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What is the Cost of Developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange App Like Coinbase?


Daljit Singh

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January 8, 2024

What is the Cost of Developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange App Like Coinbase?


Daljit Singh

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January 8, 2024

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Over the past two decades, cryptocurrencies have revolutionized our financial landscape and brought a significant paradigm shift in how we perceive and manage money. Led by blockchain technology, crypto wallets offer secure yet decentralized ways of transacting money for millions worldwide. Due to cryptocurrency’s rising popularity, exchange platforms that offered secure, user-friendly exchanges were necessary – coinbase is a pioneering player in this space and provides exactly that service.

Coinbase was launched by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in June 2012 to meet an ever-increasing demand for a platform that simplified purchasing, selling, storing, and trading cryptocurrency. Coinbase was one of the first cryptocurrency exchange apps that successfully connected complex technology to users through an easy interface, providing an accessible way to engage with digital currencies. If you’d like more insight into its creation – including costs and technical requirements – read on as we examine this aspect further.

Here are some notable statistics about Coinbase based on data as of now:

  • The user base stood at 56 million verified users as of August 2023.
  • The company’s valuation was approximately $18.6 billion.
  • Coinbase held 11.3% of the entire crypto market capitalization.
  • The company employed over 3,400 people.
  • Around 6.1 million users performed at least one transaction per month.
  • An average user on Coinbase had crypto assets worth more than $5,000.
  • The majority of Coin base’s revenue, 86%, came from transaction fees​

Now let us invest some time in discussing the details of Coinbase and how investing in cryptocurrency exchange development services can help you scale your business.

A Concise Overview of the Bitcoin-Centric App: Coinbase

Bitcoin-Centric App: Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular app for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s known for being easy to use, making it great for people new to crypto. On Coinbase, you can quickly buy Bitcoin, store it safely, and keep track of its price. It’s also a secure platform, which is important in the crypto world. Whether you’re just starting or already know a lot about cryptocurrencies, Coinbase has tools to help you manage your investments. It’s a simple way to get into the world of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Coinbase has quickly become one of the go-to apps for trading various cryptocurrencies. Many individuals and business-minded folks alike are eager to create similar applications as it has opened up many business opportunities for themselves. If you’re wondering “what is the cost of developing a Coinbase app,” first take some time to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics before diving in further.

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Essential Features of a Coinbase-like Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Features of a Coinbase-like Cryptocurrency Exchange App
  1. Trading Engine

The core of a top cryptocurrency exchange app is its trading engine. It’s responsible for several critical functions such as:

  • Executing transactions swiftly and accurately.
  • Calculating user balances after each operation.
  • Accessing and displaying the order books for users.
  • Matching buy and sell orders on the platform.

This engine ensures that all trading activities happen smoothly and efficiently, making it a crucial component of the app.

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  1. User Interface (UI)

The design of the UI in a crypto exchange website is vital. It should be visually appealing but also provide an exceptional user experience. This balance can be challenging; while focusing on complex backend systems, the front-end design must not be overlooked. A well-designed UI should enable users to:

  • Easily create and manage their trading orders.
  • View and filter their transaction history for better tracking.
  • Access various indicators and graphical representations of market trends.
  • Explore all activities and account details through a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Conduct fund withdrawals and deposits without hassle.
  1. User Management

Managing a large influx of users, sometimes over a hundred thousand daily, is critical for the success of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Key aspects of user management include:

  • Streamlined Sign-up and Sign-in: The registration process should be quick and not overwhelming, requesting minimal personal information initially.
  • User Creation: While many exchanges allow users to create accounts independently, some smaller platforms may have this function managed by administrators.
  • User Verification: Implementing a rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) process is essential. This could involve verifying various details like personal information, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, photo IDs, etc., to set appropriate account limits.
  1. Admin Panel

Administrators play a pivotal role in managing the platform. They should have access to:

  • User details like IDs, emails, and names, along with specific transaction data including timestamps, IDs, descriptions, and amounts.
  • Features to modify trading fees as per market requirements.
  • Functions to manage the list of cryptocurrencies available on the platform and add new ones.
  • Tools to fund accounts quickly during support or ticket resolutions.
  1.  Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is like a digital purse for your digital money. It’s a computer program that lets you send and receive cryptocurrencies. When making a crypto trading app, like the Coinbase Wallet App, you need to think about three important things:

  • System and User Wallets: There are different types of wallets to offer users, such as hot wallets (connected to the internet) or cold wallets (offline), desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and wallets that support multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform’s money is usually kept in a system wallet.
  • Withdrawal and Deposits: Users should be able to put money into their wallets (deposit) or take it out (withdraw). They can do this using email, ATMs, QR codes, or transfers. Most of the time, you can trade and deposit digital money without verifying your account, but you need to verify your identity to withdraw funds for security.
  • Creating Transactions: Every user should be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with others quickly. To make this happen smoothly and quickly, you’ll need to create a wallet app like Coinbase that focuses on making transactions easy and fast.

