.
  • E-prescriptions, to monitor the patient’s status of medicines.
  • Push notifications, for timely delivery for any important information to patients and health care professionals.

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