5 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks

19 April 2018
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The digital balloon is puffing up at a groundbreaking rate. Techno-geeks and businesses are working together constantly to enhance the present levels of technologies used and the gadgets being leveraged. Just as they brought mobile phones and mobile application in the operational frame, the techno world is likely to witness several more technologically innovative concepts in the upcoming years.

Let's put our heads to hybrid Mobile App Development over a long period, we have several new development frameworks that take the stage with a promise to ease the developer's lives. Among the huge pile of feature-rich and user-friendly frameworks, choosing the right framework which best fits your hybrid app development is a herculean task.

We have gathered the best ones for you.

Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks


When it comes to choosing the highly acknowledged and the best in a lot of the hybrid app development frameworks, PhoneGap is everyone’s first choice. It allows the user to re-use the already existing web development potentials to easily build a hybrid application for various platforms with a single codebase so that you can reach app users with various kind of devices.

PhoneGap apps use JavaScript for their logic and CSS3 & HTML5 for rendering. HTML5 provides access to fundamental hardware like the accelerometer, camera and GPS. You can extend this hybrid application development framework with native plug-ins. These plugins will facilitate the developers and programmers to include some more functionality which is called from JavaScript and directly communicates among the HTML5 page and the native layer.     

React Native

React Native is steadily taking the centre stage when it comes to open source platform and future of the hybrid Mobile App Development. This framework lets you build an application using the JavaScript. React Native pays more heed to the view of the app. Some well-made app examples made using this framework are Facebook, UberEats, Walmart, Instagram etc.


Ionic is an open-source SDK for the hybrid app development. This framework is built on top of Angular.js and Angular Cordova.  It provides tools and services for building hybrid apps by using web development frameworks like CSS, HTML5 and Sass. Ionic is used by a huge community worldwide and it will remain free to use for all. The native device features of this community are more than 120 in number. It includes Bluetooth, HealthKit, Finger Print Auth and some more with TypeScript extensions and PhoneGap/Cordova plugins.

Framework 7

Known among the developers and programmers community as a framework which makes web development process Agile. One of the coolest features of Framework 7 is, that unlike the other hybrid app development frameworks, it does not have any external dependency on tools like React or Angular.


Xamarin has a huge user base and is acknowledged as one the best cross-platform app development technologies. Though it is new in this bracket, it used by more than 1.4 million developers across the globe. This platform is based on the concept of WORA which denotes write once, run any. More than 90% of the Xamarin codes can be re-utilized to make mobile applications for various platforms. Developers can make use of Xamarin tools along with the C# shared codebase to make native Android, iOS and Windows applications having native interfaces. This framework also allows the users to make a business mobile application which has a native look and feel.

The mobile application development world has a huge number of frameworks available, as a user you need to find the one which suits your needs in the best possible manner and makes your work easy.


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