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Given the fragmentation of Australia’s energy sector, consumers often face the dilemma of whether they’ve opted for the right retailer for their needs and if the price they’re paying for their energy usage is fair?

The situation is further compounded when someone is moving to a new state that isn’t covered by their current energy retailer. In that case, they have to switch to a new retailer, which again involves a whole lot of ‘shopping around’ to find a better energy deal.

Our client Ankit Jain had a couple of sales teams operating out of the Philippines and Australia to generate outbound leads for different energy retailers. He realized how customer experience was taking a back-seat in this fraught process. He sensed there was an opportunity to offer a simpler, swift and more desirable experience to the customers. What if all the energy players were brought under one roof, where customers could easily compare their pricing and make a fully informed decision?

Challenge - Building A CaaS Platform That Delivers Value To Customers & Businesses Alike

Ankit imagined a cloud-based, CAAS(Comparison as a Service) platform that would simplify comparison and switching of energy retailers for Australian customers. To build trust and integrity into the platform, his team would partner with a large panel of all the major energy retailers, willing to list their pricing, offers, and other contract terms and conditions.

‟Consumers don't want to call up dozens of companies to get a deal that’s a fair go; and they also don’t want to pay more than they should.”


Ankit Jain

CEO of Cimet


Eliminate reliance on outbound leads which are inefficient, costly and come with a longer time to conversion and higher drop off rate.

Stay on top of the technology trends and capture the tech-savvy demographic to drive inbound leads for the business.


Finding The Right Technology Partner To Pilot The Project

To get the project underway, Ankit needed a reliable technology team with proven experience in Web technologies. He had shortlisted a few companies with ample industry exposure, highly skilled technology teams and successful project outcomes.

However, the project was assigned to the vibrant team of Debut Infotech. In Ankit’s words, Debut’s quick response, sound understanding of the market and project requirements and willingness to take on any new challenge or requirement were some of the attributes that made them stand out from the competition.


Project Kick Off - From POC To Full Scale Development & Continuous Enhancement

The project kicked off with a 4 months POC, which allowed the Debut Infotech team to prove their mettle and for the client to allay his qualms about idea feasibility. Once the POC was delivered as per expectations, the project entered its full scale development on a time and material contract.

Currently, there’s a team of 15 dedicated experts continuously working on design, development, upgrades and maintenance, to make sure the solution stays true to its promised value and generates maximum ROI for the business.

Value Delivered


Built a comprehensive LMS(Lead Management System) to enable lead tracking, analysis, nurturing and retargeting, thereby increasing conversion possibilities.


Designed an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that simplifies tracking all customer interactions, marketing, sales and more.


Created affiliate revenue model functionality in the platform, allowing Cimet to integrate its comparison tool in the form of widgets on partner websites.


Created users, roles, and access management functionality in the system.


Enabled Cimet to generate inbound leads for the energy retailers, thereby minimizing their overall marketing/sales spend.


Provided Cimet users a quick and easy solution to compare unbiased pricing of different energy retailers and make an informed financial decision.

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Result- 'Through The Roof' Growth, Expansion Into New Verticals & $26.6 Million Funding

Cimet’s success has been off the charts since its launch in 2017; its annual growth rate since that year is 130 percent and the company recorded $11 million in revenue in 2021-2022. With the initial foray into the energy sector, the company has advanced into the Internet & Broadband segment with its comparison service.

Cimet’s tailored and unique comparison tool has so far been integrated on 150 affiliate websites spanning Fintech, Insurance, Banking, to Real Estate and Removalist sectors. In March 2022, the company received $26.6 million funding from iSelect, which will further boost Cimet’s expansion into new verticals and pave the way for more technology advancement.



Popular Brands Using Cimet's Comparison Service


Flatmate Finders





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From initial POC to full scale development of Cimet's comparison and lead management solution, our team has acquired hands-on expertise not just in delivering functional requirements, but also across business strategy, innovation, value proposition and customer experience crucial to drive successful business outcomes.

As exhibited by Cimet expansion into broadband and internet markets, the scope of comparison tools is far-reaching. Credit cards, personal and home loans, life, health, pet insurance are some of other potential markets for comparison-based platforms. If you're planning to anchor your business on a similar business offering, reach out to our team of experts at Debut Infotech for tailored business consultation.

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