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09 September 2020
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More and more technologies are appearing to make functions of an enterprise more efficient. Blockchain technologythese days are at the same level as cloud and big data was a few years ago. Traceability and security are two main parameters for every enterprise these days, and the same is regulated with Blockchain’s distributed, the peer-to-peer approach may be right for you.

Blockchain is a network of a decentralized system and a global network of computers that jointly manage the database that collects and records all the transactions. This technology has proved evidently to reduce the costs, increase transaction speed, and establish trust between these transacting parties.

Blockchain for enterprise applications

Besides creating digital currencies, Blockchain can prove to be beneficial for many other things. Blockchain for enterprises means, creating new financial technologies that can serve a specific or variety of purposes.

A study by Santander, claims that Blockchain technology has the potential to reduce banks’ yearly infrastructural costs by $15 billion to $20 billion by 2022.

Here are a few services where Blockchain is being integrated into various industries:

  1. Financial Services

Blockchain activity attained relevancy in the financial services a few years ago. It has moved to the next level with the various tests, pilots, and proofs of concepts. These financial instates have groups working internally and professionals dedicated to Blockchain technology.

Despite the increased use of Blockchain technology, financial institutions still have strict restraining regulations that restrict their efforts at testing Blockchain.

  1. Retail

The retail industry seeks to utilize the Blockchain technology by using the same to improve the supply chain. Industrial giants such as Walmart have already started a Blockchain trail to monitor the movement and origin of some Chinese brand.

With Blockchain technology’s integration in the retail industry, it becomes easy to understand the origin of the Blockchain-its source, and their authenticity as well. In other words, Blockchain would ensure that the products are collected from trusted suppliers.

  1. Improved logistics performance

This is a perfect example of where an enterprise can use the Blockchain to simplify and solve the complex industrial operations. With its secure and transparent digital ledger technology, Blockchain can help amplify the logistics performance.

By setting the Blockchain technology up, the industries would be able to safely digitize the transactions between various members including the carriers, drivers, and forwarders.

  1. Health data

Various organizations are working on addressing the problem of lack of transparency in the health data and improve patient privacy trust. The Health industry is looking into how they could use the Blockchain to support information exchange through different data types, ranging from clinical trials to evidence of data.

Blockchain also shares a highly decentralized framework for sharing data and innovation would accelerate through the healthcare industry.

Debut Infotech Enterprise Blockchain solutions and services

Our Blockchain services are premeditated to help companies embrace secure multi-party collaboration by employing Blockchain technology based on open, scalable platforms and services to improve shared business processes.

- Blockchain Consulting

We will assess your goals and evaluate Blockchain’s impact on your business to help you define and transform your business.

- Blockchain Solution delivery

Our holistic Blockchain design comprises of the people, processes, operating model, and technology to maximize the transformation.

- Blockchain build and implementation

Complex implementation management, third-party integration, and custom coding assure that each solution fits into your existing systems to meet with the future demand.

- SaaS-based asset management

Stay focused on the bigger picture while we handle the operation of Blockchain networks and ecosystems using our proven functional expertise.


Blockchain for enterprises have a lot of use cases and applications, that can be named endlessly. With each passing year, the adoption of Blockchain technology is increasing at a great pace. This technology can create a difference between maximizing profits and falling below the standards, and hence enhance your business operations.

Fully adopting the technology can lead to utilizing the maximum potential of the technology. Want to integrate Blockchain technology and save billions to dollars year after year? Debut Infotech would help you build efficient Blockchain solutions and increase profitability for your business.

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