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In a bustling metropolis world, enterprises are facing a myriad of challenges stemming from the manual processing of e-signatures. Lost documents, costly delays, and an alarming lack of security cast a dark cloud over their operations. The numbers spoke volumes: a staggering 70% increase in processing time, leading to a 40% decrease in overall productivity, not to mention the grave risk of fraud.

Fueled by a zeal for transformation, our client David Fisher made a bold decision to deploy a groundbreaking blockchain-based e-signing platform. This solution, tailored specifically for the legal industry, poised to address the pervasive trust issues surrounding document authenticity.

Challenge - Developing A Blockchain-integrated E-signing Platform To Facilitates Seamless Collaboration Among Legal Professionals

David Fisher, the CEO of Integra Ledger, embarked on a journey to disrupt the e-signature landscape. Fueled by his passion for revolutionizing digital transactions, David envisioned a platform that could rival industry giants like DocuSign in terms of both quality and pricing. With unwavering determination, he decided to create Integra Ledger, a digital e-signing platform powered by blockchain technology to deliver unparalleled security, reliability, and affordability.

Mitigates the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access by implementing robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive legal information.

Eliminates manual and paper-based processes, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational efficiency.

Ensures the immutability and authenticity of records, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Promotes interoperability between different legal systems, overcoming communication barriers and facilitating efficient data exchange.

Streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and reduces reliance on physical documentation, resulting in significant cost savings.

Providing a future-proof solution that stays aligned with the evolving needs of the legal industry.


Tech Excellence Unleashed: David Fisher Chooses Debut Infotech

To initiate the project, David Fisher sought a dependable technology team well-versed in Web3 technologies, leveraging their proven experience. Following a meticulous evaluation process, he carefully curated a shortlist of companies boasting substantial industry exposure, highly skilled technology teams, and a track record of successful project outcomes.

Ultimately, the project was entrusted to the dynamic team at Debut Infotech. David emphasized the notable attributes that set Debut apart from the competition, including their swift responsiveness, comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and project requirements, and their unwavering readiness to embrace new challenges and requirements. These exceptional qualities positioned Debut as the preferred choice for the project, aligning with David’s vision for success.


Idea Transformed: Debut Infotech's Successful POC Sparks Full-scale Development

The project commenced with a Proof of Concept (POC), enabling the talented team at Debut Infotech to showcase their capabilities and alleviate any concerns regarding the feasibility of the idea. Once the POC successfully met expectations, the project transitioned into full-scale development under a time and material contract.

At present, a dedicated team of experts is diligently engaged in design, development, upgrades, and maintenance activities. Their unwavering commitment ensures that the solution remains aligned with its promised value, delivering optimal return on investment for the business.

Value Delivered


Integra Ledger ensures robust security measures, protecting sensitive legal information from unauthorized access and tampering.


The platform streamlines legal processes, reducing manual tasks and administrative burdens, thereby increasing operational efficiency.


Integra Ledger enables seamless collaboration among legal professionals, allowing them to securely share and track documents, contracts, and case files.


By leveraging blockchain technology, Integra Ledger creates immutable and verifiable records, ensuring data integrity and supporting audit trails.


Through automation and digitization, Integra Ledger helps reduce costs associated with paper-based processes and manual document handling.


The platform promotes interoperability between different legal systems, facilitating smoother communication and data exchange.


Integra Ledger embraces emerging technologies, ensuring compatibility and adaptability to future innovations in the legal industry.

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Result- Skyrocketing Growth, Diversification into New Industries, and $2 Million in Funding

Integra Ledger's meteoric rise has been nothing short of exceptional, propelled by two triumphant funding rounds that garnered a total of $2 million in investments. In the fiscal year of 2022, the company's revenue soared to an impressive $5 million, surpassing all expectations. What began as a foray into the e-signing industry swiftly transformed into strategic partnerships with esteemed law firms and prominent players in the oil sector.

Remarkably, Integra Ledger recently unveiled their groundbreaking achievement—the worlds inaugural Blockchain Wallet for Document Credentials. This pioneering leap signifies their unwavering commitment to innovation.


Integra Ledger

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With a mere initiation of a run test, our dedicated team seamlessly transitioned into a full-time development force, collaborating with Integra Ledger to pioneer an innovative digital signature solution for businesses. Through rigorous skill demonstration and an unwavering commitment to understanding client requirements, we effectively aligned the solution with their strategic objectives.

Leveraging our expertise and market insights, we delivered unparalleled value and elevated operational efficiency. Our holistic approach, backed by cutting-edge frameworks, ensured the delivery of desired outcomes.

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