Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Cyber-Security?

04 June 2018
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There has been a long debate over the power of AI in the world of cybersecurity. Many tech experts carry a different opinion on whether AI is the future of cybersecurity. However, if we consider recent updates and releases from tech giants, there are thoughts the cybersecurity will be powered by AI technology. One of the prime releases is the Chronicle from the Google parent company, Alphabet. This AI-powered solution is designed to fight against the cybercrime.

Cybersecurity is the talk of the town due to its large scale impact on business and individual. The cost of cybercrime is immense and if we look into the report published by CSO, it will cost $6 trillion annually by 2021, which is up from $3 trillion in 2015. Be it the banking, IT or tech, no industry is spared from cybercrime.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, no industry is left impacted, including the cybersecurity. There are series of cybersecurity companies- start-ups and established started producing AI integrated products helping to secure data from third-party clients. From AI mobile app development to Blockchain Development, everything requires the cybersecurity roof and AI is playing a major role.

The Real Deal of Cybersecurity and AI:

Every tech company today is armed with critical innovation to fight against the pandemic called cybercrime. AI integrated apps, software and other products are designed using AI system. The major reason behind the adoption of innovation is the skill gaps among the IT experts. No matter how much the cybersecurity team is trained, sometimes it fails to detect the potential threat. Ransomware is the prime example that gained popularity in 2017, when Cybercriminals using Ransomware started targeting e-commerce, IoT, online banking, etc. The biggest crime attack was on the cryptocurrency mining platform NiceHash, where hackers demanded £51 million of bitcoin. Investors lost millions in cryptocurrency attack, which was the biggest lesson for bitcoin investors too. This is where AI will come to the rescue. When AI-enabled security solutions join hands with the security team, it will be a huge benefit to track down the potential cyber threat.