Internet of Things: 5 IoT Applications You Can’t Miss!!

02 February 2018
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Curiosity!!! That’s the difference between us homo-sapiens and other beings.

We, humans, are very curious. We have a question about everything. We challenge the whereabouts of the existing rules and strive hard to build something even better. This curiosity and the efforts we put in have guaranteed us a life where machines and electronic gadgets will certainly be our best buddies.

You read it right, the vision behind making the machines smart enough to reduce the human labor is negligible. Today, the gadgets are smart enough that they share information with us all by themselves, and then to the cloud-based apps and device to device.

Connected devices or smart devices are made in a way that they capture and then utilize every inch of the data which is shared or used in our daily lives. And these gadgets will use this set of data to make an interaction with the users every day and complete the tasks.

Internet of Things is one of the most talked about buzzwords in the tech circles right now. It is all over the place, from tech blogs to newspapers. It's very tough to wrap our heads around without seeing examples of this technology in action.



The internet is filled with information about IoT products which are no less than tech jargons. This is why we sought out to write about easy ways to understand IoT, with 5 tangible IoT examples.

1. Hello Barbie!!

We recently came across a video about the unveiling of Hello Barbie on YouTube.

As acclaimed by the makers, its the first doll which can engage in learning. Hello, Barbie tells you jokes, plays games, inspires storytelling and also listens to the users' preferences and then adapts to them. This Hello Barbie comes with a WiFi capability which is stored in the cloud and you can also push the data to it.

Simply put, Hello Barbie is the advanced version of Siri or Google Assistant.

Going forward, this device can be a tool and toy good, or for evil. It can be dicey to leave kids alone with a pre-programmed toy which can think and communicate. But this perhaps can be a force for something good.

This technology can in future for interactive learning or even to keep a track of health issues such as kids with epilepsy.

2. Connected Mascara At L’Oreal

From the folks who give feedback to its makers about its customers. What if your makeup accessories did it? Let's say if the makeup we use gave you the customer data to improve your overall experience?

Sounds good, this is something L’Oreal is all set to do. With their makeup, users can now imagine endless opportunities provide a lot of how-to content to its users.

Are you wearing a pink top today? Perhaps the eye-shadow palette will suggest you what Colors with add to your look.

How about gadgets or items which tell you the best way to use them? Quite Often IoT is merged with 3-D Printing, the reason for this is because 3D printers can easily print circuits making it easier to print IoT tech altogether.

Manufacturers can easily make prototypes within no time. Going ahead with it, L’Oreal is working on making products via 3D printing in order to get large amount of printing for human skin. It was not a typo. L’Oreal is looking to get the perfect skin prototype so that they can test their new product lines on life-less skin without harming any animals.

Good luck L’Oreal. We are looking forward to this cool-tech come to fruition.

3. Product Relationship Marketing On Your Vodka Bottle

Imagine, your packaged food talking to!! Would it make you a better cook? Wouldn’t it help you match up some yummy ideas for the meals? Or would it just let you know that you have got a devilish smile which makes you ready for a night on the rocks? This is simply what the Vodka giants, Absolut, is currently up to in the pursuit of a bottle that makes conversation with its drinkers. The Absolut team believes that in near-future
Absolut is looking forward to becoming a service-oriented organization because of IoT.

4. Lighting The Way To Smarter Cities

Have you ever looked out from the window while your airplane is landing? You are flying just above the skyline of the city and all you see is endless lights. This makes a distinct contrast to the rural stretches across the globe. Sometimes while landing, a thought crosses my mind the huge of electricity we waste and many cities are not making the optimal use of the available resources. Some organizations working in this directions are all set to change this. They work on real-time plant analytics solutions which help the manufacturing companies to reduce their operational costs, optimize the use of energy and make their customers lead a better life.
None of us likes to find a parking space in a dingy garage or a parking lot. A concept was unveiled recently called the “Smart Cities” and a part of this concept takes care of the parking & light management problems. This system can determine the whole process as to where the illumination is needed to lower the costs and thus, save energy. Any internet of things product which improves the overall efficiency of the cities is the need of the hour.

5. Talking Fridge

Pretty soon most of the gadgets we use actually have screens on them directly. Recently, Samsung just announced its “Family Hub” refrigerators which have a 21.5 inch HD LCD resolution screen. This screen lets the customers use their own smartphones to post content, use a calendar, write notes and even pin pictures. Also, consumers can have a sneak-peek inside their fridge anytime with the help of the camera which is embedded in the fridge itself. Lastly, the user can also use the refrigerator to shop online, manage their receipts and compare/compile their shopping lists. Samsung is very creative with the data which is pushed to its users through the screen. Think about the data which Samsung could use from the given screens about their user preferences which will be very valuable for the product insights.

Concluding it, we feel that most recently the fireplace of the house was the TV(television), where the family gathers to have dinner together- and now when all the products have screens on them, where’s the new fireplace?

There are endless exciting IoT products in the line, but these ones just stood out from the lot, not because they are customer friendly- but for the obvious appeal, they have in the daily life. What would you like to add to this IoT list?


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Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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