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Deliver a more impactful, relevant customer experience while ensuring productivity and profitability through Debut’s robust yet intuitive AI-driven recommendation models.

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Deliver Personalized Recommendations
with Recommendy

Increase user engagement on your business website or application while generating better leads and revenue by providing your users with personalized recommendations based on their unique preferences and browsing history.

Accurate Recommendations Completely Autonomous AI-driven personalization Enriched versatility Easy to customize

Recommendy works even when you have less historical data and in case you deal with a fast-changing catalog or multiple new users.

Explore how businesses use Recommendy
to drive KPIs

Businesses of all sizes from different industries are leveraging our innovative recommendation solution to achieve maximum business value. Listed below are the key benefits of our recommendation solution.

AI-driven personalization

Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence technology to gather customer data, and using this data, our solution understands the preferences of each user, and displays the most relevant, personalized recommendations.

Real-time Recommendations

Recommendy provides highly targeted, real-time recommendations to users based on their browsing behavior, products searched, previous check-in/check-out records, unique dining history and food preferences, and more. Our system is fully customizable and is constantly being improved with the use of AI.

Easily Customizable

Another key aspect of our recommendation solution is its customized nature, which allows us to modify it based on your specific business requirement. With our robust AI models and algorithms in place, we can flesh out your business application from concept to live within few weeks, rather than months.

Advanced algorithms

The algorithms our solution uses are continuously managed and improved by Artificial Intelligence technology, which helps in predicting what your customers would want next and make that offer before they go somewhere else. This in turn drives more customers to your website.

Best-in-class scalability

No matter how big your business application is or how many services you provide, our robust recommendation system can deliver evident results without any compromise to the quality. With recommendy, it is now easier than ever to build scalable, AI-powered recommendations, with highly personalized suggestions.

Use Cases of our solution

Our Recommendation solution is highly versatile and applicable to numerous domains, ranging from Job Portals, E-Commerce to Hospitality, and more.


Predict your customers’ next purchase with our easy-to-use product recommendation engine that leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms to exhibit relevant product recommendations across mobile apps, email, display ads, and anywhere across the web, be it homepage, cart pages, product pages, and beyond.

Our solution ensures that each customer on an e-commerce website is not only presented with the hottest products, but also the ones that suit their individual preferences. This can significantly improve the customer experience and engagement, which moreover increases the add-to-cart rate, shopping cart volume, and click-through rate.

Job Portals

Provide relevant and authentic job recommendations based on a user’s profile information and job search behavior. Recommendy uses AI to deliver recommendations at scale based on capabilities, experiences, and interests and can quickly surface the right jobs for each user.

Also, it helps recruiters and employers to proactively shortlist from thousands of electronic resumes present in their record systems and find the perfect candidate matching the specific company requirement.


Increase booking revenues and conversion rates by dynamically injecting relevant trip-oriented content on your business application. Provide recommendations to travelers and curates experiences based on their travel preferences, interests, lifestyle and budget. Recommendy targets audiences based on their traveling styles and displays results based on the user’s past hotel stays, food selections and purchases, and more.

Apart from that, it enables you to deliver personalized deals, coupons, discounts, and rewards to users via email based on their previous travelling and dining history experience. All of this helps hoteliers maximize their revenues, minimize operational costs, and provide a better customer guest experience.

Online Delivery Portals

Regardless of the online delivery platforms you sell on, be it for grocery, medicine, food, or anything else, recommendy helps you deliver a cohesive personalized experience to your users, in the form of pertinent recommendations, even for anonymous visitors, based on the products viewed, purchased, or placed in the cart.

Recommendy leverages Artificial Intelligence technology to customize taste preferences, provide tailored recommendations for daily essentials such as grocery, food, or medicine, as well as manage the order by giving a provision to schedule an order.

Technologies we use to Develop AI Solutions

Why Recommendy?

  • Led by an expert team of IITians and data scientists
  • Personalized experiences for customers across channels
  • Backed by powerful AI technology
  • Great return and low maintenance cost
  • Guides customers to the right products
  • Uses Amazon-personalized SDKs for rapid development

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