5 Best Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing Tactics -2

16 April 2018
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No great mobile app idea ever is guaranteed to succeed before it launches, but a good pre-launch marketing strategy can lit the pyre of success. That’s why is very important to incorporate some important pre-launch tactics into the plan to build the firm base for every application.

In our previous article, we talked about what is the need of pre-launch marketing and few strategical pointers you should keep in mind. Let’s take the list forward with the following tactics-

App Store Optimisation

The app store is the house of all the decisions about app downloads, your prospects become your users or say no to installing your application here. If your app store page is unimpressive, you will surely lose the battle. Therefore, give some good time to the making of perfect app store marketing strategy.

App’s Name

The name of the app is its biggest identity, spend a good amount of time on and come out with a perfect name for your app. Think of words and short phrases which your potential customers are likely to search, make a list of them and base your selection on this. Make sure your app’s name is short, as titles which are longer than 25 characters get cut off. Make it unique but make it easy to pronounce and spell. An app’s ranking is affected by its name, there’s one golden rule for all the apps- the main keyword should be in its name. But don’t just make your app’s name is all about its keywords.

App’s Description

App store is your most important weapon which could make you conquer the app store. Your prospects won’t most of the times read the complete app description. That’s why you should make sure the brief description is crisp and defines the niche of your app in an intriguing form. To make your application high in the search visibility and top rankings, you need to identify the right set of keywords and use them to drive users to your direction.

App Visuals

While going through the information of the app, users are often are drawn to the app’s icon. If they find the icon interesting, then only they go ahead to read the description and download it. A vivid icon does not guarantee a bag full of downloads but it surely creates the urge in people to explore more about the app and there’s a chance that they will install it.

Needless to say, you need to have the best screenshot which explains the app and its working.

Well Connected Social Networks


Once your landing page is ready, the next goal to achieve is bringing in traffic. Creating a buzz on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. is a must. Ask people to visit your landing page, start conversations, ask questions, run contests on social media. Send the links to the informational landing page across all your groups, send it personally to your friends and family, make a newsletter and send it across to anyone & everyone- in short, just go wild.

Apart from this, a well-planned PR(Public relations) plans with good press coverage, special write-ups across various websites will always be a helping hand. If not, just make an intriguing pitch and send cold emails to a large chunk of people. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Even though this list of pre-launch marketing to do’s is not very exhaustive, many of these points are still overlooked and ignored. Focusing on the above list of things may or may not give you a high number of downloads, but will surely give you a far better chance to become the next big thing in the app stores.


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