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Blockchain in Healthcare: Medical Record Management Simplified


Daljit Singh

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May 8, 2023

Blockchain in Healthcare: Medical Record Management Simplified


Daljit Singh

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May 8, 2023

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Do you know the existing computerization of medical records used to be so much more onerous?

Hospitals used to store the medical records of their patients manually. They would have papers and documents stacked in spaces and buildings. This was very tasking and difficult.

It wasn’t easy for healthcare practitioners to find documents of their patients as they were often fragmented. Conducting clinical trials was difficult and it affected overall clinical performance.

In the 1960s, the history of EHRs (Electronic Health Records) began. EHRs were generally very expensive. Because of this, they were only used by the government in partnership with health organizations. In due course, the use of EHRs began to spread to date. 

Now, EHRs are commonly used in hospitals and by medical practitioners around us.

But the usage of EHRs also came with downsides. It is grappled with serious issues such as data security, data integrity, and interoperability. 

The issues with the use of EHRs affect the two sides of the coin, which in this case are the patients and the medical practitioners.

Patients are constantly faced with issues of leaked health information. 

This method of medical record management also makes it hard for doctors to conduct clinical trials as sometimes the health information of patients is altered. This keeps impending danger at the loom as sometimes the doctors could be faced with serious charges. 

The good news is that blockchain technology offers a new paradigm for addressing these challenges.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the revolutionary plan of blockchain technology in healthcare and particularly into medical record management.

What are Medical Records?

Medical records, otherwise known as health records, are detailed documentation of a patient’s treatment and care history during a specific period of time under one healthcare provider’s administration.  

They include a patient’s history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, preoperative care, operation notes, post-operative care, and daily notes of a patient’s progress and medications

What is Medical Records Management?

Medical record management consists of protocols and procedures designed to govern, maintain, and secure patient records all across the data lifecycle.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger that facilitates record management and asset tracking in an organization.

How Does This Work?

There are features in blockchain technology that offer advancement in the management of medical records.

Blockchain technology is a decentralised system, that is, no single entity holds access to information.

It is also database storage that uses encrypted blocks of data that are organized in chains. These encrypted blocks of data are for access as a distributed ledger protocol. The distributed ledger protocol is also accompanied by immutability. Patients can grant access to medical personnel with the assurance that only authorized personnel can access the data.

The encrypted blocks of data ensure that the complex codes can not be changed unless decrypted.

How Can Blockchain Bring A Revolution Of Ease To Medical Record Management?


Through distributed ledger technology, patients can now transfer their medical records to medical practitioners and be sure it will be handled by only authorized personnel.


With the immutable features of blockchain technologies, medical practitioners can be sure that the data they are handling has not been tampered with. Healthcare providers can now carry on research more effectively than ever before due to transparent means of sharing data. 

This will lead to better outcomes in healthcare research and overall improvement in patient’s well-being.


Due to the records being uploaded on a decentralised system, it can not be tampered with. The serious concern of easy manipulation without detection can now be universally waved off.


The solutions that currently exist rely on a centralised system. These systems however have traditional security problems which are peculiar to them. They also expose the users to privacy-linking attacks. 

Blockchain-based healthcare however makes use of a decentralised file system and threshold signature which addresses these problems.

How Can Debut Infotech Help Revolutionize Medical Record Management?

In conclusion, blockchain is the best alternative to changing the whole process of medical record management for the better. 

With a decentralised system and an immutable coded network of database storage, blockchain is ready to avert all the downsides of earlier medical record management methods.

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