Key features of Hotel Mobile App Development

02 February 2021
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Travel and tourism are a prominent part of any nation’s economy and this industry is witnessing a great surge in its operations. With advancements in technology and everything going online, customers these days have inclined towards online travel bookings. These days it hardly takes few moments to convert plans into bookings, and this can’t be made possible without apt mobile apps.

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Gone are the days when travelers had to physically go and book the rooms after reaching the destinations. Now from a mobile application, you can easily book rooms, taxis, and other important things for your entire vacation.

Let’s have a look at key touch-points to consider while building a mobile app for your hotel industry!

Building a Hotel Mobile App: Key-touchpoints to consider

1. Selecting a Hotel Booking App type

First things first, before building a hotel booking mobile app you should understand the types of mobile apps and look for the one best suited for your organization. You can anytime reach out to us to and hire our best android app developers that offer you different models for your enterprise.

1.1 Merchant Model

In the merchant model of hotel mobile booking apps, the mobile app owner signs a contract with the hotel owner in which he/she gets right over a specified number of rooms which they later offer at discounted rates. Usually, the mobile app owners keep a margin of 10-40 percent and the prices vary according to the demand. This business model requires massive capital gains to operate efficiently.

1.2 Aggregator Model

This is one of the most common business models for hotel mobile booking apps. This kind of mobile apps is connected to various third-party booking websites. When a user starts looking for a suitable play for his/her stay, a proper list of hotels is displayed to him with different price options offered by different websites. Once the user chooses the ideal accommodation, he is redirected to the corresponding booking platform.

1.3 Advertising Model

This third type of mobile booking app allows you to make money on your mobile app. In this model, owners earn by redirecting people onto hotel websites. Although this is the least profitable model, this hotel booking mobile app doesn’t require any investments.

1.4 Dedicated Model

This is the most common approach that is followed by many renowned hotel chains. Many reputed hotel chains such as Grand Hyatt, Marriott, and much more use dedicated model for hotel booking apps uniting all of their hotels and resorts.

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2. Hotel Booking Mobile App Features to Include

When your users reach the mobile hotel booking app, they would look for a user-friendly UI -and a simple set of features that would make their booking experience better.

Here are a few advanced features that every top mobile app development company you must include in your mobile app:

2.1 Search Bar

As your users start looking for an apt place to stay, they apply several filters and include destination city, the date for check-in and check-outs, number of guests in the search bar to find the best fit for their booking.

2.2 Booking and Cancellation options

Once the users are done finalizing the hotel for their stay, they are redirected to the payment gateway for a secure payment process. In case, the customer wants to cancel the booking, hotel mobile booking apps should allow them to do the same.

2.3 Accommodations viewing options

Customers often want to have a closer look at the accommodation before finalizing their choice. Mobile apps for hotel booking should offer their users a provision to view accommodation offers, pool view, room status, and much more.

2.4 On the go travel assistant

This is an advanced feature that would provide your mobile app a competitive edge. The travel assistant would simplify the travel process for your users and provide recommendations as and when required.

2.5 Payment Gateway

The users when they are sure about their accommodation can make in-app payments using various credit/debit cards. The mobile app developers for these apps must make sure that these payment gateways are secure.

2.6 Virtual reality experience

The virtual reality experience can help the customers to explore photos, immersive videos and also enjoy virtual 360-degree tour and photos. This way the users can enjoy various sections of the hotel dynamically.

2.7 Loyalty programs

While making bookings and payments, mobile apps can offer their users various loyalty points and programs that would lure them to re-visit your app.

2.8 Weather forecast

Hotel booking mobile apps these days come integrated with weather forecast apps that provide you constant weather updates to help you plan the day accordingly.


Hotel booking mobile apps are the most demanded mobile apps these days. These apps require constant innovation and integration of the latest technologies to survive in such a competitive environment. Hence, your mobile app development should be proficient and do proper market analysis from time to time.

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