Derive insights from the images and videos with Artificial Intelligence’s most recent advancement- Computer Vision. Computer Vision services offer real-time event detection, analysis, classification and understanding of the useful information from images, video sequences and views from multiple cameras.

At Debut Infotech, we assist you in developing innovative applications by integrating computer vision services with your surveillance system to identify specific places, people, and objects for further analytics.


Face Recognition

With Face recognition services, you can easily analyze, organize, and tag faces in the images. Facial recognition services work by recognizing the image and processing it to identify the person by comparing the data with the existing stored data. This technology finds various applications across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and biometric access in security systems.

Video Analytics

With this service, you can easily analyze video content to limit the temporal and spatial events such as social gathering, smoke, and tamper. In addition to analyzing video content in real-time, you can also extract data, send alerts/notifications, and do much more by eliminating the need for manual monitoring.

Object Detection

The first and most basic stage of intelligent image analytics is object detection. Easily automate processes by detecting objects, deformities, and anomalies in the images. This feature finds application in video surveillance, insurance claims, property maintenance, etc.

Image Classification

The applications of image classification include machine vision and video surveillance. Image analytics solutions offer relevant insights by recognizing different objects in images and videos.

Computer Vision- Use Cases

Banking- Data extraction

Commercial banks have adopted the OCR systems to automate the classification and data extraction from the scanned document. Opting for computer vision OCR systems that can read unstructured documents in varying templates and then help in automating the document classification, data extraction and processing would significantly increase the accuracy levels.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Automatic number plate recognition, using the image processing technique of Computer vision indicates new ways of capturing the traffic data. With Automatic Vehicle identification technology and non-stop toll collection methods, a more efficient system can be built. Such systems play an important role in automatic toll collection- by developing systems that can detect text of the license plate from different geometries, sizes, and fonts.

Video Analytics- Social distancing

By adopting computer vision in the field of valuable data extraction, physical and social distancing can be monitored. The solution would work by monitoring the physical and social distancing among the public. Based on the data accessed, it would further send alerts in case the protocols are being violated. Confirm the number of people in a given facility and check the congregation limit while maintaining social distancing.

Face Recognition- Mask detection

Face masks are one of the best defenses against the spread of COVID-19, but their growing adoption is breaking the facial recognition algorithms. Object Detection and Classification are two major tasks behind this use-case. By detecting the facial features of a person crossing the camera and comparing it with the already saved data, AI can enable us to recognize people wearing masks.

Healthcare- Medical Imaging

Computer vision is also pre-dominantly used in medical imaging such as CT scan, X-ray and MRI. CT scans are used to detect tumours, internal bleeding and other life-threatening conditions. A recent study at the University of Central Florida proved that while proficient doctors had only 65% accuracy in detecting lung cancer, the machine was right in 95% of the case

Computer Vision- Tools and Technologies

Frameworks & Libraries
  • OpenCV v3-v4
  • TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras
  • NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas
  • Dlib, BoofCV
  • Azure Cognitive Services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tesseract
  • Mobile SDKs: Google ML Kit, CoreML, Apple Vision
Machine Learning Concepts
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Transfer Learning
  • Continual Learning
  • Few-shot learning
Models & Approaches
  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks: CNN, Two-stream CNN, RNN, Mask R-CNN, ResNet, SqueezeNet
  • Inception v1-v4, Inception ResNet
  • Detectron
  • Darknet
  • YOLO v1-v4, Tiny YOLO
  • Pose Estimation: DensePose, OpenPose
  • GAN
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Synthetic data generation
  • SVM, Bag of Words, K-means, ORB, SIFT, Haar cascades
Programming Languages
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java/Android
  • Objective-C
  • MATLAB/Octave

Our Process

Visual data is the primary form of data received by humans. With our robust AI and cutting-edge computer vision solutions, you can capitalize on the visual data around you.

Project Analysis

To begin the process, we analyze your business goals and project requirements. Structured, relevant, and quality data is prepared and kept as a reference for future comparison. Numerous development approaches are discussed and the success criteria of PoC is agreed upon.

Preparing Data

Labelling the Data sets makes them more search-friendly. Similar patterns are looked for and filtered with this approach. With great experience in R&D projects, our engineers evaluate the selected procedures. The scope of the project is also decided with this approach.

Development and Implementation

Debut Infotech helps you to develop custom vision solution using advanced technologies such as computer vision, AI and Deep learning . A series of automated processes are executed to ensure the real-world feasibility of the solution.

Continual Maintenance

After the successful delivery for your required AI computer vision service, we make sure to provide you a full range of maintenance and support services. Continuity is ensured by our software engineers by modifying and updating the algorithms.

Why Debut Infotech?

At Debut Infotech, we take pride in designing ostentatious procedures to achieve maximum accuracy and run-time performance.

In-house annotation tools
Extensive expertise
Scalable deployment
Flexible Pricing Models

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