5 Web Design Trends to watch out for in 2018

22 December 2017
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Being a digital medium, Design & Graphics were subjected to several shifts in the technology than the traditional regular print antecedents. But after 17 years of the new millennium, that’s not a big deal. What commendable is the way the designers, especially the ones working on the web, have continued to make a mark with increasing technological advances and also create web-experiences that are easy-to-use, innovative, technically sound and futuristic.

2017 was the year of techno advancements, it finally brought the mobile users to the forefront and gave desktop browsing the backseat. The upcoming year will utilize and experiment with the mobile functionalities to bring about more advancements, whereas desktops will still have their relevant space.

Putting a glance at the recent creative designs, re-designs and even the little design tweaks, a set of distinct trends have already starting to emerge as 2018’s front-runners.

Let’s have look at some of coolest web design trends that are here to rule the world-

1. Mobile first

As we discussed, Mobile Browsing has officially overpowered Desktop. Everyone owns a smartphone and also buy the latest metal cases of apple-no matter, if they cost a kidney or two (Pun Intended :D).Previously, this process was nearly impractical for the world to adopt. Designers were puzzled - How to make a user-friendly menu, then a sub-menu and sub-sub-menu on a small(mobile) screen?

But the mobile design has entered a mature stage now. The roll-out burger has become the talk of the town, minimizing the extended menu for the small mobile screens. The large and beautiful pictures from your clients were ditched for a proper mobile version, icons are an economical choice when it comes to space and understanding by the end-user.

UX is no more a complex concept-it easily identified and fixed with micro-interactions by getting feedback on the go for the user actions.

2. Bold & meaningful typography

The design attributes of Typography have slowly and steadily made a place in the web design world. Besides, there are attractive, colorful, crisp fonts and fun-filled concept that wonderfully replaces the images.

Applicable mostly to the mobile devices, images add to the weight of the webpage and thus leads to a higher loading time. Therefore, typography is given an upper-hand, also its scaling does not affect the performance rather enhances it. 

The use of typography instead of pictures gives you the freedom to develop better lines with additional negative spaces, making call-to-action and logos prominent on the webpage.

Clickable images and glittering buttons are yesterday technologies these days. Creative text-centric designs are preferred over captivating high-definition photos. The thin descriptions and headers are now transformed into bold, peppy, broad prominent headers which define the purpose of the website better.

3. Dynamic gradients

Nowadays, flat designs are the highly preferred trend in the world of web design over measurable colors, but 2018 will see the gradients making a huge come back. Till now gradients were all about a subtle shading form suggesting 3D(like iOS icons).

Gradients are more about being colorful, loud and prominence on the page.

Recently, the gradient bend filter over the photos- a cool way to make a less interesting picture look intriguing. A simple gradient background can be the most appealing on-trend solution, if there are no other images to work on.

4. End sticky elements

Yes, reading left to right was something we following from time immortal. Likewise, mobile users across the globe have a natural tendency to tap the bottom of their smartphones or use it to navigate any application on their mobiles. Since the mobile application designs contribute to a very large extent in the trends of web design development, making the developers inclined more to include the sticky menu feature at the bottom of the website bottom, and not make a top of the page menu.

The trend goes back all the way to the development of the progressive web application which leads to this design shift. It's a trend which emphasizes on interactions by the end-user and its feasibility with mobile devices.

5. Color schemes

2018 will be all about colors and excessive colors online. In the past, several designers and brands played safe by choosing basic colors, designers are now choosing the bold approach when it comes to choosing colors- which include vibrant shades and supersaturation combined with headers which are no more just horizontal but are redesigned with a touch of hard angles and slashes.

This along with advances in technology monitors and gadgets with screens that are highly suggested when it comes to reproducing richer colors. Newer brands who want to attract visitors instantly by using clashing and vibrant colors, it also works magic for brands who are playing web-safe and traditional till now.

Going forward the designers are coming up with newest styles and trends with every passing day. We are waiting to see what the designer's troops will come up with in 2018!

Happy New Year!

It’s never too early to wish, isn’t it?


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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