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28 February 2018
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I can’t think of any sector or social sphere which has still not tasted the impact of smartphones and mobile apps. From a meeting with the girlfriend to social events, from an important meeting with the boss to a friend’s birthday party and lots more-we need a smartphone to remind us everything. Several events apps which help us manage, plan and organize any such events are making rounds in the market for a long time now. It's not a surprise for anyone in this fast-paced age.

 Wedding reception, backyard barbeque or a concert all kinds of events can now encash the power of mobile applications. And this mobile event app market is filled with a  plethora of mobile solutions.

Having an event? Should you develop a mobile event app for it? 44% of communication specialists and marketers use event management to enhance the level of engagement. That’s one. The forecast for event management software market is an annual growth rate of 10% till 2020. That’s second. Still not convinced? 85% of the event planners believe that the use of event applications betters the attendee satisfaction. The median adoption rate for event application is more than 80%.

With the emergence of a large number of mobile app development companies, development and deployment have become faster and easy.

The internet is filled with several event app templates which can use for free. Going forward, if you are creating a customized event app, you will get ahead of a competition by- 

  • Making user-friendly event guides
  • Building an interactive events mobile application
  • Providing social networking
  • Easy to use experience and interface
  • Promote brand awareness
  • And more

However, before penning down the strategies about the Mobile app development, you should pay heed to the various types of the apps-

  • event management apps
  • event planning apps
  • event scheduling apps
  • event registration apps
  • event organizer apps
  • apps for conferences
  • apps for event networking
  • event booking apps

Mobile Event App- Must Have Features

So, whichever type of event application you build and for whichever platform you build it i.e Android or iOS, you must have some crucial features which make the app a success and also enhance the traffic.

Schedule & Feeds

Event feeds and a schedule is a key feature which you can add to your event app. It's basically a listicle of events and programs which will happen in your specific city. The app users can know about them and also get a little idea about what the event is about, its date and time.

Besides this, it's of great help to the users if you provide them with some information about the venue and how can  they reach there. Also, a map can be added to the app with landmarks near the venue and some information about the local transportation available.

Interactive App

Interactivity and communication are the two most important components of an event. The audience coming to the program should have a feeling that their contribution matters and makes a difference.

For instance, incorporating an interactive feature where the visitors can interact with the organizers, speakers and also let them ask questions/queries related to the event, will surely be a brownie point for the app.

The Facility of Buying Online Tickets and Registration

Several events like corporate conferences, trade fairs, concerts etc. require the attendees to purchase tickets and register themselves in order to attend the event. It will really help if you give the facility in the app itself at one junction where the crowd can buy tickets and register without hankering anywhere else.


Social networks are one of the most effective tools when it comes to event promotion. That is the reason why any event planning application has to be linked to all the social media channels which let the attendees tell their loved ones about which event they are going and also invite them to be a part of it. This feature not only helps you please your users but also is a very powerful marketing mechanism which will function quite efficiently without any additional help from your end.

Developing an event-based app is all about providing a multi-purpose solution which allows the attendees to make an interaction with the app, share their opinions about the event, and use a set of tools too. Most of the delegates and attendees end up collecting endless, emails, calendar events, notes and much more all scattered over the social networks.

It's best to club all the information about the event you are organizing into one space i.e a mobile application.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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