Internet of Things: Trends Governing Multi-Device Connectivity in 2018

30 January 2018
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It's difficult to calm down the excitement we all have about Internet of things(IoT). The crowd has become accustomed to the diet versions of the internet of things (IoT), wearing Apple watches, Fitbits and tapping the buttons of their Apple Dash while running low on the detergent for laundry. Smart refrigerators, which allow people to store inventory and then re-stock without even opening the door, are becoming a must-have in more and more houses.

What seemed to be just a tech dream is steadily becoming a part of the day to day life of people across the world.

2017 was a crazy year which saw IoT gain a spot in every household globally, some of you will be wondering what surprise 2018 has in store for us.

Brush yourself up on 5 of the dominant IoT trends that will define 2018 and shape the world. When we look forward at the leading IoT trends in the upcoming year, here’s what we see:


IoT has taken a berth in the top of the technological development in 2018, one of the major industry trends which will move ahead on the road of improvement is Security.

Though smart gadgets are becoming a common thing adding to our lifestyle, there are many of us who are still hesitant to share their data & information because of their queries regarding data privacy ramifications of joining more & more devices to the internet.

Even the IT professionals are still dealing with this issue. According to a research, just 30% of the IT professionals actually know how many devices are connected to their network. However, only 44% of professionals said that their organization had an IoT security policy.

The internet is not safe enough, its resistant to DDoS(Distributed Denial Of Services) attacks, and sadly internet of things is not immune from this. A major DDoS attack last year hit the servers of several major businesses like Netflix, The New York Times, Paypal and Twitter. Similar technologies which made these servers vulnerable to the hackers live in IoT.

Attacks on IoT gadgets can have a destructive effect, draining consumer confidence and the companies will do everything they can to avoid the circumstances like what happened with Target or Sony.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

IoT and blockchain technologies have slowly been emerging for the past few years.

Presently, we all know that blockchain has many deep applications far beyond the fintech sector. It can supplement the security of the devices and help in making more seamless transactions.
As more and more developers accept blockchain technology, it provides the servers a credible party via stored data. Experts are of the belief that blockchain will be a huge boost to the internet of things, majorly by reducing the costs for the manufacturers by cutting down the intermediary from the whole process.

Though blockchain, the device data, and the transactions will be all completed on a peer-to-peer basis, relieving a large amount of the legal or contractual costs.

Blockchain for the internet of Things can fundamentally change the way in which business interaction across the globe, bringing about a qualified eco-system which can easily automate and encrypt all the transactions.

Cognitive Computing will Gain Momentum

In simple English, cognitive means thought. But when it comes to the IoT perspective we need to pay heed to the opportunities cognitive computing brings about in the IT industry. Every single internet user has a separate IP address but this technology is making all the connected gadgets more intelligent and smarter.

In fact, cognitive computing has come up as a boon for the learning and education industry as it improves the amount of the data. With this, the sensors can easily adapt to their environment and there is no need for any human interaction. Further, it also helps in clubbing together the various sources of data to easily identify the platforms.

Better Data Analytics

Businesses are virtually in all sectors have steadily realized the potential of accepting IoT analytics in their business models, and business intelligence seems to flourish finally as a field. In a world economy with endless interconnected devices, data is the boss and omnipresent, and businesses everywhere will direct a lot of money towards data analytics operations to stay up to date.

Thus, it's pretty obvious to say that 2018 will see a lot of advancements in how we use data in everyday lives.

Smart Home & Smart City Projects

As the IoT ecosystem develops, discussions about smart homes and smart cities will be a hot topic in the upcoming years.

Smart home devices enable you to control and also keep a track of a wide variety of electronics in their houses. All thanks to IoT technologies, monitoring home can be improved, security and energy can be efficiently provided. 

Apart from the Smart Home improvements, several Smart City projects are increasing speedily and thus, allowing the metropolises to become better places to live.

Technology is getting bigger and better with each passing day, IT industry is witnessing a plethora of changes. Internet of Things is one of these. As the year changes in the calendar, the IoT trends are also transforming offering very technology and solutions to upgrade themselves. 2018 will see more and more sectors become friendlier to the internet of things and adopt the same to gain a development in their benefits.


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