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Top 13 Healthcare Software Development Companies 2024


Gurpreet Singh

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April 23, 2024

Top 13 Healthcare Software Development Companies 2024


Gurpreet Singh

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April 23, 2024

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Technology is known to serve its beneficial aspects to many industries for a positive and helpful change. Almost everything we use today is a technological advancement, such as mobile phones, vehicles, or laptops. For instance, 40% of the world’s population uses the internet, which indicates its acceptance by mankind. 

As technology develops for many industries, the healthcare industry is no exception. To digitize most of the tasks or simplify the clinical aspects, there are many advancements out there. Among these, healthcare software development companies serve well with the most advanced skills. 

Thanks to these companies, patients now get the latest and most innovative therapies or tools for diagnosis. But how can you choose the best among them for the most advanced and beneficial experience? This article will discuss the 12 most acceptable software companies that can benefit your healthcare sectors and patients. 

1. Debut Infotech

blockchain development company

It is a custom software development company that provides technological solutions worldwide. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing innovative software solutions to customers. With a team of experts from different backgrounds, it provides remarkable solutions to its customers. 

Debut Infotech Services

Debut Infotech enables the digital growth of businesses with its exceptional experience and contextual knowledge. You can take your business to a new height with the following services.

  • Blockchain Development Services
  • Machine Learning Development
  • Web3 Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Software Testing
  • Data Engineering

Why To Choose Debut Infotech?

With more than a decade under our belt as a healthcare app development company, we’re helping healthcare businesses flourish using savvy strategies. However, the following are the reasons why you should choose them. 

  • With 200+ experts, they successfully completed 500+ custom products.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to develop custom software development at Debut Infotech.

  • They provide loT, EMR/EHR, Telemedicine, Custom, or laboratory options. 

2. Cogniteq

custom healthcare software development company

It is among the professional healthcare software development companies providing solutions across the USA, Europe, Canada, and Asia. It was founded in 2005 to offer custom healthcare software development solutions. With a team of 120+ engineers, it brings innovative success in the healthcare industry. 

Cogniteq Services 

To bring your ideas into reality, they gather and implement detailed requirements for innovative solutions. However, you can avail of the following services at Cogniteq medical software development company;

  • Web App Development 
  • Mobile Development 
  • UX/UI Designs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Staff Augmentation 

Why To Choose Cogniteq?

It is a place to get advanced loT solutions, video streaming, eLearning apps, AR/VR Software, etc. In addition to it, the following are the reasons why Cogniteq is the best solution for you;

  • It offers almost 90% custom software development services.

  • The services can cost you $25 – $49 per hour or a minimum of $10,000 per project. 

  • With 120+ tech experts, they have successfully served 100+ clients. 

3. Simform

blockchain in healthcare

Simform has been serving the most advanced and complex software development projects since 2010. It is among the most in-demand healthcare software development companies with a team of 1000+ experts. You can get their innovative and technical solution from anywhere in the world. 

Simform Services

With a team of experts and the ability to handle complex custom software development projects, it can provide you the following services;

  • Cloud Engineering 
  • Product Engineering 
  • Performance Engineering 
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Data Engineering
  • Application Modernization
  • Technology Practices
  • CTO Service
  • Digital Experience Design 

Why To Choose Simform

With advanced techniques and strategies, Simform cares for the security and growth of its customers. You can choose Simform as a medical software development company for the following reasons;

  • It can handle complex, most advanced projects with 55% custom software development capability.

  • A project can cost you $25 – $40/hr or a minimum of $25000.

  • It partners with the best technology providers to give the most advanced products for effective business growth.

4. Kanda Software

software development company

It has been among the innovative healthcare software development companies delivering its services since 1993. With more than 25 years of experience, it provides exceptional results with commitment, security, and best practices. The customers of Kanda Software love to work with it because of its excellent skills. 

 Kanda Software Services

At Kanda Software, you’ll get the quality as it provides the full solution for their client’s problems. It is among the fastest-growing medical software development companies with a high trust score. However, you’ll experience the following services with them;

  • Custom Software Development 
  • Mobile Application 
  • Big Data
  • DevOps 
  • Q/A And Testing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Front End Development
  • UX/UI Designs
  • AI And Machine Learning

Why To Choose Kanda Software

It has delivered 1000+ successful projects that lead to the growth of healthcare businesses. With skilled professionals, it handles the projects carefully and delivers them on time with exceptional quality. So, the following are the reasons why you should choose Kanda Software for your projects;

  • It has more than 25 years of successful experience with 35% custom software development opportunities.
  • It partners with well-reputed technologies like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, etc. 
  • It can cost you a minimum of $10,000+ or $50 – $99/hr for a project.

