How to Build Successful B2B Apps: Guide for Mobile App Developers

15 May 2017
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B2B or ‘Business to Business’ is one of the most exciting areas in the app business. Instead of reaching out the consumer directly with their app, the businesses are actually targeting other businesses, like restaurants, doctors, etc.However, there are still less number of players who go for a B2B app and thus, the competition is yet not that fierce. The reason is that, the B2B market is significantly smaller in size (not in volume though) and requires robust sales and communication, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.The most lucrative part of a B2B app is that you focus on the ‘conversion rate’ and not on the volume.

Today, with the evolution of technology, we hold everything in our pockets. The ease of accessing our social accounts, work emails, entertainment areas (like, music and games), etc. on the mobile devices and at any time of the day or night, has taken a step ahead towards IoT, wearables, and hyper-advanced technology. This is what has made the B2B apps all the more important.

B2B apps are slowly and gradually establishing their place in the market. In fact, an app can have a make or break impact on the perception of the clients about a B2B company and its products or services.

Studies suggest more than 85% of the time spent on mobile is used on apps. Thus, an app which is useful for your potential or existing clients, can do wonders to your business! Read on if you are also planning to launch a B2B app for your business.

The Ultimate Guide for Mobile App Developers to build successful B2B Apps is as follows

Though development, deployment, and maintenance remain the top crucial factors to build successful B2B apps, giving proper time and resources to each of these factors can highly influence the success of a B2B App.

Let us have a look at the Ultimate Guide to build a successful B2B App

1. The Purpose of A B2B App
B2B is a mobile application that is developed by a business for another business. Thus, its main aim should be to provide a useful tool to the businesses which can help them retain new clients and convert new leads into either businesses or prospective clients/buyers. You can create a wide variety of apps offering various different features. However, the success of any app solely depends upon the purpose of the app and the way in which it can help the businesses in the industry.

2. Go With The Flow of Trends
The key to create and market a great B2B app is ‘audience requirement’, ‘audience interest’ and the ‘current trends’ prevailing in the market. However, it is not easy to know all of these, but these things are really going to determine if your application is a hit in the B2B industry. In order to understand user’s requirements and user’s expectations from a B2B app, have a look at the ones available in the market. Examine them from the B2B perspective and the way these apps provide value to companies. Businesses need to conduct robust research to determine the requirements of the prospective clients and their expectations in terms of delivery of such requirements.

3. Knowledge of Marketing the B2B App
You can market a B2B app through a number of ways. Let us have a look at the most effective B2B App marketing techniques that help in successfully marketing a B2B App

App Store Optimization

Each store has its own algorithm. Thus, you really need to comprehend the multiple ins and outs of each one so as to ensure your app has the maximum exposure. If you have an iPhone app make sure it optimized for App store and similarly in case of Play store for Android apps. All what you should focus on is ‘to deliver quality for your app users.’

Social Media

Today, social media is an integral part of our lives. Why should it not be a part of our B2B app marketing process? Well, to take full advantage of the various social media techniques, you would first need to build attractive social media pages of your business with valuable information and visuals, aligning to your brand.Once that is done, you would need to prepare campaigns that target the correct mobile audience and prompt them to install and your app.


Reviews are often the most important tool in a B2B app marketing strategy. More the review, more the app store search credibility! Reviews add to the reputation of the app, so encourage more and more of them.
We live in a mobile driven world and we shouldn’t forget that. Businesses should be ready to adapt the evolutions in technology. Today, it has become crucial for every business to go mobile with its website and apps have only added up to the competition. An app helps you push the mobility and freedom a little further. Maximize mobile benefits through a B2B app and drive your business towards achieving real success today!


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Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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