Mobile app Development Myths You need to Overcome right now!!

19 January 2018
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Mobile has become the life-line of humanity. Starting from contacting a friend to going home after work, from capturing our favorite moments to shopping for our favorite pair of shoes, from taking lessons for your next semester to transferring money to your family/friends, mobile has made life a cakewalk. Time spent by people on the mobile devices is escalating with every passing day.

The mobile application has hijacked the smartphones across the globe, there is application for everything small and big. As more and more organizations are understanding the value of mobile apps, they are jumping in the race to get the best one for their business. The widespread smartphone use and the significant increase in the tablet like gadgets have made devices something businesses cannot afford to ignore as a medium to bring in sales and increase their engagement.

But the biggest hindrance is the knowledge of the same presence are endless app developers in the market trying to woo either by big unmatchable promises or low app development cost.

Mobile application development is still a relatively very fresh field, it still has endless misinformation, illogical unnecessary stereotypes, preconceived notions etc. in their world. 

Let’s talk it out today and bust them all;

1. Myth: Mobile application once made, the job is all done

Debunked: Every mobile application is like a snowflake. Each one of them is every different and unique, and telling people to find your app on the app store is like asking them to find the snowflake(your app) in a snowstorm.  Invest your resources, time and effort in marketing and promoting your mobile app. Strategize it all smartly. Thousands of similar applications like yours will be there lying in the app store. Online marketing, done the right way is necessary for every application to make their presence felt.

The end-user of your application may be the customer or you may be getting the application developed for the mass consumers or business users distribution.  Without a disciplined strategy, business end-users won’t marathon towards your app. No matter how qualified your team of mobile application developers and designers is, their hard work and your money will all go in vain if you don’t use concrete strategies.

 2. Myth: Your Apps will not be able to access data stored in legacy systems

Debunked: Enterprise businesses that have invested the everyday amount in systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are reluctant to develop mobile apps which can easily plug into the existing technologies without a glitch.

A suite of enterprise applications may connect to several backend systems and APIs like the Oracle, Sharepoint, MySQL, and SAP, which are not accessible via mobile. This may make the development process a slow one or make the mobile apps not usable. Looking for an enterprise-grade Mobile backend as a service solution which has an API infrastructure easily solves all the problems and also enables the mobiles devices to access the legacy systems easily.

 3. Myth: Mobile apps are more efficiently build internally

Debunked: Mobile applications are one of the most complexes, time-consuming and expensive to make, maintain and support. In comparison to other technologies where maintenance and online support equates to about 20 percent of the first-hand invested amount annually, for mobile applications the requirement is around 50 percent, majorly because of the expediting technology churn and the variety of mobile device platforms. Build technologies like  Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS), Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) or making native applications to get their advantages, but all of them have some complexities that are inherent and also have some exotic requirements, the need for the highly specialized resources which just complicate and lengthen development.

4. Myth: In-app purchases make Some Big bucks

Debunked: Freemium gaming applications like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans etc. have popularized the concept that all that is needed to make your app profitable is to just hook the users with some free content and then lead them to paid features. Unfortunately, this concept of monetization is very rarely profitable.

As per research around 5 percent of the end-users spend on the in-app purchases, which means a huge number still doesn’t pay any heed to freemium app functionality. If the larger part of the clients is non-paying ones, the only way to get the bucks in your pocket is to get more and more downloads.

5. Myth: Native App Development Should Be Prioritized For a Better User-Experience

Debunked: Mobile applications are served in a variety of flavors: Mobile Web (HTML5 apps), Native and Hybrid. whereas, each of these so-called flavors has their own yummilicious points of interests and inconveniences, at the same time. 

The issues arise when you demarcate your needs and target audience.

For example, they're a large set of tech lovers who feel that the best mobile experience comes via a native mobile application. It is proved valid at times. In various cases, a native approach in regard to mobile app development may, at times, prove to be the worst choice, when will they use your app and for what use and what do they at the end want to achieve from your app. Once you do this, the picture will be clear for you about what platform to choose from.

Of course, this list of myths which need to be debunked is endless. This gives a basic idea regarding the widespread misconceptions that are floating in the business world. The idea behind is not to just believe it blindly but to help you understand the mobile development process better.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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