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How Much Does Crypto Wallet Development Cost?


Daljit Singh

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October 18, 2023

How Much Does Crypto Wallet Development Cost?


Daljit Singh

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October 18, 2023

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In today’s digital age, cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm, and having a crypto wallet is like having a digital piggy bank for your digital coins. But, if you’re curious about creating your own crypto wallet app, you’re in the right place!

In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of building a crypto wallet, from the key factors that influence its cost to the essential features you need to include. So, let’s dive in and find out what it takes to invest in crypto wallet development in a way that’s easy to understand, just like counting your coins in that digital piggy bank!

Crypto Wallet App — A Quick Overview

A crypto wallet app is a digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies. It stores the keys you need to use and keeps track of your digital money. Imagine it like a secret code (the private key) to unlock your crypto piggy bank. And there’s a unique address (the public key) where people can send you cryptocurrencies.

These wallets also show how much money you have in your piggy bank. It’s all about keeping your digital cash safe and knowing how much you’ve got.

Crypto Wallet App

If you’re thinking about starting a business related to cryptocurrencies, building a crypto wallet app is a key step. Many companies now accept cryptocurrencies, and startups are getting into this too. But you might be wondering, ‘How much does it cost to create a crypto wallet app?’ Well, let’s dive into it and find out!

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What Factors Affect The Cost Of Developing A Crypto Wallet?

It’s difficult to say the exact amount of money required for crypto wallet app development. This is because several underlying factors influence the cost of crypto wallet development.

A. Methods Of Crypto Wallet Development

The crypto wallet development cost highly depends on the methodology and procedure. Below are two ways by which you can get a crypto wallet for your business:

1. White-Label Crypto Wallet App

A white label crypto wallet app is a ready-made product that you can easily customize. It’s a quick way to get your crypto wallet up and running. These solutions are fully designed, developed, and ready to utilize as the best crypto wallets. You can add all the necessary features for top-notch security and performance. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to create your crypto wallet.

2. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development from Scratch

On the other hand, building a cryptocurrency wallet from scratch means starting from the very beginning. You’ll need an experienced development team for this. If you’re making a simple crypto wallet, a standard development team will do. But if your wallet is complex, you’ll need a larger team to build it.

Creating a wallet entirely from scratch is a great alternative if you want one with specific features that are fully customizable. However, it requires more money and time for development.

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B. Type Of Wallet You Want To Develop

The cost of developing a crypto wallet is also determined by the type of wallet selected. There are two types of wallets: (custodial) centralized wallets and (non-custodial) decentralized wallets. A third-party organization keeps and maintains your cryptocurrencies in a custodial wallet. However, in a non-custodial wallet, you have complete control over your funds. Before you can construct a wallet, you must first pick what form of wallet you want to create.

You can construct a cryptocurrency wallet in any format. Simply look around and select the kind of cryptocurrency wallet that best meets your needs. Depending on the sort of wallet you use, the tech stack needed to construct a cryptocurrency wallet software may change. So it also has an impact on the time and expense of development.

Along with this below are some things that will have a direct impact on crypto wallet app development:

  • The size of your crypto wallet app, in terms of its features and complexity, can significantly influence development costs.
  • A well-crafted and visually appealing design may require more resources and affect the cost of development.
  • The number of experts on your crypto wallet development team impacts costs, as more professionals mean higher expenses.
  • The choice of technology stack for wallet development, including programming languages and frameworks, can affect the overall cost.

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Essential Features To Add To Your Crypto Wallet App

The cost of building a crypto wallet depends a lot on what features you want in your crypto wallet app. The more cool stuff you want, the more it costs. If you want your wallet to be super safe, you’ve gotta include some important security stuff – that’s a must to keep your wallet safe.

Crypto Wallet App

The useful features you will add to your wallet can also help you make more money. These “return on investment” features can make your small investment turn into big bucks. Here are some of the important features you can add to your crypto wallet to make more money:

1. Authorization

Although it’s one of the most popular elements of a mobile app, the authorization step assumes greater significance when we discuss a crypto wallet app.

Users need to register or complete a form with their keys to access the Bitcoin wallet using this feature. The authorization feature needs to be designed using an appropriate and tried-and-true security protocol because it is the first stage where keys need to be entered.