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  1. API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is like a bridge that lets different computer programs talk to each other. In the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, API is super important. Here are three things to think about:

  • Private and Public API: Private API is used inside the exchange system itself, like for trading bots. Public API is for outside developers who want to use the exchange’s features in their own apps.
  • Websockets: Websockets are a fancy technology that helps the exchange get real-time information from the server without having to ask for it all the time. It’s used for things like showing market changes and trade updates quickly.
  • FIX Protocol: FIX Protocol is a standard that all trading platforms use. It lets apps like Coinbase or Binance talk to different trading platforms easily and quickly.
  1. Analytics

Analytics is a way to keep an eye on what’s happening on the exchange. There are two parts to it:

  • Logs: These are like detailed records of everything that happens on the exchange. They help with analyzing activities.
  • Charts: Charts are like pictures that show how the market is doing. They help people see trends and make decisions.
  1. Database

A database is like a digital filing cabinet where the exchange stores all its important information. In cryptocurrency exchange websites, there are two main types of databases:

  • REDIS: This type is super fast but not suitable for storing secret or sensitive data.
  • SQL: This type is slower but reliable and secure, and good for storing sensitive information.

Now that we’ve covered these important aspects of cryptocurrency exchange, let’s move on to the next section where we’ll talk about how much it costs to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Crypto Exchange App Like Coinbase?

After considering all the features we talked about, creating an app similar to Coinbase could cost you somewhere between $42,000 to $98,000. If you want both a website and an app for your cryptocurrency exchange, it might be around $112,000 to $145,000.

Please remember that these are rough estimates. The actual cost will depend on the specific details of your project, which can only be determined after a thorough analysis.

Now that you know about the cost of building a crypto exchange, you’re almost 80% ready to launch your platform.

There are just two more things to think about:

  1. How to keep your cryptocurrency exchange safe.
  2. Other challenges, apart from security, that you need to be ready for before starting your cryptocurrency exchange business.

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Challenges in Developing the Coinbase Mobile App and How Debut Infotech Can Help

Challenges in Developing the Coinbase Mobile App
  1. Increased Competition

The cryptocurrency market has become popular, especially after Bitcoin came into the picture. This popularity has led to more and more businesses entering the digital currency exchange world. They want to enjoy the big benefits that top apps like Coinbase and Binance have already earned.

But don’t worry, there are ways to succeed even with all this competition. Here are some ideas:

  • Make sure your app and website are easy to use (UI and UX).
  • Explore opportunities in the mobile app sector of the crypto exchange market.
  • Include lots of different cryptocurrencies for people to trade.
  • Allow users to trade not just cryptocurrency-to-currency, but also with regular money (fiat).
  • Think about expanding your exchange to be more decentralized.
  1. Scalability

If your Bitcoin exchange app becomes popular and lots of people start using it every day, that’s great! But it can also be a challenge. If your platform can’t handle all the users and transactions, it might become slow, have delays in processing transactions, or even crash.

To avoid these problems, you need to make sure your app’s backend (the part that runs on the servers) is strong. It should be able to handle lots of users and transactions without slowing down. You can do this by using a powerful backend architecture and good load-balancing techniques.

So, now you’ve learned about the challenges in the cryptocurrency exchange world. If you’re ready to take on these challenges and build your own loyal customer base, get in touch with our team of Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers at Debut Infotech. We’re here to help you succeed!


So, we’ve covered all the important aspects to help you begin your journey in the cryptocurrency exchange world and build a loyal customer base. What’s the next step? Reach out to our team of experienced Blockchain App Developers at Debut Infotech, a dependable and trustworthy blockchain development company. Hire our skilled blockchain developers to enhance your decentralized journey.


Q. How much does it cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange app like Coinbase?

The cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange app like Coinbase varies depending on factors like features, security measures, and design complexity. Typically, crypto exchange app development can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Q. What is involved in cryptocurrency exchange platform development?

Cryptocurrency exchange platform development encompasses various stages, including planning, design, development, testing, security implementation, and regulatory compliance. It also includes creating user-friendly interfaces and integrating essential features for trading.

Q. What are the key features to consider for crypto exchange app development?

Important features for a crypto exchange app like Coinbase include user wallets, secure transaction processing, multiple cryptocurrency support, real-time market data, KYC/AML verification, two-factor authentication, and a user-friendly UI/UX.

Q. How long does it take to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app?

The development time for a cryptocurrency exchange app varies based on complexity, customization, and regulatory compliance requirements. On average, it can take from several months to a year or more to build a robust and secure exchange platform.

Q. What is the cryptocurrency exchange development cost compared to maintaining it?

The initial cryptocurrency exchange development cost includes planning, design, and launch expenses. Ongoing maintenance costs include server hosting, security updates, customer support, and compliance with evolving regulations. Maintenance costs can vary but are typically lower than the initial development investment.


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