Getting a Mobile App Developed-What to Opt for? In-House or Freelance?

08 December 2017
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Let’s face it: Across the globe, businesses have a huge pressure to be the best, compete for the a large chunk and grow to the next level before the others. For most of the businesses, technology is an ambitious cornerstone, but the world of web and mobile tech have advanced by leaps and organisations are having a hard time coming up.

Businesses try every hook or crook way to do things in a more inexpensive, more productive and also in a speedy manner.  In this process, they may many times outsource a part of their work, especially from the tech end. But can’t they get it done by their in-house developers?

What’s better? In-house app development or outsource development? Probably this is the first question that pops up when you are looking for a software to be developed.

This is a tricky one forcing us to take into consideration several factors-costing being the primary one.

Let’s look at both these ways of mobile application development turn by turn-


We root for this option if your organisation is a large one, which already has or is planning to make mobile the core of their long-term strategy. The businesses that can segregate and keep aside resources like manpower, time, knowledge, money and are up for an extra investment that is crucial for the future development.


In-house app development gives the business a complete control over the venture and all the decisions in terms of technology used, team, timeline etc.

  • An in-house team knows the business better and therefore making a cut out of the much-needed learning curve which an external Company will surely go through. This is only the case if you already have a team of mobile app developers.
  • Many a time have a faster sign-off cycle because of factors like all the required departments in one place. 
  • Building a special tech specialist team will add to a long-term strategy of the business through an internal use of mobile technology.
  • The flexibility of the project is very high as there are unlimited revisions when it comes to design, scope etc.


  • The cost of the complete set-up is very high including the team recruitment, infrastructure costing and also high permanent over-heads.
  • Lack of know-how in what to look for while recruiting people for the in-house team, which makes you go through the hiring by an external consultant which adds up the costs and also consumes a large amount of time.
  • The app project may strike mid-way if a leading member of the team leaves or the team does not match up to the pace of the project delivery.
  • Hiring a right mix of mobile application development experts and knowledgeable talent is not easy, allowing a proper bonding, process and leadership by the hired managers. 
  • Most of the times the in-house teams have a long list of negotiations to be made like the internal politics and this in-turn that can hamper the creativity of the team and the momentum of the task.
  • The flexibility in terms of revisions that ban in-house app development allows could at times mean endless modifications to the scope of the project which may many times cause a delay, abandonment of the project and waste time/ money of the organisation. 


Getting your app developed by a Company that specializes in it is the right thing to do for many of us,  if you have a limited time to spare for it and also just a decent budget that is not enough to carry forward the idea of an in-house team. Such businesses value expertise which these app development agencies provide and looking for the best-of-the-apps in a short span.


  • Outsourcing a project ensures that a  minimum amount of time in spending when it comes to client briefing and implementation, a crucial need of the hour if you require the best time in the market.
  • The control of budget is in the client’s hand because once fixed and decided it's the agency’s headache to complete it within the given budget.
  • Outsourcing the app development has a low risk associated with the complete development process as the project variables are already agreed in the start.
  • An access to a highly knowledgeable team of app development team and a well-established process leads to a faster, highly cost-effective and a remarkable quality.
  • App development companies are continuously updating themselves with all the emerging technologies in the field and the innovative ways to execute them. This makes them even more creative and well-informed ultimately leading to a high client’s competitive advantage.
  • External app development teams provide an end-to-end- starting from the idea generation to app support. This allows the clients to explore the world of mobile applications in an expert and conducive environment, while also keeping their heads on the core competencies.


  • The customers does not have a complete control on the project and have to rely on an external team to create something that will further be the core of their business operations.
  • This process is time-consuming at times, as it takes the external team to understand your needs and your Company's ethics, vision, brand and customer expectations.
  • Limitations in the number of revisions in the package price.
  • A small change or change in the last hour will add up the cost based on the pricing agreed. Mostly the initial specifications given by the client are not up to the mark this, in turn, escalates the complete project costing.
  • The outsource application development may require the use of software and technical things which the clients will not have any clue about, thus letting the external Company have an upper hand.

 All this being said, we advise you to give a thought to all the above pros and cons of mobile software development from any source and go for the options that suit your organisation the best.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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