COVID-19: A Novel Direction for App Development Industry?

28 May 2020
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The digital world has become a solace during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all are entitled to stay in our homes in quarantine to ensure our safety and mitigate the risks of the spread of coronavirus. We are working from home, studying from home, watching movies, spending time with families, and so on.

As a result, the app industry is hot as ever with a steep hike in the download rates of mobile apps. According to a report by the State of Mobile, the app industry saw about $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019.

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The first few weeks of 2020 have altered life dramatically for virtually every country and almost every individual. Coronavirus has gripped the world, altered financial markets, and dramatically impacted the industries from travel to healthcare to dining, and Mobile App development is no exception.

This blog will help you understand the factors behind the immense engagement and installation of App development amidst COVID-19. So keep reading!

Impact of COVID-19 on App development economy

We are not just talking about it, we are walking through it. Being a mobile app development organization, we have seen a steep rise in the demand of Mobile App development.

The start of 2020 was promising, as we started noticing a major augmentation in the mobile app industry. Mobile app industry, through mobile apps, are gaining more opportunities for generating revenue as demand for such applications has raised to a great level.

  • A Rise in Mobile App downloads

As people are forced to quarantine during this pandemic, they are utilizing more of their time on mobile applications. According to a study, “From mid-February to March, the mobile app sessions reached the peaks in terms of downloads and interactions.”

On-demand applications are one of the latest and hottest trends of Mobile app development. While people are being forced to stay at their homes, the need for essential services has increased more than before, leading to a rise in outsourcing app development services. Apart from On-demand services, media streaming apps and Finance apps have also picked up the pace.

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With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, businesses have switched to Work from Home (WFH) practices, which is another major reason for people downloading more related apps. From video calling business apps to food delivery, business are generating incredible revenue.

This trend is great for the mobile app industry and might continue the same way post-pandemic. Lets’ see what businesses are crawling quickly towards revenue generation:

  • Trending Business Applications

Unmistakably many organizations are going towards digitization to change their ways of operations, and to guarantee their employees’ well-being after diminishing their social association. We at Debut Infotech are following the same practice. This means that we are communicating with our employees remotely, and video calling applications such as Zoom and Skype are being exploited more than ever.

This digital shift is making the leading mobile app development companies and app developers pick up the picks-and-axes for businesses and consumers alike. Here is a list of a few applications, seeing a tremendous spike in their demands:

1. Business and Education Apps:

As students and employees are quarantined, companies, schools, offices, and colleges have shifted to work/study from home criteria. These business applications are being downloaded at a high rate to maintain their normal course of work.

Social applications such as Zoom, Skype are most commonly being used for communication and meetings. Here is a graph depicting the rise of Zoom App over time:

[Image source: Google Trends]

2. Healthcare and Telemedicine Apps Industry

As COVID-19 is majorly a health emergency, this can be considered as a no-brainer.  App development cantered on Healthcare and Telemedicine saw an exponential rise in demand.

Healthcare apps pro-actively share advice regarding the safety health measures that can be followed to prevent infection. Because there is still a lot to talk about the virus and we need proper information to disseminate, apps that are taking initiative are providing immense value to people worldwide.

3. Entertainment Apps

Entertainment is a potent tool to combat boredom and to keep worries at bay. Entertainment apps are also experiencing a surge in the number of users from the moment the pandemic started to gain more ground worldwide.

Music-related entertainment apps are also experiencing an increase in the number of users, as well as platforms are also seeing a great rise. As the quarantines and lockdowns continue to be extended, the more people will crave newer forms of entertainment.

4. Social Networking Apps

Social networking Apps have been a go-to platform for people to reach out to others and enrich their social lives. These applications help people to cope with loneliness and keeps them connected to their near and dear ones.

So, how can we apply the COVID-19 crisis to social networking apps? Developers can introduce features in the apps that would allow people to easily share information about COVID-19. There are plenty of other ideas to expand in this subfield.

5. Delivery Apps

With social media in place, and almost everyone being advised to stay at home, the contribution of delivery apps could not be more obvious. The rise in installations of delivery apps is about 51 percent in February alone.

This is a notable trend because it may become a norm in future – if it hasn’t already – and the traction would increase proportionally with the rise in strict quarantine measures.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has impacted various sectors of the economy, but sparks of hope still linger for mobile App development. As a mobile and web app development organization, we are also experiencing a great rise in demand and development of on-demand applications. As we can see, there’s still light in a world that has been seemingly blighted by this pandemic, but there are still ample opportunities for industries to spring up and take an initiative to discover them and act upon.

Want to develop customized mobile and web apps to play your part in this epidemic? We are here to help you. Debut Infotech is a leading mobile and web app development organization leveraging best-in-class technology to provide you with the best and innovative app development solutions. Drop a line at and our team would be happy to assist you.

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