Executive Summary

Debut Infotech has Oracle Certified expertise who has excellent experience in databases from Oracle 5.0 to Oracle 19c. Implemented database upgrade and migration and performance tuning, backup recovery, DR, and provided the best solution from 5G to 220 TB databases. Debut Infotech has deep knowledge of Data Guard and Golden Gate and other replication tools.

Debut Infotech has the certified Exadata Professional working from Exadata 2-2 to 2-8 with Quarter to Half and Full Rack.

About the Client

Debut Infotech has partnered with top 100 companies where they supported to upgrade and migrate the database on-premises and to the Cloud. Client SLA takes 1 hour to migrate the database from IBM AIX P5 to Exadata 4-2 full rack with size 60TB.

Debut Infotech also got in to tuning the database and configuring the RAC and EXADATA based on the client’s requirements. We profoundly understood the client’s requirements. Debut Infotech has partnered with major clients such as Walgreen,ABBOT, USG and CCIS, and more.

The Challenge

Performance was the main challenge in this project because of the 250000 transactions per day that were to be done in the format of JSON, at the same time other BI processes that were running on the EXADATA SERVER.

Debut Infotech’s proficient team not only tuned the process but also migrated from X4-2 to X7-2 full Rack and ZFS.

Our Solution

Debut Infotech provided the best strategy for Caging database instance and Service Distribution across all the RAC nodes. Our team also provided support to configure Exadata with OEDA and work and coordinated with the Networking team and Oracle Support to install the new Exadata server.

Our team also has the expertise to maintain the hardware and firmware and the patches on Exadata in rolling fashion.

We provided and implemented the OVM on Exadata X2-8 full rack solution too. In addition to this, our team also provides the best solution for small clients to large client database sizes from 2G to 200 TB.

Our monitoring team has the expertise to monitor all kinds of databases and 70% pro-actively and 30% reactive.


Debut Infotech’s solution led to a multitude of benefits for the client. Upgrade and migration of the project was done successfully on budget and within the time frame.

  • Debut Infotech’s development helped the developer in, in-bound and out interfaces and integration with ODI and OBIEE and TEBLU and reporting tools.
  • Cost and Time Saving for Databases Monitoring and automation processes.
  • Automatic incident generation from OEM and provided “Fix It”- an automatic tool that fixes the problem without intervention of the support team.
  • Cost Saving for operational supports- both Onsite and Offsite.
  • Our Main client: CCCIS, Walgreen, Abbot, JCI, Tyco, and Financial intuition and health industry.

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