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Keep Supermarts In Your Pockets With A Perfect Grocery Delivery App


Daljit Singh

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May 5, 2021

Keep Supermarts In Your Pockets With A Perfect Grocery Delivery App


Daljit Singh

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May 5, 2021

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The demand for on-demand mobile apps is increasing like never before. With COVID hitting hard, cities all over the world have donned empty streets. The fear of contacting coronavirus is hitting high and many residents do not wish to step out of their homes. Although the situation is worsening, people still need to meet their necessities and purchase their daily essentials.

Due to the current situation, on-demand apps and online shopping is becoming routine now. You would be surprised to know that more than 25 percent of the consumers in the U.S order their groceries online.

The demand is continuously increasing and would push the market to higher growth.

How can entrepreneurs and start-ups leverage this increase in on-demand apps to power their business? The good news here is that the online marketplace is getting increasingly favorable.

If you are planning to leverage the online marketplace for grocery mobile app development, then this blog post is just for you! Here we will discuss all the pre-requisites necessary for building a grocery delivery app. Keep flying with us!

The need for an Online Grocery Delivery app

The First and foremost question- Why do businesses need to invest in a grocery delivery app? Is it worthwhile?

Keeping it short- Yes, it is!

While the online spend on grocery shopping remains relatively low, the number of users that are using the app, or at least have tried, is far higher.

As people are getting more technically sound, using apps for online shopping is becoming a norm now. Online shoppers for grocery delivery apps are increasing at a rapid rate, and in comparison to previous years, there has been a tremendous increase in grocery delivery mobile apps.

The following are the three main points that are essential for a mobile app development company while building the grocery app-

  • Consumer personalization- The app should be personalized according to the target audience.
  • Convenience- A grocery app should cater to the user’s personal needs and should meet their requirements.
  • Economic Development- Discount coupons and reward points should be offered to users to help them save money.

Key features of Grocery delivery app 

Understanding the key features of a mobile app is one of the most important steps for the development process. There are a few parameters which make a mobile app successful, and hence earn monetary benefits for your organization.

If you are planning to develop a grocery mobile app, here are a few features that you must not miss upon:

1. Easy registration

Registration is the foremost step when a customer interacts with your brand. So, this is important and needs to be simple and easy. Appreciating the social media login trend, the registration process nowadays is quite a user-friendly process. 

2. Product listings

Proper product segments allow the users to easily find products, and hence make their shopping experience seamless. Text-based listing is one of the proven ways for product segmentation that reduces the load of the customer’s shoulders.

3. Quick shopping lists

Quick shopping lists are helpful when a user saves an item in the cart for the future. To further ease the process you can also include many options like favorite list, barcode list, remainder list, and so on.

4. Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is a must-have feature in the grocery app. Real-time tracking helps the users to track their products and get an estimated time of delivery. This feature helps build the trust of the users and ensures the return of the regular customers.

5. Discount coupons

Rebates and offers attract customers. Hence, grocery mobile app developers have to incorporate this feature in their apps which would help lure the customers into buying more. Users get the impression that coupons will fetch good savings on their grocery bill.

6. Push notifications

Push notifications provide constant updates about new offers or new products to their customers. Push notifications also increase customer retention rates. The grocery mobile app developers need to introduce this feature so that clients remain connected and faithful to the app.

7. Offers and rewards

Providing consistent rewards to customers on their bill help organizations keep their customers satisfied and engaged with the app. You can also send push notifications for any contest or new offers so that they accumulate the reward points and use them later.

Providing combo offers to the app users would give the app developers an idea of what other shoppers are looking for.

8. Membership

Many grocery delivery apps charge their customers for membership and offer different benefits such as free delivery, offers to members only, and much more. This would lure customers as they feel like they are getting a good bargain. Annual memberships are generally more profitable to you as well as customers. 

Grocery delivery mobile app-Use cases

With an increased pace of adaptability, having an app that saves time and effort becomes necessary. Creating a grocery app is no less than a challenge, but the following stats would help you understand the importance of grocery apps in these times.

Now, here is a list of a few grocery delivery apps that are stealing the limelight in this pandemic situation:

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is available as a grocery app for iPhone as well as android, through Amazon’s web interface. Amazon Fresh grocery app offers food from Amazon’s local warehouses. This means that when a food item appears in stock, it would certainly be available when the order is dispatched.

Amazon usually delivers the item almost immediately. However, some items and regions take longer deliveries.

Delivery on Amazon is usually free for 2-hour deliveries, but 1-hour deliveries come with a fee.

2. InstaCart

Instacart grocery app provides its users access to grocery retailers from across the country, which may vary from area to area. The Instacart app is available for download on both apple and android devices. This app offers rewards for joining and has very minimum delivery fees.

