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A Comprehensive Guide to Determine the Blockchain App Development Cost


Gurpreet Singh

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February 7, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Determine the Blockchain App Development Cost


Gurpreet Singh

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February 7, 2023

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With lots of rages in the tech space, blockchain technology has reached unprecedented heights and brought limitless opportunities to businesses.

As a result, enterprises facing difficulties in their existing operations due to a lack of transparency, transactions, data storage, and security have made a well-intentioned shift to the decentralized world.

Having said that, blockchain technology with its huge potential can revolutionize the way businesses work, contriving robust and transparent platforms, and well-designed systems to help your business stay ahead of the marketing curve. 

In line with this, the worldwide market share of blockchain technology is anticipated to witness a value of $1,431.54 billion by 2030, thereby increasing with a CAGR of 87.7% from 2024 to 2030, Grandview research said. 

With the facts considered, it becomes apparent that investment in blockchain is bound to grow in the coming years, which will make technology widespread and more accessible to entrepreneurs to run their businesses prosperously. 

Therefore, determining the custom blockchain app development cost is one of the most critical factors if you are an investor seeking to implement blockchain technology into your existing ventures. Oddly, this guide will help you know the cost and timeframe of incorporating blockchain into your business.

Now, without more ado, we give you a complete roundup of embracing this trend-setting technology. Before getting into the thick of things, let’s first start with a short intro to blockchain-powered apps also known as dApps-contract. If you’re familiar with blockchain technology, you know that a smart contract is a protocol that can process, validate, or enforce any activity based on a set of triggers.

What is a Blockchain App? 

DApps are built on blockchain technology that eliminates the need for intermediaries in the exchange of messages, money, or data between users. This creates the right set of opportunities for various industries, making blockchain application development relevant for many businesses. 

Blockchain apps in business operations through a shared and immutable ledger, which is only accessible to authorized members. The network participants control the level of visibility and accessibility to the information and actions of each member. Despite the name “trustless,” blockchain fosters trust through its enhanced security, improved transparency, and immediate traceability. 

In addition to this, blockchain offers numerous business advantages such as cost savings from faster, more efficient, and automated processes. By reducing paperwork and minimizing errors, it significantly reduces overhead and transaction costs, eliminating or reducing the need for intermediaries to validate transactions. 

Significant Factors Affecting the Blockchain App Development Cost 

Factors Affecting the Blockchain App Development Cost

Having learned about the factors affecting the blockchain app development cost, you may be wondering which one is most suited to your needs. Developing Blockchain applications can be challenging, so we’ve laid down some of the key considerations here to help you get started. 

Nature of Platform 

Some blockchain networks are based on a single coin, while others use many tokens or rely on smart contracts. The process of creating Blockchain applications might be simplified if you first determine which type is most suitable for your needs. 

Smart Contracts 

The second consideration is whether or not you require the use of a smart contract. If you’re familiar with blockchain technology, you know that a smart contract is a protocol that can process, validate, or enforce any activity based on a set of triggers.

Consensus Protocol 

Various consensus protocols, including Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Burn, etc., are in use by various blockchain development companies. Therefore, it is advantageous to find the appropriate platform based on the consensus protocol.


Consider whether or not you need to employ cryptocurrencies in your mobile application when deciding which Blockchain platform is best for you.

Public/Private Blockchain Network 

Think about whether you want a public network where anybody can make changes or a private network where only approved users may access the system. Choose a blockchain app development company and get started on your blockchain project based on your decision.


Consider the adoption rate and community support of the blockchain you’re interested in using. The rate of adoption of blockchain technology indicates how widely that technology is being used. Rather than choosing a technology that has had little adoption, it is wise to go with one that has been widely embraced and used.


If you’re planning to construct a blockchain platform using existing technology, you should evaluate its scalability by looking at its transaction capacity. In terms of blockchain scalability, There are three primary concerns: rapidity, safety, and decentralization. This is called the “Scalability Trilema,” because it shows that every developer may expect to acquire at most two of the three properties.

Sectors that can benefit from blockchain-based app development 

Sectors blockchain-based app development benefits

With this being said, it may be possible to get an estimation of the amounts you require. The cost of developing a blockchain app varies depending on several factors. 

Therefore, it is preferable to discuss with blockchain consultants to discuss your app project and determine the precise cost of blockchain app development.

But, before moving ahead with this, see if the blockchain implementation is the right fit for your industry. Here is a listing of sectors where Blockchain has proven to be quite useful.


The financial technology industry is where Blockchain was first implemented. Fintech software development solutions have been bolstered by the advent of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) also known as an open financial ecosystem, made possible by the technology’s enabling characteristics, transparency, and decentralization.


Countries from the U.S. to the UAE have recognized the importance of blockchain and instituted its potential to simplify a variety of governmental procedures, including voting, land demarcation, and a host of others.


Blockchain in healthcare has the potential to innovate healthcare enterprises, putting the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem. With its ability to increase the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data, harnessing this game-changing technology can help ease the pain by rendering electronic medical records more efficient, and secure. 

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain division is one place where the effects of Blockchain are being seen immediately. Since the inception of blockchain in supply chain, businesses can check that their processes are foolproof from the order placed until it is delivered.

Real estate 

The real estate industry is a great fit for the implementation of Blockchain due to the vast amounts of information and documentation it processes. 

On top of that, the Smart Contract function is quite helpful for a business that must manage a large number of contracts.

Although these sectors have been notable early users of Blockchain development services, the decentralized medium is by no means limited to them. There are a variety of practical applications for incorporating this technology into regular operations.

