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In the world of IT asset management, it might seem like everything runs smoothly. Yet, beneath the surface, challenges brew. IT asset management companies or departments encounter several significant challenges. They grapple with efficiently managing software and hardware, ensuring accurate records of asset lifecycles, and optimizing asset utilization. Balancing costs while keeping up with technological advancements poses a challenge. Additionally, coping with diverse asset types, locations, and user needs demands robust systems. Regular updates and security measures are vital but complex.

Our client Kamran Ata experienced these challenges while working with large enterprises. He visualized a SaaS platform that will overcome these obstacles and ensure streamlined processes, effective communication, and effective utilization of IT assets while maintaining budgetary control.

Challenge: Developing Real-time Tech Spend Forecasting SaaS Solution

Kamran wanted an innovative solution that could help SMBs & large enterprises forecast their spending on tech assets, track assets’ utilization, and deliver value. He aimed for an easy-to-use solution for the lifecycle management of all tech assets used by businesses.

Highlighted below are some of the critical areas that Aithentic aims to resolve:

Ensures real-time asset tracking to prevent theft and loss.

Automates data entry, eliminating errors and enhancing accuracy.

Monitors asset usage for prolonged lifecycles and cost savings.

Provides a secure platform with an audit trail for data integrity.

Empower employees to track and return tools accurately.

Streamlines operations by locating assets swiftly.

Enhances accountability, reducing misplacement risks.

Minimizes downtime through efficient asset management.


Selecting The Right Technology Partner to Accelerate the Project Development Process

To build this smart SaaS platform, Kamran started by searching Google for reliable and experienced companies. They shortlisted a few companies with good industry experience, however, they decided to go ahead with Debut Infotech. According to Kamran, what prompted him to trust Debut was our extensive experience in blockchain, Web3, and mobile app development. He was impressed by our quick response to his questions and our experience in developing similar projects.


Project Launch: Evolving from MVP to Full-Scale Development and Continuous Enhancement

The Aithentic project got underway around mid-2020, and our dedicated team jumped into action. To test the concept's viability, we began crafting the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once we launched the MVP, the project first received Angel funding and then seed funding to fuel our efforts.

However, this was just the beginning of our journey. Building upon the solid groundwork set by the MVP, our in-house team of 8 experienced web developers started working to take the project to the next level. This full-scale development phase was projected to last for a year and a half, allowing us ample time to develop and launch the Beta production. Kamran and his team were satisfied with the results and they again gave the contract to our team for further development.

Value Delivered


Forecast Technology Or Asset Spend With Confidence


Manage Usage & Spend On Subscriptions & Licences


Automatic Updation Of Asset/Device Details With Just A Tap


Smart Contracts For Collaboration With Suppliers, Manufacturers, And Others


Allows For Updating Bulk Information Of Multiple Products/Assets


Pie Charts & Bar Graphs To Track Usage And Spend on Techassets


Allows Complete Asset Lifecycle Management


Timely Reminders & Alerts For Replacements & Renewal

Result plant image

Results - Outperforming Expectations & Delivering Value to Enterprises

In the initial quarter of 2023, our team accomplished the development, testing, and launch of Aithentic's Beta production. Following this success, Kamran and his team re-engaged us to integrate advanced functionalities. The Beta launch garnered positive client responses, propelling Aithentic's adoption by top-tier companies, major telecom firms, and leading IT enterprises. Presently, eight prominent market players utilize Aithentic for robust IT asset managementin their organizations.



Having A Similar Idea? Let's Talk and Craft Your Business Proposition Together!

While researching and working on Aithentic, our research team realized that not only IT companies face this problem. In various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and IT, challenges in asset management persist.

Tracking assets, maintaining data accuracy, optimizing usage, and preventing losses are common limitations. We understand these challenges and are here to assist you. Our experience with Aithentic's success story, catering to Kamran's team and tier-A companies, equips us to offer tailored solutions. Whether you're in logistics, energy, or any sector, our platform ensures real-time tracking, data integrity, usage optimization, and accountability. Let's collaborate to refine your business idea, resolve industry-specific challenges, and drive success through streamlined asset management.

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