5. Infinum

app development company

You need valuable services from healthcare software development companies like Infinum to empower your business. It has been serving its customers since 2005 and completed hundreds of projects successfully. With more than 18 years of experience, it provides products developed by 400 professionals. 

Infinum Services

Infinum offers its services not only for startups but also for the leading brands. By partnering with the quality firms, they provide the following services. 

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications 
  • Landing Pages
  • Back-Office System
  • UI/UX Designs

Why To Choose Infinum

Infinum is dedicated to providing its services to clients across the USA and Europe. You can choose it for your projects for the following reasons;

  • You can obtain a 30% custom software development opportunity by working with Infinium.

  • It can cost you a minimum of $25000+ or $100 – $149/hr for a project.

  • You can also get consultations or recommendations to make effective decisions about your business. 

6. ActiveColor

App development

ActivColor falls in the list of award-winning healthcare software development companies with better trust scores. It has been providing digital services since 2004 with the help of a team of professionals. However, an innovative approach to developing software helps patients via digital health. 

ActiveColor Services

Its aim is to save lives with the help of digitization and technology. To fulfill this aim, ActiveColor is providing the following services to clients;

  • App development
  • Web development
  • UI/UX designs

Why To Choose ActiveColor

From smaller startups to big organizations, it provides complex apps and web development services. However, there are certain things that make it the best choice for the healthcare industry;

  • It provides effective business solutions with app and web development practices. 

  • It checks and understands the client’s requirements to implement their ideas into reality. 

  • With a minimum of $25000+ or $150 – $199/hr for a project, it can serve you well for healthcare software.

7. Chetu

healthcare software development

It is among the US-based healthcare software development companies providing its services worldwide. With the most demanding skills, it has served healthcare sectors since 2000. Moreover, it has 2800 professionals with expertise and efficiency to deliver quality projects on time. 

Chetu Services

The team experts have the ability to work as per the objectives of the project. They bring the most valuable results While providing the following services;

  • Custom Software Development 
  • API Development 
  • System Integration
  • Implementation And Deployment 
  • Application Maintenance
  • UI/UX Designs 
  • AI-Powered Software Development

Why To Choose Chetu

It provides its services in Florida, the USA, Europe, and Asia for startups or SMBs. Additionally, it can be the best option if you have relevant requirements; 

  • You can require the software as per your ideas because of the team of experts it has. 

  • It can cost you a minimum of $10,000+ per project. 

  • You can also get AI and machine learning software from Chetu. 

8. Macadamian

develop health apps

It is among the healthcare software development companies that develop health apps and connected digital medical devices. It provides a full-service package to improve the healthcare sector. With a passionate team of experts, Macadamian designs software using the most advanced technology. 

Macadamian Services

Macadamian aims to improve healthcare by creating software for patients. To fulfill this purpose, it is putting efforts to provide the following services;

  • Data Engineering
  • Consultive
  • Generative AI
  • Automation
  • Low Code Solutions 
  • Design-Led Engineering 
  • Emids Platforms
  • Healthcare Core Platforms 

Why To Choose Macadamian

With complete research and strategy to scale the client’s business, it develops the software with care. However, the following are the features that make Macadamian the best hospital software development company;

  • It can handle complex software development projects.

  • You can require a product with a 40% custom software development approach. 

  • It can cost you a minimum of $50,000+ or $150 – $199/hr for a project. 

9. Sciencesoft

blockchain development services

Sciencesoft is among the award-winning healthcare software development companies providing digital solutions to patients. It has been providing its services for 18 years with the aim of the most advanced technology. Moreover, it delivers products developed with AI, machine learning, and blockchain. 

Sciencesoft Services

With a certified team of experts, it carefully carries out each project detail. However, it has successfully handled 150+ projects on different services as follows;

  • Medical Staff Software 
  • Patient Software 
  • Medical Device
  • SaMD Software 
  • AI-Powered Software 
  • Healthcare Software Testing 

Why To Choose Sciencesoft

Sciencesoft provides its services all over the world and fulfills region-based requirements. However, the following are the things that make it among the best healthcare software development companies;

  • It provides a complete healthcare solution with a wide scope of IT services. 

  • For the upscaling of the client’s business, it is providing region-specific results.

  • It can cost you $50/hr or almost a minimum of $25000 for a project. 


best healthcare software development companies

GBKSOFT is known among the best healthcare software development companies for app and web development. It has been delivering its quality services since 2011. However, you can get its services across the USA, Europe, and Australia for multiple healthcare business areas. 

