Why are 5 Star Ratings and Reviews Important for Your App

28 February 2018
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Brands and their mobile application developers are in a fix, it's like a chicken or the egg scenario for them. Popular applications which are topping the charts are downloaded the most, but applications can only reach those top slots if they are actually downloaded to start with. Which means that companies need to find a way out to become the favourites with whatever number of downloads they have.

These apps are everywhere, and if you are a user you cannot avoid them. Why? Just because they help people in everything they do. The chance of people trooping to the app store(s) all of their own volition just to discuss how awesome your application performs is negligible.  This happens every now and then. The question arises Why? Low reviews, low ratings!!

If you want your users to review and rate you, prompt them. Don’t bombard them but subtly ask them to tell you how their experience with the application was. You can either add a standard dialogue box to your application, but you are not a fan of it be little creative about the whole experience. Be unique in your ways, build it into the natural flow of your application making it a not so jarring experience. Keep in mind to wait for at least a week after your users have installed your app before asking for a review.

If the users are using your app after a week, there are chances that

a) they like it, since they still have it on their phone

b) they will probably give a high rating/review if they go on to rate and

c) they’ll be less annoyed by the rating prompt message since the app has already proven its value for them. Enter the five-star review.


Developers get a carpal tunnel to achieve this, and end-users search till the end-of-the-earth to find apps which are reviewed well. But, What does a five-star rating mean? Does it help your mobile application to get more downloads? Summing up, a highly rated application attracts more and more users, and also, great reviews at the end contribute to the app downloads number.

Why is a five-star mobile app rating important? Let’s take a look:

Higher the rating, better is its placements in the App Store

It a no-brainer, but the superior the rating & reviews, the higher is the percentage of your applications topping the Google Play or iOS App Store. As per a survey, around 88% of the top 100 android applications are rated higher than 4 stars, and 51% of the top 100 iOS apps are rated the same. This all has a direct effect on the algorithms which are being used, and therefore, the more the stars in the ratings, the higher the will be on the chart.

User-Search For Apps

Of course, the top charts are not the only way mobile device users find new and cool applications. As per Google’s survey conducted by 8,475 smartphone users who were 18 years and above, around 40% of them discover new apps by simply browsing through the app stores.

Also, Google’s team of researchers noted that around 25% of the mobile applications are found by users via search engines, as they typically look out for reviews on the apps before installing it in their devices.

Good Ratings Equal Downloads

Interactions by the brands drive the need to create mobile apps, so when we connect the dots five-star ratings should actually contribute to distribute. Good news!! Ratings and downloads are co-related, the higher the rating the higher the downloads and vice-versa. As per Huffington Post, applications with two-star ratings are downloaded about 50,000 times, whereas the ones with four-star ratings are installed about 270,000 times.

Reviews and ratings are very important!

Seriously! Making a mobile application is hard, but don't just throw the mobile application into the app and call it a day. Work hard enough to get the high ratings, and also to maintain them efficiently.


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Lakhwinder Singh Lead Developer - Mobility

Lead Mobile App Developer, covers wide range of technologies applied to the development of websites and business applications too. Enjoys doing creative things in Mobile and is passionate about developing unique Mobile Products.

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