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8 Best Software to Create NFT Art


Gurpreet Singh

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February 28, 2024

8 Best Software to Create NFT Art


Gurpreet Singh

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February 28, 2024

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The world is moving toward the NFT digital art hub. Because cryptocurrencies have created a decentralized system, an exciting new business has opened up for enthusiasts who don’t mind taking risks. It is, therefore, the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys art or who is coming and wants to create their own artwork. Let’s quickly review a list of some of the best software for creating NFT art.

What Are The 8 Best Software to Create NFT Art?

software to create NFT art

While there are several NFT-making software out there, we have compiled 8 of the software to create NFT art free.

  1. NFT Art Generator

If you’re looking for a tool to create NFT art, NFT Art Generator is the platform you need. It’s a layer-based tool that lets you create NFTs without requiring much graphic design experience. All you have to do is build your NFT and upload every layer. To achieve the desired appearance, you could, for example, start with your background and layer on other elements.

You can download NFTs and organize them into collections. The NFT art generator allows you to set up attribute rarity, create metadata, and create complicated collections with the help of categories, blocklists, and other features. Because users of the NFT art generator have total control over their creations, collections don’t contain watermarks. On the official NFT art generator website, you can discover some useful instructions that will help you start using the application and creating NFTs immediately. It is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. You can download your first sample and use the generator for free without registering.

  1. Krita

Krita is one of the greatest free sketching apps you can use to create a NFT art. Its best advantage is that it is free to use. You can generate unique digital art with this program’s many drawing tools, which you can sell in your chosen market.

With its support for HDR painting and abundant features such as vector tools, more than 100 brushes, and brush stabilizers, Krita is among the most trusted software packages for creating NFT art. The Resource Manager tool lets you download brushes from your favorite local artists.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another great option for making NFTs and large collections. It’s a general fact that Illustrator is one of the most popular digital art applications available, and it is also effective with NFTs. Illustrator gives you the tools to make generative NFTs without requiring you to know how to code. Now, Illustrator gives artists a great deal of flexibility. With such an extensive toolkit, you can design almost anything.

Layering remains a crucial design-building tool in this scenario. You can construct or add your own items to get the desired results. While some artists only produce original works, you can choose to speed up the process of creating original NFTs by using pre-made objects and presets. Another important thing to note is that Adobe supports the cryptocurrency platform Polygon, making showcasing and selling NFT innovations easier.

  1. Fotor

Fotor is software that makes it simple for you to create digital art. With its cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, the software will enable you to create your digital art in a matter of clicks. However, there is a slight learning curve involved in using this tool. 

The procedure of creating NFT is rather simple while using Fotor. To complete the process, just submit the image and select the desired art style for it. You won’t need to do anything because the software will cover the rest. With the help of programs like Fotor, you can create NFTs without knowing how to program. You can enhance the artwork’s look and add layers and your own touch with only a single button click.

  1. Bueno

The Bueno NFT art generator is a great option for novices seeking professional NFTs. The learning process is simplified by its intuitive UI and accompanying video lectures. Before exporting, users can examine and modify the artwork and layers they input into Bueno.

The ability to adjust the rarity of layer properties using straightforward sliders and watch videos for comprehensive explanations is one special feature of the BUeno platform. Another unique feature of Bueno is its Microverse platform, which enables users to create 2D animated versions of their NFTs. The site also provides an insightful blog with recommendations and guidance from seasoned artists and teams who have successfully launched their collections utilizing Bueno. Ethereum is used as payment for the NFT art collection, with a collection of 100 NFTs costing 0.01 ETH. The pricing might change in accordance with Ethereum’s volatile value.

  1. NightCafe

NightCafe is among the easiest software to create NFT art. All you need to do is upload your photo, select the desired art style from the tool’s extensive selection, and then let AI handle the rest. With NightCafe, you may create and download artwork with a high resolution (up to 2.2 megapixels). Moreover, you can create hundreds of photos at once using the bulk creation method. You may create and download up to five watermark-free artworks daily for free across various devices with NightCafe, its biggest feature.

NightCafe makes it easy for people to create stunning digital art by utilizing cutting-edge AI. The tool uses neural style transfer as a machine learning technique. This makes it easier for the software to transform your uploaded photos into the chosen art style, leading to a rather simple digital image creation technique.

  1. VoxEdit

Another on the list is VoxEdit. It’s among the best software to create NFT art. Because of its exquisite design, even beginners can utilize this tool. VoxEdit offers a wide range of tools that simplify the process of creating artwork for users.

