Trend that Rule the App Economy in 2017

07 December 2017
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Who is closest you, something that you cannot live without? it's your phone. Smartphone has become an inseparable part of our routine. Starting from a wake-up on your phone to checking emails/social media profiles in the morning, listening to music to reading this-that & everything else, watching videos to clicking pictures, updating official projects to just call everyone, to all the list of endless list of tasks are seamlessly performed by our smart-phones. With more than 2.2 Billion users across the globe, a Smartphone is a game changer.

The boom of smartphone acceptance has led to an inflation in the demand for app development. Software development opened a lot of doors in the world of technology, with the advent of mobile application development there are a plethora of developments available. This is because the time spends on mobile application by today’s generation is much more than that on any computer software. 2017 saw more than 270 billion app downloads, thus, mobile apps are sure to define how we interact in future and also the use of smartphone technology.

With new device and technology coming in the market every now and then, the app development technology catches up every time. Let’s check out the trends that will define the future of mobile application developments-

Accelerated Mobile Pages

A trend that will surely take the upcoming technological development with a boom is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). Page loading is highly accelerated since the introduction of AMP by Google. With AMP, Google also declared that an isolated search index will be provided dedicated to the mobile web. As per the SEO point of view, this enhanced mobile page loading has transformed the SEO part too.  The bounce rate will lower down, this change will help publishers to increase their ads visibility and also make a tremendous rise in the number of visitors.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages-

  • Mobile Search Index
  • Higher CTR
  • Increased visitors
  • Higher Page Ranking
  • Increased AD visibility
  • Easy content placement
  • Easy visitors analysis
  • Fewer migration efforts
  • Mobile Search Carousel
  • No sitemap required

1.  Mobile Payments

A large chunk in the world shops online and also makes online payments via mobile applications using either credit/debit cards or internet banking.  Life has become easier for them with the introduction of Google Wallet, Apple pay and other payment modes making the customers making a shift to m-commerce gradually.

With this companies can harvest the data and provide an in-depth analysis of their customers. Also, be a more easy-to-use payment option for them.

2.  Cloud-driven mobile apps

A Cloud allows its users to simplify the whole process of using any app and store all the information on their device. A Cloud allows its users to store all the data on a remote server, which can easily be accessed anywhere and anytime all you need is your device & a good internet connection. 

Freeing up a large chunk of space on your device and thus, enhance the performance of the mobile device. Developers also call it a major part of the future of application development because it helps their users to go beyond the maximum storage capacity of their devices.

The best-known examples are Google Drive, Dropbox and box giving the users a very high storage limit.

3.  Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearable Apps

The advent of IOT(internet of things) has made things like a smart home, smart city and lots more a reality. Industrial IoT, smart retail, smart health and innovations in the automobile industry is growing by leaps.

IOT will become mainstream in 2018, it's here to stay. Apple watch application has already become user favourites and will continue the growth. Google, in order to increase internet of things adoption released Android Things. Developers now have to keep innovating newest technologies to meet the diverse needs of the diverse platforms.

As per an analysis, IOT market will zoom up to more than $661.74 by 2021, at a compound growth rate annually of 33.3%.

Wrapping up:

The change in the mobile application development field is changing the fate of technology at a very fast pace. Looking at the newer features added to the applications frequently is a sign that the change is on and you, be it be a user or a developer, have to keep yourself updated.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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