5 Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

12 March 2018
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The mobile applications have taken a leap from being just an optional way of investment to a basic necessity of a business, and enterprises now cannot afford to bypass the sizable amount of revenue they generate. From the trend watchers’ books, the important message for the marketers and companies for 2018 is: Go Mobile or Go Home. In the upcoming year the focus will be to cater to the immense growth in the level of customers who use smart-phones now or/and tablets as their first - and several times only-gadget.

It’s no more just a mere query whether mobile marketing is important for the business- we know it surely is the question that more important now is how do the customers react to mobile devices. By the end of 2018, mobile devices will be the first choice for half of the customers for anything they do on the internet, as per a report by Gartner.

The app store has a mind-boggling 254 billion free downloadable mobile applications, which is enough to give us a little idea of how the mobile app world has developed. The biggest question which arises here is What has 2018 in store for Mobile App Marketing? Let’s have a detailed look at the trends to watch out for in the upcoming year:


Livestream Video

By 2019, 78% of the global mobile data traffic will be accounted for videos, Livestream has within no time grown as one of the fastest growing video subcategories. As per Facebook users spend 3 times more time watching a live video than the one which is not live. This adds to the fact that visual content is not only keeping the users attracted but also keeps them glued for every new update, thereby making it important for you to make sure to update the latest video content on the go. The chances of incorporating live stream videos as a part of the bigger campaigns are huge- some cried, some cheered, but for some of the online publications, the live stream of Trump’s inauguration on their website and mobile apps opened a new horizons for them by giving them a combined viewership of around 4.6 million people.


Chatbots have been with us for quite some time now, they have never attained the mainstream because of the limited functionality they have. However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chatbots are becoming cooler with every passing day. Several small and big organisations are deploying Chatbots now because of the faster response time they have. Chatbots use artificial intelligence via which they easily go through a large chunk of data in just a few seconds and thus, suggest the users some useful products.

For instance let's talk about Bus Uncle, a very popular chatbot on facebook messenger. It can easily give the users all the information about the buses in just a few seconds. It can also tell you if there are any seat available on the public buses.

Internet of Things

Virtual assistants and smart speakers have become imminent features of more and more households with each passing day, thanks for the affordable options of Amazon and Google.

However, this is just the start. This year, we are sure to expect an increase in the popularity of both of these and several other similar IoT products including app controlled heating and electronic devices, also a plethora of more upcoming practical IoT devices, from remotely controlled dog feeders to kitchen appliances. Going by few predictions which suggest that by 2020 IoT will be a major part of the technology of more than 95% of the new product designs, making this sector a big opportunity for making an interaction with the customers even when their smartphone is lying away from them. 

Customized Content

Users love personalised and customized content. Let’s take an example, when users see a certain type of videos on youtube, on the following days your feed will be filled with the similar kind of content which you're tailored your choices and preferences. Companies are personalising content to serve their users better and make them stay longer with them.

E-commerce Giant Amazon is the best example. When you search for any product on the application, it will show you a list of similar products, every time you open the app after it. As a company, it's very important to observe and study their users to customise the content as per their requirements.

App Monetization and App Revenues

The gross customer spend is also soaring higher and higher. In fact, the global market evolution led the app monetization to an ongoing and an exponential growth. In the past year, the worldwide gross customer expenditure reached as high as $82, billion, with an annual growth of around 33%. This trend is here to stay here for five years from now. Particularly, the gross user expenditure is expected to rise to more than $110 billion this year and will go up to $139 billion by 2021, which is a growth of about 30% year over year.

The games will still be the leader in bringing in revenues from the user. Nevertheless, subscriptions will in a way help the other mobile applications to grown and thus, will determine a hike in the share of expenditure for these applications.

Marketing for mobile application and their development is witnessing some interesting trends, and this year is expected to be no different. Keep watching this space for more cool stuff about mobile app development, latest updates, trends and lots more.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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