Supply Chain Management Software Selection Guide for your Enterprise

22 June 2020
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Since trades these days are flourishing, supply chains have become a web of interconnected partners. Supply chain management software refers to the applications used in managing the company's supply chain, supplier relationship, and all business methods related to it.

The main purpose of the supply chain management software is to enhance the overall performance of an enterprise’s supply chain. As the margin of error within supply chains are getting thinner, it becomes important to reduce the errors in your supply chain system as a simple mistake can easily cost your business thousands of dollars.

Owing a supply chain management software helps users to reduce errors & costs and helps in optimizing the supply chain.

Keep reading to look at the overall scenario of the Supply chain management software!

Features of Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software allows you to create more trusted relationships between the stakeholders within a value chain, and also provides more revenue-generating opportunities.

We have identified the following essential features to the supply chain management software that can help organizations to create a rock-hard supply chain.

  • Inventory Management

Supply chain management software allows organizations to trail the raw materials and look out for their accessibility. This software allows you to keep a track of the stocked quantity of products and also helps in managing assets.

  • Order Management

With Supply chain management software, companies can generate and track the purchase orders, schedule their deliveries, and can also configure the pricing of goods through the automated purchase order processes.

  • Return Management

Sometimes there are damaged products that are running in the supply chain, and these Supply chain management software help in the inspection of the damaged products, and also handle the process of inspecting the damaged products.

  • Customization

Pre-built components in the Supply chain management software provide the flexibility that helps businesses to adapt to the changes necessary quickly. Each software can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the consumers.

  • Supplier Relationship Management

Companies can use the supply chain software to gain access to the capabilities and assets of the suppliers. Supplier relationship management allows you to compare your company business strategy with them.

  • Scalability

The main goal of integrating supply chain management software into your business is to make the business processes run smoothly and efficiently. Such processes empower you to run your business smoothly and also helps in the growth and expansion of the business.

  • Warehouse Management

Supply chain management software can result in the fast processing of transactions to support the company’s warehouse system.

Types of SCM Software or solutions

Supply chain management software includes many departments within the organization that provides end-to-end visibility and access to the information regarding your Supply chain management vendors.

  • Supply chain execution and fulfilling orders

Applications that fall under this category deals with the management, ordering, and allocation of resources associated with the supply chain management activities.

All the Supply chain management software that all0ws you to manage and monitor global trade and goods clearance by customs fall under this category.

  • Supply chain collaboration

Applications that fall under this category are web-based software applications that help in distribution, planning, and administration information throughout the global network of the supply chain.

This application type was created to help professionals in supply chain marketing.

  • Supply chain planning

Also known as advanced planning and scheduling software, this Supply chain management software includes planning processes that are associated with product demand and materials supplied through the organization’s extended supply chains.

This type of Supply chain planning also offers product distribution among distributors, and/or allocating final products to various consumer orders.

  • SCM for execution, business analytics, and intelligence, and reporting

Applications under this Supply chain management software monitor and manage execution and overall performance disclosure, alerts about the company, and the unplanned events.

The added benefits of this type of Supply chain management software also helps in performing what-if analysis related to the demand conditions.

Choosing the Right Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management has a complex and lengthy process, and despite many stakeholders in the merging and management supply chain, not a single application can be used to manage all the aspects of the supply chain.

While choosing the right supply chain management software, you need to go through this list of factors that would help you choose the best supply chain management software for your enterprise:

  • Need for the software

Getting to know the need and requirement of the Supply chain management software helps to understand the software better and select the software that best covers that list.

  • Checking the compatibility

It becomes important for businesses to examine how well the new supply chain management software would integrate with the already existing software and business.

  • Customization for your industry

Not every supply chain management software is suitable for all kinds of products and using the software that is made for other categories may pose a negative effect on the supply chain process.

A well-designed Supply chain management software can help in gains in profits and also meeting the consumer demands.

Benefits of SCM Software solutions

  • Boost Company Output

The design of the supply chain management software helps in the improvement of collaboration and communication with vendors, suppliers, and firms that deal with transportation and shipping.

  • Reduction in the time spent in the process

Supply chain management software helps in the management of problems like delayed product shipment from suppliers, hold-up in the chain of production, and also helps in the reduction of errors.

  • Reduce Cost Effects

When the inventory management system is improved and implemented to perfection, damaged resources are eliminated by improving storage space efficiency and the management becomes more responsive.

  • Supplier Relationships

By using supply chain management software, companies help in analyzing supply chain relationship by viewing the pricing of the goods, selling and buying of products and how they handle the delivery.

  • Better Customer Service

Better consumer service is the core of every business, and it helps in making the product shipping better, and hence, amplifies the overall company’s consumer service.


In a nutshell, understanding the background of supply chain management software is important for the effective management of supply chains. The technology is advancing at a rapid rate, so the Supply chain management software is considered innovative and cutting-edge today might become outdated in a few years. Therefore, it is time to make sure that the software can be updated and upgraded as the technology changes.

If your business depends on the responsive management of the steady, supply chain, it’s ideal to take advantage of the benefits offered by the supply chain management software.

To learn more about selecting the right supply chain software for your business, you can visit us at or drop a line at

We recommend determining how the software fits your business in terms of features, functionality, and business process with a free trial.

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