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Amidst the mineral-rich allure of the mining industry lies an intricate web of challenges for administrators. Tracking orders, invoices, and purchase orders often turn into a tedious maze, with paperwork getting lost and slow turnaround times causing headaches. The traditional procurement process proves cumbersome, burdening admins with frustrations. Slow turnaround times and misplaced paperwork add to the frustrations, making efficiency a distant goal. These challenges weigh heavily on the industry, calling for a smarter and simpler solution.

For our client, Peter Reardon, the lack of traceability and management of purchase orders and invoice records in the traditional procurement process were the root causes of overwhelming frustration and costly delays. He was determined to get an innovative mobile-first solution.

Challenge - Building An Innovative Solution For Revolutionizing Procurement In the Mining Industry

Peter wanted a modern yet comprehensive and user-friendly solution to streamline the complex procurement process in the oil and gas industry. The primary goals were to reduce paperwork, speed up turnaround times, and improve overall efficiency. He sought a solution that would offer a high-quality user experience, accessible through mobile and web platforms while minimizing the need for IT involvement during deployment and maintenance.

Here are some critical problems solved by P2B:

Mitigates the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access by implementing robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive legal information.

Eliminates manual and paper-based processes, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational efficiency.

Ensures the immutability and authenticity of records, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Promotes interoperability between different legal systems, overcoming communication barriers and facilitating efficient data exchange.

Streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and reduces reliance on physical documentation, resulting in significant cost savings.

Providing a future-proof solution that stays aligned with the evolving needs of the legal industry.


Discovering Tech Expertise: Finding A Perfect Project Pilot

To build such an innovative solution, Peter Reardon and his SP Solutions team wanted to work with an experienced tech partner. They were looking for a company with unparalleled experience and a proven track record in crafting Mobile-First innovations. A simple Google search unveiled Debut Infotech's capabilities, and Peter's decision to contact our team marked the beginning of an exciting journey.

Together, we set out to revolutionize their business with cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas, paving the way for a transformative project that would redefine their industry. With every step, we proved to be the ideal partner, guiding them toward success and showcasing the brilliance of our tech-driven solutions.


P2B: From Idea to SaaS Brilliance - A Seamless Development Journey!

The project kicked off in 2017 and our dedicated team invested five months in rigorous POC and discovery, meticulously validating the scope and idea. Over the course of two years, we engaged in the full-scale development of a powerful web application for vendors and suppliers, along with a user-friendly mobile app for employees. We developed P2B, a cutting-edge SAAS product, poised to transform traditional procurement processes and usher in a new era of streamlined efficiency and success.

Value Delivered


Streamlined procurement process for increased efficiency and productivity.


Enhanced traceability and management of purchase orders and invoices.


Swift access to crucial data for informed decision-making.


Simplified record-keeping for seamless transactional management.


Reduced delays and costly errors in procurement operations.


Empowering businesses with transparent and efficient workflows.


Seamless mobile, web, and cloud-deployed solutions for flexibility.


Improved procurement coordination and communication across teams..


Increased value and ROI for the oil, gas, and mining industries.


Cutting-edge SAAS solution for a competitive edge in the market.

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Result- Phenomenal Growth & Embraced By Renowned Companies

In 2019, our dedicated team successfully developed and delivered this cutting-edge, automated solution after rigorous testing and full-fledged development. Acquired by Peter and the esteemed SP Solutions team, the product is now under their proficient management. The client's utmost satisfaction with our solution stands as a testament to its exceptional value and quality.

SP Solutions, known for its business dealings with prominent Blue chip resource companies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and various Australian Local and State Governments, has also garnered interest and adoption from leading organizations likeNewcrest, BHP, Rio Tinto, and MMG, integrating P2B seamlessly into their workflow.



Popular Brands In Mining Industry Using P2B For Efficient Workflow


Newcrest Mining Limited





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Our journey with P2B has provided us with a deep understanding of the procurement challenges prevailing in the mining industry. As we delved into this sector, we realized that the issues we successfully addressed through P2B's innovative solutions are not confined to mining alone. Similar challenges exist in related industries and other mineral resources.

If your industry faces comparable procurement hurdles, we are eager to explore how P2B can revolutionize your operations as well. Let's initiate a swift conversation to grasp your unique requirements and discuss how P2B can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your industry. Together, we can unleash enhanced productivity and success in your domain. Get in touch with us today!"

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