10 Super Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile Developer

01 August 2016
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There are a large number of iOS and Android app development companies looking forward to work for you but is choosing a mobile app development company an easy task? You are not hiring them for just developing an application software but putting the future of your business into their hands. There is a cut-throat competition and thus, you need to make every effort to take this crucial decision with a clear mind.

Here is a list of 10 crucial questions to inquire before hiring a Mobile Developer. This might help you make the correct decision for your business app development.


#1. Ask the mobile app developers to show apps they’ve already developed:


Undoubtedly, skills and expertise are important but experience also plays a crucial role in delivering technical solutions. A thorough walkthrough of their portfolio will be the best way to understand the quality of work they provide. You will also get an idea of the kind of clients they have worked for, the repeat clients they have and the authentic facts and figures of their delivered projects.

You may even ask them to provide you with the links of the real-time app on various app stores. You must then download one of the apps and test it not only in terms of User Interface (UI) but from the point of view of functionality as well. After all, a great user experience is all you want from the app. Isn’t it?

#2. Ask the mobile app developers their core competencies. Do they perform testing of the app too?

Ask the mobile app developers their core competencies or the core services they offer. Do they create the comprehensive design and development complying with the industry standards? Do they have the latest technology required to develop a premium quality modern app? A mobile app development company must provide you with a complete package of services that aid in effective business analysis.

But is developing an app enough? There is nothing worse than a user informing you about the bug in your app. Ask the mobile developers if they perform beta testing properly. If yes, enquire from them the type of testing (manual/automated) they perform and the tools they use for it. Are they concerned about quality assurance?  
Also ask them about the strategy they adapt in case of change requirements, if any, from the client and how do they address it during the process.

#3. Ask them about their credentials (recognitions, rewards and client references):

Before selecting a iPhone app development company or android app development company, ensure that they are reputed and have goodwill in the industry. Look out for any kind of recognitions, rewards, etc. they have received or if they have been credited or published by any of the reputed ranking organization worldwide.

#4. Ask them of their Location and Team Size:

Ask them through if they own a physical set up and have a dedicated team that sits in the office or do they outsource their projects to various individuals/freelancers? Ensure that the the company you join hands with, has proper office setup with a well-established full-time dedicated team. It would be great if you can visit their office in advance.

#5. What will be the mode of communication throughout the app development?

Effective Communication is a pre-requisite for a successful delivery. The quality of your app often depends upon how clearly you communicate your requirements, both of design and functionality, with the development team. It is important to constantly interact and get in touch in order to keep the ball rolling.

#6. Who will own the mobile app?

It is again important to confirm who will ultimately have the full authority of the mobile app and have access to it. Before assigning the development of android app or iOS app to a mobile developer, ensure that they adhere to the coding standards and originality.

#7. What special features can you create for my app?

Users will only hook on to an app that is unique, interesting and beneficial for them providing contemporary and cutting-edge functionality. Ask you mobile developer what all features can they create for you app? Coming up with something new, useful and truly innovative through your app is what will delight your users.

#8. What about updating the App?

With the new technology coming up every day, any app becomes obsolete in less than six months. In such a case, you will need to revive and update the app after periodic intervals of say, 6 months or a year.  Ask the mobile developer about their take on app upgradation. What about the support? Will they provide you the source files?

#9. What will be the project cost involved and billing procedure?

Creating an app is not a low cost investment. Ask the mobile development company the overall expenses that will be incurred during and after the project. Ask them their billing procedure and extra charges involved, if any. What is the timeline they need to develop the mobile app? Be attentive of their expenses and invoices against each assignment and also ensure that they adhere to the timeline commitment.

#10. Ask them who, among their team, will be accountable for your project?

A proper mobile app development team comprises of a dedicated team of professionals working towards a common goal. Ask the mobile app developer of the key responsible person, from the management, accountable for your project.



Mobile App development is a lengthy process; don’t be in a hurry to select just any mobile app developer or mobile app development company for developing iOS apps or developing Android apps. Always keep in mind that app development will be an important aspect of your business and thus you should pick a service provider carefully.  This will help you get app developed the way exactly as per your requirements!



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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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