Healthcare Mobile Apps: A Blessing in Disguise Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

05 May 2020
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As the Coronavirus cases experience a steep rise in the past few days, the stakeholders are tirelessly looking for new tools, medications, and tests that would help them control this tide. While the total COVID-19 cases all over the world have crossed the 1 million-mark, medical communities are rushing to search for solutions and pushing for research and development. From Virtual reality to AI to Blockchain, researchers are determining which technologies would be the best weapon to win this war against this fatal virus.

This pandemic has indeed prompted a demand for digital healthcare solutions and has also received an overwhelming response from various developers and leading technology experts in the form of effective solutions which are currently being used for screening the symptoms, tracking the virus, prioritizing the allocation of resources, and designing the targeted responses.

How App development can help control the Corona outbreak?

A pandemic as serious as COVID-19 requires prompt responses, and involvement of various stakeholders such as political leaders, public health officials, and most important researchers, not to forget technology. While social isolations and curfews are among the best solutions to tackle such situations, but to own full control over the pandemic, we need to look beyond the traditional solutions. The main aim of the effective early responses includes looking bey0nd the old-strategies and developing methods that have common grounds for all the industries.

Response from app development enterprises and tech industries:

  • According to a report by CNBC, tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have already discussed their role in combating this global pandemic.
  • Developers all around the world, both large and small, are creating new ways in which technology can help in curbing this disease. They are empowering individuals to combat the coronavirus by exploring the power of app development.
  • Smartphones have great potential; they can be used to detect, track and even process the coronavirus disease.

Various applications are being developed by various organizations all over the world, which would help us in one way or another. From symptoms tracker to masks to gloves ordering applications, app development has shown its true importance.

App development and COVID-19 – A Match Made in Heaven    

There’s a wide pool of opportunities available in terms of technology to combat the Coronavirus, and yet to date, the global public-health response has just scratched the surface of what the app development services can do.

Symptom trackers: People who are developing the symptoms- disease, fever, cough and breathing problems- physically go to their primary healthcare doctor, clinic or hospital. These people are physically visiting places, which is the last thing that they should be doing in the times of the global pandemic. Health officials, therefore, are urging app development enterprises to work on finding effective solutions to such problems, which could be developing an application that can assess their symptoms, connect them to the doctors and also track their locations.

Health Metrics devices: Various at-home devices and services are developed to measure the health metrics such as temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels several times in a day, and the results are automatically stored on the cloud, which can be easily accessed by healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine: Telemedicine is also an equally powerful tool for keeping hundreds and thousands of people in a region informed about the latest news and upcoming updates. The year 2020 has already been the year of exciting researches in the field of medicine and science, digital technologies, the internet of things (IoT) and Blockchain development services.

Big Data for data modeling: Another development that could help find a potential solution is Big Data, which could also provide us with opportunities for modeling studies of various activities and guiding the policymakers pre-hand for the outbreak. Many countries have explored this potential of big data and assessed the preparedness and vulnerability of their respective countries in battling COVID-19.

Inventory management apps: Retail drugstores can track inventory and sales of such drugs that can help them detect pandemic in a community. And given the proliferation of the health-monitoring applications on smartphones, geo-tracking on phones can also streamline the tedious task of contact tracing. It’s all about tracking and catching these cases as early as possible, to minimize the spread of the pandemic.


Long story short, there’s no denying that mobile apps boast the potential of being a godsend when it comes to tackling the pandemic. Various technological innovations can prove to be life-saving in the event of COVID-19. App development can provide powerful digital epidemiology tools that would help us in tracking, controlling, and monitoring the coronavirus.

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