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Enterprises continually grapple with the challenge of satisfying consumer expectations while effectively managing business goals. A notable transformation lies in consumers' growing desire for greater product transparency.

Specifically, in the diamond industry, customers are actively seeking comprehensive details about their stones and reassurance regarding their authenticity. An industry-wide gap has emerged in meeting this essential consumer need, which fundamentally underpins consumer confidence. Addressing this gap is vital for fostering enduring trust and sustaining business growth.

Driven by the visionary insights, our client, Leanne Kemp, had envisioned a strategic platform leveraging blockchain technology, to offer industries a powerful solution to address consumer demands, ultimately benefit both businesses and consumers. The initial milestone embarked upon by Everledger involved secure diamond provenance tracking and the pioneering provision of secure, digital diamond grading reports, to mark a significant breakthrough for both Everledger and the diamond industry as a whole.

Challenge - Fostering A Blockchain-Powered Luxury Goods Supply Chain

Leanne Kemp embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize the conventional methods of tracking and documenting the characteristics of luxury goods. With a clear vision in mind, she initiated her endeavor by focusing on diamond provenance tracking through the implementation of a digital platform.

By harnessing the power of emerging technologies, Leanne aimed to enhance transparency, traceability, and consumer trust within the luxury goods industry. Leveraging innovative solutions, she sought to create a digital ecosystem that would provide unprecedented visibility into the origins, authenticity, and history of diamonds.

This strategic approach aligned with the core objectives of optimizing supply chain efficiency, fostering consumer confidence, and reshaping industry standards, ultimately driving the evolution of the luxury goods sector.


Finding the Perfect Team: Pioneering Innovation Together

Amidst the challenges she faced, turning her vision into a reality was no easy feat for Leanne Kemp. Recognizing the need for an exceptional team equipped with cutting-edge technologies, she sought to bring her envisioned product to life while meeting industry-wide demands.

The breakthrough came when she crossed paths with Debut Infotech during a conference. At this pivotal moment, their skilled team of developers grasped the essence of her idea and embarked on assessing the feasibility of the required features and workflows.

The collaboration with the right technology partner proved instrumental in transforming Leanne's pioneering concept into a comprehensive solution that surpassed her expectations. This successful partnership exemplifies the power of finding the ideal ally in propelling innovation within the luxury goods sector.


Everledger: Transitioning from
Legacy Migration to Full-time In-house Integration

Everledger engaged our services to facilitate their migration from an outdated version of Hyperledger Fabric to the latest iteration. Initially, we assigned a dedicated team of skilled developers to undertake the project.

However, as time progressed and our collaboration flourished, Everledger extended a full-time partnership invitation. We established direct communication with their Indian team to exchange updates and receive valuable feedback.

Following the successful transformational journey that spanned a couple of years, Everledger decided to establish its team in Mumbai. This milestone marked the culmination of our impactful partnership, which resulted in Everledger achieving progressive growth and self-sufficiency in driving technological advancements within their organization.

Value Delivered


Providing secure and transparent tracking of diamond provenance, Everledger instills consumer confidence, ensuring that the diamonds they purchase are authentic and ethically sourced.


Delivering digital diamond grading reports, ensuring the authenticity and quality of diamonds, thus enhancing trust among consumers.


Optimizing supply chain operations by enabling streamlined tracking, verification, and certification processes. This minimizes the risk of fraud, counterfeiting, and supply chain inefficiencies.


Driving industry-wide transformation by setting new standards for transparency, traceability, and consumer-centric practices, shaping the future of the diamond industry.

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Result- Seed Funding, Series A round ledby Tencent

Everledger, an innovative blockchain-enabled solution for the meticulous tracking and tracing of luxury goods, achieved a remarkable milestone with a successful seed funding round of $120k in March 2015. Building upon this initial success, the company secured an impressive $20 million in funding from Tencent, a prominent player in the industry, further solidifying Everledger's position in the market.

With a subsequent series A round generating $10 million in March 2018, the total funding raised now stands at an impressive $30.4 million. This influx of capital will empower Everledger to propel its mission of fostering greater sustainability within global supply chains. While initially focused on diamond tracking, Everledger seamlessly diversified into various luxury verticals, including wines and precious metals.



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In order to ensure that Leanne Kemp's innovative idea to trace product origins did not go to waste, Debut Infotech engaged in crucial discussions and promptly addressed their requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Hyperledger Fabric, our proficient team successfully executed the migration from an outdated version to the latest iteration.

Capitalizing on our extensive expertise in the blockchain industry, we possess an in-depth understanding of transforming proof-of-concept (POC) into prosperous solutions. By closely collaborating with our clients, we meticulously cover every aspect of their business, ensuring thoroughness and comprehensive implementation. This steadfast partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering successful outcomes and our capability to navigate complex challenges with precision.

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