Adding Google Two-Factor Authentication is one approach to guarantee that the software is hack-proof right from the start of the onboarding process. Businesses can add a security layer that is typically bypassed by generic non-crypto-based apps by including two-step authentication in the app.

2. Staking

This feature encourages your customers to keep cryptocurrency in a wallet for a predetermined period in order to support the blockchain network. Crypto wallet owners who stake their assets can earn a sizeable sum of money to invest in things like real estate, initial coin offerings, and more.

3. Push Notifications

With push notifications, the people in charge (we call them admins) can send messages to the users of the crypto wallet app. They can tell you stuff like how much your digital money is worth if your transactions worked or didn’t work, and even if you’ve added a new address. This helps you stay up to date with what’s happening with your wallet in real-time.

4. Paper Wallet Import

Some mobile wallet apps can do a neat trick – they can scan a special kind of paper called a “paper Bitcoin wallet” using a QR Code. Once they scan it, they can use the information to send and get money. It’s like turning a piece of paper into digital money you can use in your app!

5. Transactions

The entire purpose of a crypto wallet is to reinvent the future of transactions. The transaction feature is the most important aspect of the crypto wallet software. Within the crypto wallet software, users may transfer and receive digital currencies. This app part must now be completely hack-proof and fast.

6. Security

The security feature that comes with the crypto wallet app is a common but equally significant function. Based on Blockchain technology, which is renowned for revolutionizing Mobile App Security, you should allow your users to alter the PIN or password, or whatever private information they wish to change within the app.

Now that we’ve gone over the various elements of a crypto wallet app, let’s take a look at the overall crypto wallet app development cost.

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Comprehending The Cost Of Crypto Wallet Development In Detail

Creating a precise budget for developing crypto wallet apps can be quite variable, depending on factors such as features, complexity, and the expertise of the development team. Below is a rough estimate of different types of crypto wallet app development costs, including the required development time, tech stack, and primary features. Remember that these numbers are general estimates and can vary significantly.

how to create cryptocurrency wallet

One must remember that the estimated quote can also increase based on your requirements. If you want your wallet to be developed early by the estimated time, you may have to pay some extra money. Along with this, if you want to add extra functionality to your pre-defined requirements, you will have to pay more. So, it is advised to be clear about your requirements and objectives, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How can Debut Infotech Help with Crypto Wallet App Development?

Creating a crypto wallet app comes with various costs. These costs depend on things like the tools you use, the development team, what features you want, and more.

To figure out how much your crypto wallet app will cost, you need a careful project assessment. This helps you know what expenses to expect.

So, hiring an experienced blockchain development company such as Debut Infotech is a good idea. They can help you make the process of creating your custom cryptocurrency app more efficient. We’ve worked with big organizations, developed crypto wallets as per their needs, and helped them succeed.

If you’re interested in custom cryptocurrency services, contact our team. We’d love to have a detailed conversation with you!

FAQs: Crypto Wallet Development Cost

Q. How much time does it take to make a crypto wallet app?

Making a basic crypto wallet app usually takes 3 to 6 months. But if you want a super complex one, it can take 9 to 12 months to finish. However, it also depends on multiple factors such as development team size, number of features, and many more. 

Q. What other costs should you think about besides making the app?

Once your app is out there, you’ve got to spend money on marketing, keeping it in good shape, and making it even better. So, remember to include these costs to keep your app running smoothly.

Q. How can I start my crypto wallet business?

To kickstart your crypto wallet business, follow these steps: First, get a good grip on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Next, use open-source libraries for cryptocurrencies, and tap into APIs for extra functionality. Utilize cloud services and pick the right technology. Make security a top priority and check what your competition is up to. Finally, get your app development going, and you’ll be on your way to creating a popular crypto wallet app.

Q. How can I hire the best crypto wallet development company?

To hire the best crypto wallet development company, start by researching and comparing different crypto wallet companies. Look at their experience, portfolio, and reviews. Don’t forget to check if they have a good track record in security. Get in touch with them, ask questions, and see if they understand your vision. Also, consider your budget and make sure they’re a good fit. Once you’re confident, make the choice that suits your needs the most.


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