It is to be noted that the embracement of blockchain app development is not only limited to the above-mentioned sectors. Many sectors can further benefit from blockchain apps including media and entertainment, insurance, travel, education, IoT, etc.

Types of Blockchain App Development that Make a Headway 

Types of Blockchain App Development

Now, figuring out the precise cost of constructing a blockchain app is a difficult undertaking that necessitates analysis and decision-making regarding the kind of blockchain app you want to create for your company. 

Let us help you with an estimate of the cost and time needed to develop various blockchain applications:

1. NFT Marketplace

2024 is going to be the best year to deploy NFT marketplaces in the crypto space. This is due to the continuous growth of NFT-based projects. 

For this reason, many leading automobile and fashion brands like- BMW, Porsche, Adidas, and Gucci are paving their way into the roaring world of NFTs

If you are considering NFT marketplace development, ensure you work with a company possessing experience in deploying the finest NFT projects or that can assist you with your own NFT concept, and project development costs, and deploy a purposeful platform.

Wish to be a part of the promising place in the NFT industry? Let’s move with our experts!

2. DApps

The Roll-out of dApps will shape the whole ecosystem of app development. It should be undoubtedly noted that dApps will replace centralized applications. 

Having said that, decentralized applications offer several advantages operating independently with the embracement of smart contracts, which are further run on a distributed ledger or the blockchain. 

So, according to experts, dApps can be a better substitute that most enterprises have already incorporated in their app development journey or that many will add soon. 

3. DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization) 

The steady rise of DAO in 2024 might strengthen the organization’s legitimacy, and eventually assist in the decision-making space. 

DAOs aka Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are blockchain and the latest technologies integrated systems to empower resources and manage activities. 

Currently, different kinds of DAOs are disrupting many industries ranging from investment to philanthropy, etc. 

4. Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Cryptocurrency mobile apps have brought a new set of opportunities in the year 2024 for industries- Fintech, real estate, technology, and so on. 

From startups to enterprises, manifold companies have already invested in blockchain technology which makes crypto wallet development one of the most flourishing sectors of this era. 

Looking to deploy a crypto mobile app that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies, store them, and efficiently manage their transactions? 

Hiring our experienced blockchain app developers streamline your processes for deploying a customized cryptocurrency app!

5. Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Cryptocurrency exchange development in 2024 is anticipated to explode in more ways than tokenization and currency. It’s still a hot topic among investors to adopt this ahead-of-the-times technology to empower users to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies and buy and sell fiat or digital currencies as well.

Now that you have looked into various types of blockchain apps, it is high time to move ahead and understand the various industries that can benefit from custom blockchain app development.

Summing Up- How Can Debut Infotech assist in deploying blockchain app for your business

We hope you’ve learned everything you needed to know about the cost of contriving a blockchain app from this guide. Blockchain apps are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s important to recognize how they can help your business make a breakthrough and bear fruit with a wide pool of advantages including- saving money, boosting security, cutting down on fraud, and more. 

Incorporating blockchain technology into your ongoing business operations can step up your game, and assist you to gain new grounds. 

Looking for a prominent company to help you revamp the traditional business with blockchain? 

Debut Infotech is a leading blockchain development company providing top-of-the-range blockchain solutions customized to your specific business needs and built with cutting-edge technologies that can do wonders for your enterprises.


Q. What Factors Influence the Cost of Blockchain App Development?

A. The cost of developing a blockchain application depends on several factors, including the complexity of the app, the chosen platform, the number of features and functionalities, the geographical location of the development team, and the time frame for development. Additional costs can arise from the need for custom smart contracts, integration with existing systems, and ongoing maintenance and updates.

Q. How Does Blockchain Pricing Differ from Traditional Software Development?

A. Blockchain development typically incurs higher costs than traditional software development due to the need for specialized skills, advanced security measures, and the complexity of creating and maintaining a decentralized network. The pricing also reflects the costs associated with implementing and testing smart contracts and ensuring compliance with various blockchain protocols.

Q. What Are Blockchain Network Fees, and How Are They Calculated?

A. Blockchain network fees, often referred to as transaction fees, are charges incurred for processing transactions on a blockchain network. These fees are calculated based on the transaction’s complexity, the network’s current demand, and the speed at which the user wants the transaction to be processed. They are used to compensate blockchain miners or validators for their efforts in maintaining the network.

Q. What Is the Average Cost of Blockchain Development for a Business?

A. The average cost of blockchain development can vary widely based on the project’s scope. Simple projects might start from a few thousand dollars, while more complex and enterprise-level solutions can run into hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. It’s crucial to get a tailored quote based on specific business requirements.

Q. How Are Transaction Fees Managed in Blockchain Systems?

A. In blockchain systems, transaction fees are typically managed by users who can choose the fee they are willing to pay for their transaction to be processed. Higher fees can lead to faster processing times, especially on congested networks. Some blockchain platforms have standard fees, while others allow more flexibility in setting transaction fees.

Q. What Determines the Price of Building a Blockchain Network?

A. Building a blockchain network’s price is influenced by factors like the choice between a permissioned or permissionless blockchain, the complexity of the network’s architecture, the consensus mechanism used, and the level of scalability required. Custom features, such as unique consensus algorithms or integration with other technologies, can also affect the price.

Q. Is There a Significant Cost Difference Between Developing Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchains?

A. Generally, permissioned blockchains can be less costly to develop than permissionless ones due to their less resource-intensive nature and often simpler consensus mechanisms. However, the total cost will still depend on the specific requirements and complexity of the blockchain being developed.


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