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Provide relevant, personalized suggestions to your users based on their unique preferences and browsing behavior, be that for movies, TV shows, series, podcasts, music, books, matrimony, dating, social feed, and more. Leverage our AI-powered recommendation engine to deliver relevant customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

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Our recommendation solution “Recommendy” is jam-packed with advanced and powerful features that provide real-time recommendations to users based on their historical preferences, behavior, and keywords searched. Below is a quick rundown of the types of recommendations our robust AI-based solution provides:

Movies / TV Shows Recommendations

Get movie suggestions based on your personal taste!

Delight your users with personalized recommendations - discovered through what they already love. Recommendy assists in finding movies, TV shows, and series that your users might like watching and fall in love with – based on their specific preferences, tastes, interests, previous liking and reactions.

Matrimony / Dating Recommendations

Find a compatible life partner who brings out the best in you!

Help your users find that perfect life partner they have always dreamt of by providing them with relevant partner recommendations based on their specific requirements, including mother tongue, caste, religion, country, profession, zodiac sign, etc.

Music / Podcast Recommendations

Get customized music suggestions according to your mood!

Recommendy helps you deliver personalized recommendations in real time surrounding music and podcasts to your users based on their current mood and genre they wish to tune into, be it Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Party, Romantic,Jazz, Opera, Trance, or any other.

Book Recommendations

Discover books you can’t stop reading!

Provide your users with the best book recommendations they could ever ask for with Recommendy – a user friendly recommendation tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver relevant book recommendations with a reading experience that’s expertly curated.

Social Feed Recommendations

Provide feed recommendations that improves engagement!

Deliver accurately targeted social feed recommendations to your users with Recommendy. The AI-based tool helps you aggregate all your brand’s hashtags and social media posts into a single, beautiful social media feed on your website while also allowing you to analyze your social media engagement.

Key Features of our Solution

Businesses of all sizes from different industries are leveraging our innovative recommendation solution to achieve maximum business value. Listed below are the key benefits of our recommendation solution.

AI-driven personalization

Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence technology to gather customer data such as demographics, buying habits, browsing history, and behavior patterns. Using this data, Recommendy understands the preferences of each user, and displays the most relevant, authentic recommendations.

Real-time analytics

Thanks to the APIs and SDKs integrated into our solution, recommendy provides highly targeted, real-time content & product recommendations to users based on their purchasing history, browsing behavior, keywords searched,category affinity, and more. Our system is fully customizable and is constantly being improved with the use of AI.

Quick and easy integration

Another key aspect of our recommendation solution is its platform agnostic nature, which allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing tech stack. Recommendy empowers you to personalize, optimize, and act on your existing data using the set of tools you already have in your stack.

Advanced algorithms

The algorithms Recommendy use are continuously managed and improved by Artificial Intelligence technology, which helps in predicting what your customers would want next and make that offer before they go somewhere else. This in turn drives more customers to your website.

Customized recommendations for different pages

With Recommendy, you can set different recommendation strategies for different web pages of your website, for example, homepage, services, product page, and checkout page. Some of the most popular strategies include abandoned basket recovery, most popular and searched products within a specific category, suggest upsells, and more.

Best-in-class scalability

No matter how big your website traffic is or how many products or services you have, our robust recommendation system can deliver evident results without any compromise to the quality.

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Why Recommendy?

  • Led by an expert team of IITians and data scientists
  • Personalized experiences for customers across channels
  • Backed by powerful AI technology
  • Great return and low maintenance cost
  • Guides customers to the right products
  • Uses Amazon-personalized SDKs for rapid development

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