Healthcare Mobile Apps: Ensuring Agility of Healthcare Sector

20 January 2021
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Technology is becoming a vital part of our lives and the healthcare sector is not behind. The number of healthcare apps has almost doubled in the past decade. And the number is increasing day by day. If you are finding a way to grow your business by leveraging the power of mobile app development, then the healthcare sector is definitely what you need.

According toResearch2guidance, almost 45 percent of mHealth apps are using paid business models.

The competition in the mobile application development industry is increasing and to survive in such a competitive environment, it is important to adopt a special approach. Not sure where to start? Our article would give you key insights.

Introduction to Healthcare App Development

One of the most common questions is: why is the healthcare industry growing? The main reason for this is the emergence of new diagnostic and treatment options provided by emerging technologies related to medical mobile app development.

Undoubtedly, these emerging technologies open up a lot of opportunities and bring revenue generation options with them. But what is the healthcare industry in unification with the mobile market and what are Healthcare app development solutions? Let’s find out.

What is mHealth?

mHealth is the term that represents the use of mobile devices and wireless technologies that ensure a healthy lifestyle and medical care. mHealth technologies include different types of healthcare apps aimed that maintaining a person’s physical condition.


The healthcare market is divided into two main categories:

1. Fit: Healthcare apps focused on the fitness and healthcare of an individual.

2. Med: These types of healthcare apps include applications that need you to cooperate with the doctor, diagnostic centers, and so on.

Features of Healthcare mobile apps

1. Easy registration and login

Registration and login are the basic requirements of any mobile app. It is important to ensure that this process is simple and easy. Users should be easily able to log-in to their accounts with the help of email, or their phone numbers.

2. Profile access and modification

Creating and maintaining a user profile on a healthcare mobile app should be an easy process. The users should be allowed to upload their photos and any other information that they want to share. In the case of doctors, all the required information should be readily available like their specialty, experience, clinic address, and contact details. Doctors should also share their registered practitioner numbers.

3. Searching and consulting doctors

An efficient healthcare app should have a smart filter so that users can easily search and filter the doctors based on their specialization, experience, reviews, and consulting fees. The in-app communication should be easy between the patient and doctors. Patients should also have the option of sharing their location and hospital name for better consultation.

4. Appointment management

The doctors should have the facility to accept/reject the consultation requests, in case they don’t wish to see the patient. or the timings are unavailable. Only after the doctor confirms the request, the user should get notification mail along with ID.

5. Care and pill reminders

An option to set customized healthcare plans according to the required services should be readily available. The fee payment should also be integrated within the application. This feature would keep the customers updated about their schedules. Regular prescription and pill reminders should also be incorporated as and when required.

6. Application-level security

It is important to prioritize security in mobile healthcare apps from the ground up. Mobile app development organizations are responsible for the data security of mobile app users. The developers should be experienced as they would make sure that the coding is secure.

7. Clear communication

The most efficient healthcare mobile apps have a well-thought process that can communicate with its users clearly and concisely. The privacy policy associated with the mobile app should be easily accessible along with terms and conditions.


In conclusion, the healthcare mobile app market is in full bloom, and investing in mHealth mobile apps would bring a lot of new opportunities for your enterprise. All the features mentioned above help you to build the best healthcare app for your enterprise.

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