How Cloud Computing and IoT can Revolutionise Mobile App Development

30 January 2018
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Internet of Things (IoT) visualizes all the entities around you as a part of the internet. It covers a varied variety of objects like the smartphones, tablets, sensors, digital cameras and many more. Once these gadgets are connected with one another, they let more and more smart services and processes which suffice our basic needs, environment, health and economies.

Cloud computing is basically a model for the on-demand access to the shared pool of several configurable resources( eg. networks, compute, storage, services, applications and softwares)which can be very easily be catered as infrastructure(IaaS), software and applications(SaaS). Cloud based platforms help us to connect with the things(IaaS) all around us so that we can have the access to anything at any given time and at any place in a manner which is user friendly using the personalised portals and the in-built solutions(SaaS).

Internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing are two distinctive technologies which have grown over the time but are increasingly becoming interdependent on each other. In this whole process, they are revamping and revolutionizing every sector they touch.  

Why is Cloud Computing Important for Digital Transformation?


Simply put, cloud computing is the use of remote servers on a network. These remote servers provide the functionalities like processing, storage, security, analytics and many more. For a digital disruption, every organization needs to revolutionize its present business processes and then leverage the set of technologies like the internet of things, augmented reality, chatbots, machine learning, big data analytics and several more in-vogue ones. All these technologies need a very heavy computing power, IT infrastructure and yes, storage. Cloud computing takes all the hassle away and provides all these services as per the businesses requirements. 

Coming back to mobile app development, there is a new problem that pops up every day and so does its solution. The applications, along with their data, can be easily stored on the servers, using a mobile cloud, instead of the mobile devices. Giving the users an easy access not only to the apps but also to their data, easily via the mobile cloud using their gadgets. Also, tools like MEAP’s or HTML5 can be used by the developers while developing the applications to make the solution work.

Utilization of mobile along with IoT/ Cloud Computing for development of mobile apps

Often, it's difficult to create applications that can easily work on multiple smart gadgets.There are easy ways to overcome this issue, like-

  • Hybrid Apps

    The development of the hybrid applications for the mobile gadgets helps you reduce the total effort which is invested in the development of the applications. Here, the app developers can take the benefit of the physical attributes which the smart phones can actually have. It's a very unique method, just because it allows to combine the phone’s native abilities with the architectural ability of HTML5. This app development kind is cloud-based, and such downloadable apps can easily operate on a majority of interfaces of the end-users in various browsers embedded in their mobile devices. This saves the developers from writing a seperate set of code for each operating system.

  • Using MEAPs For Mobile Applications
    Even though most of the mobile applications can easily operate in the cloud, they still need a support system to help them operate on multiple devices. This much-needed support will make sure that the applications run across all the gadgets. MEAP(mobile enterprise application platform) can make it pretty easy to provide a support for applications which are cloud-based. Most of the top-notch organizations which develop applications have steadily started to use mobile enterprise solutions, which is a bunch of products as well as services, to enable apps development.

    The enterprise solution platforms can perform some specific tasks for the mobile gadgets, as they allow  smart mobile devices to adjust on the device’s screen, which further let the conversion of the interface data that’s more user-friendly. The whole authentication mechanism of the enterprise solution makes a connection to the mobile device, which helps the users to save everything from a picture to important documents.
  • Develop Apps Using HTML5
    Mobile App Developers can cross a lot of obstacles to app development by creating applications using HTML5 for creating cloud apps. This makes the mobile apps work smoothly on multiple devices. HTML5 lets developers to choose the end device, with the help of the applications in use. This is in a way an internet of things tool which allows a real-time problem solving, and to make it ascertain that the mobile gadgets receive all the data with a defined set of the specific scope.

    IOT and mobile computing are opening several horizons for the development of mobile app solutions. By using mobile cloud computing and internet of things businesses can create impactful mobile applications which do not rely on the capabilities of the mobile for the execution.


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Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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