Augmented Reality-Changing The World, One App at a Time!!

18 January 2018
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The thin line between real and the digital world is fading to grey, as tech mammoths Google and Apple are gearing up to make Augmented Reality a part of our smartphones.

The AR Story….

Augmented Reality or AR as most of us know it, has been something just in the books for a very long period now. It is becoming seamless and robust with every passing day, it provides an amazing way of superimposing computer pictures atop your view of reality, thus taking the digital world and bringing it together with the physical environment all in one place. 

Although Augmented Reality runs the whole spectrum, from the virtual shopping experience to interactive map overlays, from huge multi-player skirmishes to prodigious medical programs, every part of the software hones in on our device camera and GPS functionality to make a more engaging experience.

Augmented Reality The Talk Of The Town

AR has been a talk of the tech town for a while, but its newest incarnations could be the game changer.
The present day augmented reality application selection is diversified, it encompasses the freemium as well as the premium offerings from the diversity of big & no-name developers.
The news that the iOS-11 will have a significant dose of AER added to it- the technology that overlays the digital graphics smoothly on the reality- with Augmented Reality as in the background, and the upcoming year it has a chance of breaking through into the mainstream world.

The bunch of newest AR applications can help its users to see the meals before you place the order, picture the placement of furniture in your homes, play virtual high-tech games and also bring your favorite GIF to reality.

Here's what a smartphone user can look forward to, whatever model you own-


The tech world has already seen a phenomenal impact which Pokemon Go made in the mobile gaming world, but in reality it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gaming and AR. Also, the colorful cartoon characters jumping all around on the streets, lakes and more, you can also have the enemy’s tankers coming from around the corner or aliens coming down from mars or venus- it's just upto the developer to where his imagination takes the AR in the future of gaming.


Whether you are looking for the best coffee shop around you or finding the nearest grocery store, AR as the technology which can take the navigation applications to the next level- you will no longer have to peer down at your devices to look for the way, because all you have to do is lift your smartphone and just overlay a map on the real world, the app will let you know where do you need to take a right or left, or where is the entry-exit door to the restaurant.


The world has already seen the uses of AR in the applications like Snapchat and Instagram, and the trend is moving ahead on a very fast pace-very soon you will have an AR technology element in every social media application you use.

Being able to add 3D stickers and objects on an image or a video seems little gimmicky in the start, but the vast number of people who use the Snapchat filters and lenses show how much fun it is to share pictures using AR.

Gone are the days when the only way to know about anything let’s say the Solar system was the article on internet or Wikipedia, but what if you are able to see it in a motion, in reality,  all shrunken to the size of your kitchen table?

From the exhibits in the museum which actually react to and move to the user’s presence, all scaled to scaled down to models of various cities you can view all of them at home, Augmented Reality is all set to make a huge difference in the world of educational applications.


There's no doubt that every smartphone has a digital assistants which most of use every now and then, they are all set to get a big AR upgrade in not-too-distant future. Think about Cortana reminding its users that they are out of veggies when they point their devices at the fridge, for example, Google Assistant shows you the best place to take a picture from, or Siri giving its users a visual guide about how far the tide will go to come in along the beach.

Augmented Reality has certainly got the ability to change the future. From social media, to marketing, to gaming, Augmented Reality has been making great strides in the tech world.

These applications are certainly making a huge name in the tech world for themselves. As time flies, there will endless more to look forward to!


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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