The timeline can also be used to animate your artwork. Once your art is created, you can list and sell it on The Sandbox marketplace. Getting VoxEdit software for Linux, macOS, and Windows computers for free is possible.

  1. SketchAR

The SketchAR website claims that the platform was founded by artists for artists’ benefit. This creative tool is exclusive to the mobile platform. One advantage of it is that it allows you to create original art while you’re running. With the help of the software, you may create NFT (Augmented Reality) from your digital photos or artwork. You can easily create and transform digital art using SktechAR’s drawing tool.

In the event that you are selected as the Creator of the Week, the vast and active SketchAR community will be able to view your artwork as NFT. Another advantage of this application is that it automatically lists your artwork on websites like Opensea and Rarible.

Explore and Purchase Already Created NFT Art Piece

software to create NFT art

In addition to influencing the steps you must take before developing your artwork, researching what NFTs sell and what markets demand to mint your NFT will also help you identify which markets might function well with the recently developed design. This is due to the fact that the initial stage of producing any form of art is to research the available market.

Although some NFT marketplaces require an invitation from a current member to get entry, others have several features specifically designed with emerging artists in mind. The unique characteristics of each of the many online marketplaces for purchasing and selling NFT art will impact how easily and seamlessly your most recent NFT art can be used.

Selecting The Best NFT Marketplace

create a NFT art

If you hold Ethereum cryptocurrency and want to diversify your earning possibilities, consider purchasing NFTs yourself. However, it is first and foremost strongly recommended that you do your research and get as knowledgeable as possible about cryptocurrencies before deciding to purchase any.

After you’re done, consider the online market you wish to use. You may choose to buy an NFT from a reliable source, retain it for a while, and wait for its price to increase over time. Alternatively, you could choose to engage in low-value transactions and sell the NFTs immediately.

In this case, there is no right or wrong course of action; everything relies on your desire to turn a profit as soon as possible or to keep the NFTs for future generations. Comprehensive research on the topic and an understanding of the underlying concepts will give you a strong chance to successfully develop, invest in, and sell NFTs.

How Debut InfoTech Can Help You

For artists and art enthusiasts, Debut Infotech provides a fully customized white-label NFT art marketplace where they can easily trade, bid on, and purchase their favourite masterpieces. Users can mint and list their artistic NFTs, establishing a powerful online presence in cryptocurrency trade, thanks to support for several blockchains. Get in touch with Debut Infotech right now to create your own unified white label NFT crypto art marketplace website.


Before you begin selling your artwork, ensure you have completed the required research and understand everything there is to know about holding an NFT certificate of ownership. We hope that this information will be useful to you in selecting the right instrument for the task.

After you’ve listed some of the best programs for creating NFT art and are ready to promote your work, it’s also a good idea to add some disadvantages and risks. It makes it reasonable that consumers would be lured to products that are making absurd amounts of money because the market is booming. First and foremost, trading NFT requires an understanding of cryptocurrencies and the market rules and regulations. Speaking of which, you might want to consider using Bitcoin conversion software if you deal with cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to develop, buy, or sell an NFT, you generally need to be well-versed in everything linked to them.


Q. In what ways does NFT art differ from traditional forms of art?

A. Digital art that has been tokenized on a blockchain network is known as NFT art or Non-Fungible Token art. Every NFT artwork is distinct and signified by a digital token, offering evidence of ownership and legitimacy. Blockchain technology ensures the uniqueness and ownership of NFT art, unlike traditional art, which is easily copied.

Q. What advantages come with making NFT art?

A. When artists create NFT art, they are able to keep control and ownership of their works even after they are sold. Furthermore, NFT art gives artists royalties each time their creations are resold.

Q. Which software programs are the best for making NFT art?

A. Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Krita, and many more are the best software choices for making NFT art.

Q. Can I be skilled in technology to use this software to make NFT art?

A. While some technical know-how can be helpful, artists can get started with several software solutions that offer easily navigable interfaces and training. Artists of various skill levels can use these software options to make NFT art if they are ready to learn and experiment with the tools.

Q. How can I use these software tools to mint my NFT art after I’ve created it?

A. You must utilize blockchain systems like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, enabling NFTs to mint your NFT art. In order to list your artwork on an NFT marketplace, you must first create a digital wallet. You can submit your artwork, add pertinent details and metadata, select a price, and mint the NFT after linking your wallet to the market.


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