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In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, challenges abound, casting shadows on the path to better care. Uninsured patients, riddled with housing issues, drug addiction, and psychiatric illnesses, require quality care after getting discharged from emergency departments. Coordinating care for this vulnerable population proves arduous, with barriers like lack of communication, transportation, and comprehensive care plans. The struggle to manage and take care of this group with complex needs persists, while disjointed systems hinder coordination.

Bridging these gaps demands innovative solutions that unite medical clinics/hospitals, streamline processes, and prioritize patient-centered care. Only then can the industry rise above the challenges and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Our client Dr. Thomas Calkins, who has been practicing emergency medicine for over two decades, recognized the emerging need to replace the fragmented healthcare system. He envisioned an automated solution that would provide comprehensive care coordination, improve patient outcomes, and financial stability for healthcare organizations.

Challenge - Building A Cohesive Care Coordination System To Overcome Fragmentation & Improve Patient Care

Dr.Thomas Calkins aimed to build an exceptional care coordination system to improve the healthcare system by addressing the challenges and obstacles in delivering quality population care. He aimed for an automated system that would help decrease emergency department visits, reduce readmission rates, and improve coordination among healthcare providers.

Enrolling and engaging high-utilizer patients through high-touch case management solutions

Coordinating health plans with primary care providers, behavioral health specialists, and pain management professionals

Reducing health care costs by providing information access to EDs and limiting unnecessary testing

Connects each member of the patient’s care team for effective collaboration on even complex patients

Connect with discharged patients to increase revenue and reduce readmissions.

Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other clinical systems and accessing data via web and mobile interfaces


The Quest To Seek
The Ideal Tech Partner Begins

To get the project underway, Ankit needed a reliable technology team with proven experience in Web technologies. He had shortlisted a few companies with ample industry exposure, highly skilled technology teams and successful project outcomes.

However, the project was assigned to the vibrant team of Debut Infotech. In Ankit’s words, Debut’s quick response, sound understanding of the market and project requirements and willingness to take on any new challenge or requirement were some of the attributes that made them stand out from the competition.


WellPop: From Phased Development To Progressive Implementation In Full-Fledged Medical Institutions/ Sanatoriums

In 2020, our team of four to seven professionals dedicatedly started working on the project. As the client demanded the solution to work on all major platforms, the team developed a website along with the web and mobile app. Our seasoned developers worked for complete two years to bring this visionary idea into a full-functional product.

With accuracy and innovation, we developed a powerful cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform that utilizes data encryption, data analytics, real-time patient insights, and cloud-based advanced technology. It took around two years to develop and deliver this full-functional mobile e-health solution with HL7 Standard to the client. The product served different values and benefits that are mentioned below:

Value Delivered


Real-time e-notifications/alerts to PCP, family members, or emergency doctors reduced frequent ED visits.


The platform streamlines legal processes, reducing manual tasks and administrative burdens, thereby increasing operational efficiency.


Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration assisted in reducing the costs to access proper care


Allowing Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management by physicians, guardians, and care managers to reduce suicidal tendencies


Integrated features of video and microlearning to help everyone get required information at anytime


FHIR and non-FHIR integrations with Bluetooth-enabled devices to track and monitor blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, weight scale, diet, glucose, and more


ADT-enabled care collaboration improved clinical outcomes by sharing valuable information across healthcare systems, emergency departments, and care management organizations


Integrated features to chat and conduct a group video call to clear any doubts or queries

Result plant image

WellPop's Impact: Funding Surges, Accolades Pour In, & Patients Enjoying A Better Care Experience

Our team delivered this complex, intelligent, and unified platform in 2022. Although a few additions were discussed to be added in the future, our client acquired the solution on recognizing its potential. The client’s satisfaction with our delivered product is a testament to its remarkable value and quality provided.

WellPop - closed and the secured solution was implemented and used by 4 recognized medical facilities. More than 25 employees were working and maintaining the project after the delivery. Along with this more than 3000 patients enrolled themselves and 80+ doctors registered to use this solution. In a very short span of the first few years, it generated an amazing revenue of 5 million dollars.



Want to Have a Similar Customized Healthcare Solution? Let’s Connect & Turn It Into A Reality

Collaborating with the WellPop team provided us with valuable insights into the complexities of healthcare coordination and the challenges faced by hospitals, health plans, and physicians. Our solution encompasses a range of benefits, including enhanced transparency, streamlined workflows, secure data exchange, and optimized resource allocation.

Through our extensive research and understanding of the industry, we discovered that these challenges are not only limited to emergency and chronic care departments but also exist in other divisions of the healthcare industry. These sectors include the narcissist department, rehabilitation centers, and many more.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your care coordination practices and propel your organization forward in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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