Instacart places a hold on the user’s account after they order food, and drops the hold after they pay for the delivery. Users can choose to tip the driver but tipping is optional.

Instacart is downloadable from both App Store and Google play store.

3. Peapod

Peapod owns their grocery stores in comparison to other delivery services that work in partnership with other stores. Peapod is available in a limited number of cities but provides an advantage of inventory update in real-time.

The peapod app is available for download on both apple and android devices. Peapod generally offers next-day delivery, but in some regions, customers can also enjoy same-day delivery.

4. Walmart

Walmart offers grocery delivery direct from the stores. Although they charge a small delivery fee, users can sign up for delivery unlimited for about $13 a month and enjoy unlimited grocery deliveries at no additional charge.

According to a study by Walmart, their pickup and delivery sales grew up to a 300 percent peak in the first quarter of the year. The organization’s grocery app also won the number 1 spot in the grocery shopping apps in April.

5. Dumpling

Dumpling works differently from traditional grocery delivery models and rather than contracting with a limited number of grocers, dumpling works with a limited number of grocers. Dumpling allows the grocers to collaborate with personal shoppers and shop for grocery items they need.

Reviewers also mention that dumpling delivery app allows them to develop relationships with shoppers who are interested in building a personal shopping business. The app is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

The impact of COVID situation on Grocery Delivery App

The coronavirus outbreak has made a deep impact on all industries worldwide. The pandemic has forced the organizations to shut down or to find an alternate source for their business survival.

However, talking about the grocery delivery app industry the effects of COVID are quite unusual.

In a fast-paced industry such as online grocery, it could be difficult to stay on top of all trends. Finding a suitable source of data can provide an insightful view of what is happening on the ground. Here are a few insights that would help you understand better:

a. About 35 percent of the users are buying more groceries because of the pandemic, and nearly 14.4 percent said that they started shopping online because of the pandemic.

b. Coronavirus has instilled fears in the hearts of consumers which made them move towards online grocery shopping. As per Google trends, the number of searches around grocery delivery apps has increased dramatically.

c. Similarly, a significant surge has been noted in the daily downloads of the popular on-demand grocery apps, paving way for both entrepreneurs and investors.

d. Although online spend on grocery stores remains low, the number of people who have tried online grocery shopping remains high.

e. In April 2020, sometime after the COVID outbreak, Walmart grocery store was ranked #1 on Google play store and #2 on Apple App store.

f. Of the daily downloads noted, Walmart grocery noted a maximum of 54,000 downloads per day, whereas Instacart recorded 38,500 downloads per day since February.

Rise of grocery mobile apps- The future after COVID

The demand for grocery apps are certainly flying high in the sky, and the stats show us that they are certainly going to rise even higher. Grocery shoppers are becoming even more familiar with online delivery services, and this user behavior trend is expected to remain same even after things go back to normal.  

App developers and marketers in the Food and grocery industry should be ready to stay ahead of their competitors and outperform them. Developers should concentrate on building and maintaining a healthy-growing user base. 

As mentioned by Grubhub’s shareholder letter, “Our newer diners are increasingly coming to us already having ordered on a competing online platform, and our existing diners are increasingly ordering from multiple platforms”. The same strategy applies to in-app grocery shopping, especially when businesses look for new partnerships.

The following illustration shows the users interests in key grocery players all across the world:

Managing and matching supply and demand is the key to win in the grocery app development market had to face high market competitiveness.

Developing a perfect grocery delivery mobile app

Online grocery shopping apps should mirror an offline grocery store. These apps should align with customers as well business owner’s business needs.

Debut Infotech is one of the best-known organizations for app development. During the grocery app development process, our developers focus on the following key points to make your app stand out:

  • Deploying the latest technologies: Debut Infotech deploys the most advanced and trending technologies for the app development process. Our experienced app developers are well-versed with the latest technologies and know-how to deploy them.
  • Customized app development: Our mobile developers would develop a grocery app that would comfortably align with all your app development needs.
  • Quality: Debut Infotech never compromises on quality, and all the timely upgrades and testings are done to fine-tune the solution.

Why Debut Infotech for Grocery mobile app development?

The current statistics clearly show that grocery delivery apps would be a high-performing solution for grocery shopping amidst pandemics. Every grocery store, either a small retailer or a big grocery store owner is developing their personalized grocery mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Debut Infotech is one of the most trusted and reputed grocery app development organizations. We have a well-trained pool of app developers who have rich experience in mobile and web app development

Visit us at www.debutinfotech.com or ping us at [email protected] and our team would be happy to assist you!


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