Mobile App Development: A Silver Lining for the Fashion Industry

01 December 2020
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Smartphones are one of the biggest inventions of humans. The number of smartphone users is expected to increase by 2.87 billion by the end of 2020. Looking at the figures one might feel tempted by the lucrative opportunities provided by the mobile market. But the competition is tough, and the consumer expectations from the brands are also increasing.

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The area of the fashion world is huge and the trends keep on changing at a great pace. Fashion enthusiasts want to remain completely up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. Mobile app development in the fashion industry hence brings equal opportunities for brands as well as consumers.

This article would help you understand why your fashion brand needs a mobile app and all are the advantages of using one!

Types of Fashion Industry Apps

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Top Mobile App Development Company in collaboration with the fashion industry provides its users with an opportunity to buy directly from the store with their smartphones. But that’s not the only way how fashion communities are built. Here are three different types of fashion apps that offer a different user experience.

1. Discovery platforms

In the fashion industry, discovery platforms are apps that focus on building connections between designers and consumers and also enable users to browse products from various retailers.

Discovery platforms don’t provide the feature of direct selling to the consumers. These apps are majorly used to find inspirational content and connect with the community.

2. Personalized shopping apps

As the name suggests, personalized shopping apps provide a personalized shopping experience via a mobile app. These apps differ from discovery apps because they offer direct purchase options to their users.

These apps provide content tailor-made to meet their user’s expectations. Consumers can try different fashion items from the comfort of their home, and keep the products they want, and return the rest.

3. Shopping carts apps

These types’ 0f apps allow their consumers to add products from various shopping sites, and add them into a common cart to make a single payment. One of the important things here is to ensure that the retailer’s inventory is synced with the app to make sure that each item is available.

By providing an option of the single cart and single payment, this type of app makes it less likely for users to abandon their carts mid-way through their purchase journey.

Advantages of using the Mobile app in the Fashion Industry

1. Consumer loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the major factors that ensure a brand's success. Mobile Apps help in holding consumer loyalty. Once a consumer installs an app, he tends to revisit the app every time he needs to purchase something. This makes the mobile app the right investment as it brings repeated consumers to your brand.

2. Try and Buy facility

Technology is growing at a great pace. With the advent of AI in the world of app development, apps would be able to identify the measurements of the users and help them virtually try out the outfit with the help of Augmented Reality.

3. Manages the brand image

Mobile apps are a go-to way for brands to show-case their cutting-edge catalog. This also helps the new and emerging fashion enthusiasts to bring value to their brand and get discovered more easily than conventional marketing channels.

4. The benefit of social media

Social media and online shopping apps, both are accessed through smartphones. Taking advantage of this, app development companies can integrate user purchases with social media to generate better choices based on consumer preferences.

5. Efficient inventory management

Through digitization, it becomes easy for the brands to access their inventory and automate it to maintain stock and prepare for a rise in demand in the future.


In this era of technology, mobile apps are proving to be a game-changer for many industries, the fashion industry being one of them. Millions of users these days are using mobile apps to make their purchases, which presents an opportunity for mobile application development company to build cost-effective and enterprise-oriented mobile apps.

Are you also looking for a mobile app for your enterprise? Hire our top mobile app developers to build and deploy an application in line with your app requirements and budget.

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