Galvin international

Web development for accounting and payroll company .

UI/UX , Web-development
Laravel, Mysql , Bootsrap

Project Overview

Galvin International is a global financing firm in UK that helps businesses cut through the complex aspects of legal, financial, HR and taxation areas of international expansion. It operates in more than 70 countries and offers its clients with every support right from advice to guidance. The sole mission of Galvin International has been to make it easier for everyone to expand internationally and thus, it is no wonder that the company has been the Winner of the Global Consultant of the Year Award just after completing its first year of operation. Debut Infotech partnered with Galvion International to develop a corporate web application coupled with a seamless interface.

  • Easy communication and networking tools
  • Allows the businesses to register their services
  • Classification of services as registered
  • Created a CMS Portal to help the admin get the consumer connected with the required/selected services
  • Message Board facility for the Admin
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