GBKSOFT Services

During the software development, GBKSOFT monitors each step to ensure the quality of the product. However, the following are the services you’ll get from them;

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • DevOps
  • Specification And Design
  • Marketing 

Why To Choose GBKSOFT

It has a dedicated team applying best practices to provide software solutions. They provide details of the project progress with each milestone for customer satisfaction. However, the following are the things that make GBKSOFT among the best healthcare software development companies;

  • It analyzes and monitors the development process to ensure product quality. 

  • It chooses the team for the project based on the client’s requirements. 

  • You can have a project service at a minimum of $5000 or $150 – $199/hr. 

11. Oracle Cerner

best healthcare software development company

Oracle Cerner falls among the innovative healthcare software development companies for the latest technology. It has provided its services for the past 40 years using the latest and innovative techniques. Moreover, you can have a lot of features, from workflow management to analytics and reporting for the projects.

Oracle Cerner Services

As technology affects the health of each person, innovations can have a positive impact on healthcare. With this best healthcare software development companies, you’ll have the following services;

  • Clinical Applications
  • Clinical Support
  • Consumer Experience
  • Clinical Financial Operations
  • Population Health Management

Why To Choose Oracle Cerner

Oracle aims to make products with innovative solutions that are accessible to everyone. Overall, it is a reliable and trustworthy option because of the following reasons;

  • It aims to provide products that will help clients solve technology issues.
  • To provide solutions for smarter care, it delivers the most advanced clinical services.

12. Arkenea Inc

mobile app development

Arkenea falls under the professional healthcare software development companies for startups and organizations. It has been delivering services since 2011 by offering custom development projects. With a team of experts, it delivers the advanced knowledge and skills to provide innovative solutions. 

Arkenea Inc Services

The Arkenea team understands the importance of technology and provides solutions to meet the client’s needs. They deliver quality and innovations in the following services;

  • EHR Software Development 
  • AI Development Services
  • Telemedicine App Development 
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Web Development 

Why To Choose Arkenea Inc

Besides the innovative approach and skilled team, it develops and tests the software to see if the requirements are fulfilled. The following are the things that align with the best healthcare software development companies;

  • It provides innovative solutions with the help of AI, loMT, machine learning, blockchain, etc.
  • To develop custom software, it deeply understands the project and the requirements.
  • For the best quality, it delivers high security and privacy in the software. 

13. Markovate

healthcare apps development

It is among the healthcare software development companies that aim to deliver AI-based digital solutions. It has been providing its services since 2015 by focusing on the growth of client’s business. Moreover, it has a team of experts who advance their skills with time to provide the most innovative solutions to their clients. 

Markovate Services

The Markovate professionals have experience in AI, machine learning, blockchain, Web3, etc, to provide advanced technical solutions. For this, it is offering the following services;

  • Generative AI
  • Blockchain App Development 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Web Development 
  • Cloud Development 

Why To Choose Markovate

It is known for providing digital solutions to optimize the performance of the healthcare department. So, you can choose the Markovate because of the following reasons;

  • It provides a solution that is easily accessible to every user.

  • With a team of more than 200 developers, it provides the most advanced skills and experience.

  • The minimal budget for a project is almost $25000.


With technological advancement, healthcare software development companies provide exceptional services to meet the needs of businesses. You can choose the digital services that best fit your requirements, like Debut Infotech. Here, you’ll get innovative solutions for different software needs worldwide. If you want to digitize most of your healthcare tasks exceptionally, Debut Infotech has got you covered. Read our blogs for the latest updates on blockchain app development, AI development, NFT Marketplace Development, and so much more.   

Healthcare Software Development Companies FAQs

Q1: What is a medical software company?

A. It is a healthcare company that develops and delivers products, services, and solutions within the medical sector. It aims to provide technological solutions as per the client’s requirements. There are many healthcare software development companies you can use for different medical technology services. 

Q2: How do you choose a medical software development company?

A. After checking their experience, services, cost, and expertise, you can choose the medical software development companies. You can also check what others are saying after using their services. Based on what you need for your business, you can choose the services that can fulfill your requirements. 

Q3: Which software do most hospitals use?

A. Hospitals mostly use EHRs as an important software for storing or updating patient records. These include the diagnosis history, treatment details, allergy information, etc. It helps to reduce the administrative work of the hospitals and healthcare sectors. 

Q4: What should you think before choosing healthcare software development companies?

A. The first thing to do is to clearly determine your needs and requirements. After this, you should set your budget, research the company, read reviews, check the experience and choose the one that fits best for you. 

Q5: What is the difference between health software and medical software?

A. Both are used in the medical sector but with different purposes. Health software is used to improve health conditions. Medical software is used to help run physical or software medical devices.


March 11, 2024

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